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The night I fucked my s****rs friend

It was just another normal early winters weekend, I was 19 at the time. I think it was around early November. THe dark nights had really drawn in now and it was one of those miserable Friday afternoons. I was driving home from work and thinking about the weekend ahead. Sould I go out tonight I thought, maybe I will go out for a few beers. Anyway I got home about 5pm and cracked open a beer and sat in front of the Tv.

My mum was cooking in the kitchen and my Dad was in his office, then I heard my s****r coming in, i heard the chatter of girls. SHe was with a friend of hers and they were chatting about going out tonight. I heard them saying about who was going, were they were going to go, what they were going to wear. My s****r said hi, and introduced her friend to me,'This is Nicola', I didnt know Nicola at all, she was someone my s****r had become friends with at college, my s****r was 2 years younger than me. 'Hi' I mumbled without really paying attention, but then i did look up and was suddenly more alert.

Nicola was quite petite, she had brown haai and brown eyes, she was quite tanned, and looked foreign. She was wearing Jeans, that showed she had a nice figure. ANyway they went off into the kitchen to eat, they were in a hurry because they needed about 2 hours to get ready for their night out. I was now thinking about staying in because I was not in the mood to go out, it was raining and dark and miserable.

8pm and I had eaten my evening meal and now was sat watching TV with a beer in my hand set for the night. I heard my s****r and Nicola coming through the house ready to go out, as they passed i said 'have a good night' and i was checking out Nicola, she was wearing a tight dress, i could just make out that she was wearing a thong, i felt the sensation of my cock starting to stiffen. She smiled as she went past.

The rest of the night I sat watching rubbish tv and i suppose i had about 3 or 4 beers. I was tired, it had been a hard week, i drifted to sl**p, but then would wake up. My Mum and Dad were going to bed, 'go to bed if your tired' my mum said. 'Im watching a film' I said still half asl**p' and then I sat up for about 5 minutes and then ended up laying back down on the sofa and falling asl**p.

THe next thing I remember what hearing someone coming in the front door. I was disorientated as i half woke up, I glanced at the tv, what time was it, i looked at the clock on the wall, 3 am, wow i had really been asl**p. Then i heard whispering, it was my s****r and Nicola. They creaped in bare foot so as to not make noise. They both had wet hair, it had still been raining all night.

They both looked a bit tipsy, they were laughing, i asked them 'was it a good night?' 'yeah they both replied, smiling' and they went into the kitchen. They came back both drinking water, 'what are you doing down here at this time?' my s****r said. 'I fell asl**p watching a film' I replied. Nicola was laughing, she looked realy sweet, i wondered if she had blokes all over her when she was out.

'well we're going to bed' my s****r said and they both went upstairs. I was going to hit the sack as well, and took my empty beer cans into the kitchen and turned tv off. I was just about to turn the kitchen light off when Nicola came back in. 'I just need another glass of water' she said softly. 'ok' i said. She filled the glass under the tap and then took a sip, ' so did you have fun tonight?' i said, thinking what a stupid thing to say. 'well i might have had more fun here with you' she said smiling.

I was now buzzing with the moment, the moment when you know that there is a connection, that you know that you are going to become so close to that person that it will be special. She was still wearing her black dress, i moved closer to her, and she moved in, and we kissed, she put the glass of water down on the side. We kissed passionately and I moved my hands on her bottom, it was so nice, small but peachy.

We both wanted sex, and things were going quickly, 'come on' i said quietly and took her hand, we crept upstairs and i took her to my room. 'check on my s****r' I said, knowing that as much as i wanted to fuck Nicola if my s****r was still awake it could't happen as she was staying in her room. As Nicola went down the hall landing to check on my s****r i hoped that she was asl**p.

A minute passed, it seemed like ages, but then my door opened slowly, Nicola was back, 'yeah' shes fast asl**p' she said. It felt wrong and naughty but it added to the sexual chemistry of the moment. We kissed again and now lay on the bed together. I was on top of her and we were kissing for a while. Then we stopped and she sat up and unzipped her dress, then i got to see her lovely pert breasts, they were small but had perfect nipples. Now she was just wearing a black thong. She began taking my T shirt off, and then quickly unzipped my jeans.

Now I couldnt wait any longer and pulled her thong off, she moved her legs up and so i could take the off round her anckles. I now saw her lovely pussy, she had a nice triangle of bush neatly trimmed with her pussy lips nicely visible. I had my hands now around her bottom feeling her pussy with my fingers. She had now taked off my boxers, my cock was so stiff already, it had been since i had felt her in the kitchen. Now it was throbbing. She stroked it up and down, i knew she must had done this before because she knew exactly what to do. She was wanking me good, up and down and then rubbing the helmet.

Now she was on top of me, we kissed and then she got on top and guided my cock into her pussy, it felt so warm and wet, it slid in easily, and she started moving up and down, almost so the tip of the shaft was out of her pussy but then down, so her bottom touch my ballsack. The bed started creaking, she slowed up, we could not be noisy, everyone was asl**p. Then she rolled over and bent over, she was so quiet but whimpered as i guided my cock into her from behind.

I started thrusting into her, i knew that i would not last long, she was so hot, and I had only had sex a few times before. I stopped, I wanted to cum when i was on top of her and, she lay on her back and i slid my cock into her for the last time, i thrust slowly and kissed her, and then i could be the rush coming, i thrust and felt a gush of my load into her pussy, i let out a sigh, it felt amazing.

The whole encounter had probably only lasted 5 minutes, but it was amazing, 'did you cum?' i said to her out of breath. 'yes she said softly laying back, cum started to drip out onto her muff. I got her some tissue and she cleaned herself up. We kissed again and she got dressed again. Then it was over, she crept back down to my s****rs room.

THe next day I didn't even see her, i got up late and they had already gone out, I did see her again a few times but nothing ever happend between us. But I will always remember the night i fucked my sisteers friend.

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