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His wet tounge

I had known him for the longest and also knew he had the biggest crush on me. one day riding in a school bus, we were playing cards. angry that I had won, he told me to suck his cock. I playfully responded "pull it out" and he did exactly that. his hugee cock was rock hard ! his big black dick stood invitingly before me, the veins all popped out jus the way I liked it ! however at the time I was way too young and felt disgusted. as I grew older, I began to fantasize more and more about his huge cock and about him licking my pussy. each time I would think of him I'd get soo wet that it would drip to my ass hole and it'd be enough to finger my ass with. This is how I knew I had to give him a try. we moved from where we lived before and I would see him often on the public bus. one day I got his SN and we began chatting. I dirty talked him and he told me he would love to come over. so one day during xmas break I called him over no one was home, jus thinking about what was about to happen had me so wet, that it was leaking through my red panties. when he came he knew what I wanted I opend my legs for him and he started to kiss my pussy. he goes: "wow you are wet" him kissing my pussy through my panties drove me crazy ! I wanted to feel that muscular tounge on my clit sooo bad. I took my panties off with haste and then he began to lick. up and down in my slit, occasionally flicking my clit with his wet tounge. omgosh it felt soo good ! I moaned like a b**st ! and then I started to cum. all in his mouth he loved it and told me I tasted like strawberries xD

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