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Khun was sitting in a swing in the garden when we returned that morning. She was Thai. Khun wore a white tank top and plaid skirt, navy blue socks folded down over white sneakers. She had a wide mouth with red lips, tiny beauty mole on her left cheek, long black hair, narrow, perfectly arched eyebrows elongated oval-shaped eyes, from which mischievous black pupils peered. She leapt up out of the swing as we approached, and I realized she was almost my own height. I knew those legs would be incredibly long if she shed the shoes and socks. She had decent sized tits, which I could make out under the tank top, and wide aureolas. She seemed eager to be off, somewhere.

“Khun will explain what she has in mind today,” the man in the suit said, wishing me a good day and heading back toward the house. Khun and I walked along through the garden, past places I had visited with Mei a week ago. She sat on the edge of a brick fountain and I sat beside her.

“I have to do something today that I want your help with,” she said. “Will you do it.”

“Of course,” I answered automatically. How bad could it be after my saga with Emi, after nearly killing or being killed by Yong-Jae, after having my cock and balls tortured all night by Joyce, and after the confusion yesterday with Nguyet and Linh.

“Thank you,” Khun said. No deception with this one, I thought. She is who she is. “Then first,” Khun said, “you need to stand up here,” she said, patting the edge of the fountain where she was sitting. I did what she asked, feeling slightly stupid. Khun stood up and tugged down my shorts, pulling at my cock and working it erect. She began to suck me right there at the fountain. Khun shamelessly displayed her technique at sucking cock, flaunted it more than any of the others had. She had me groaning and yearning to explode in her mouth after only a few minutes. She did impossible things with her tongue, mouth and teeth and knew exactly when I was about to have enough.

Unlike Joyce, she didn’t tease. She simply tilted back her head, looking up at me and said “You wanna cum in my mouth or on my face?” I couldn’t decide. I was trying not to fall backwards into the fucking fountain because there was no bl**d in my body for balance, let alone thought. “What do you recommend” I heard myself ask. She laughed and started stroking my cock, her lips just underneath the tip of it, tongue out waiting to catch. My cum shot onto her face and bathed her mouth and chin as she tried to catch it, flicking the tip of my cock with her tongue. I watched as she wiped up the cum with her fingers and then slowly licked each finger clean.

“Alright, ready?” she asked me, heading back toward the house. I followed her. “Wait here,” she said. She ran upstairs and returned in two minutes with a book bag and pair of sunglasses. We took the boat to the nearest populated island. The captain dropped us at the wharf. Khun immediately walked to the first boat she saw with someone on deck. “How much to take us to the next island?” Khun asked. He was an olive-skinned man, Greek maybe. He shouted a price and Khun took my hand and lead me up the gang plank. The sailor cast off and backed away from the dock. “Pay first,” he said, looking at me and holding out his palm. Khun said: “How about instead of pay you anchor the boat out there and fuck me?” The sailor turned the boat out to see and accelerated to a point about a mile out, then dropped anchor. Khun took a video camera out of her bag and handed it to me. I watched as she took a condom out of her bag, unfastened the sailor’s pants, and rolled it down over his shaft. Then he bent her over a bulkhead, lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties – she was wearing a red lace thong – and proceeded to pound her hard for the next fifteen minutes as I filmed. He just fucked her from behind, pushing her shirt up, squeezing her exposed swinging tits with both hands. Khun moaned and begged him to fuck her, pushing her ass back against him. She had a shaved and tight pussy from what I could see, and the sailor was going to town on it. He came savagely, collapsing on her back as he finished. When he pulled out Khun just pulled down her skirt and shirt, put her panties in her bag and then went to lean over the rail, looking at the water.

At the next island, Khun left the wharf and hailed a cab. She gave him the address of a park. The cabbie drove her there in silence. We pulled up at a park with a soccer and cricket field and a lake with ducks swimming on it. The cabbie turned around and asked for the fare. Khun leaned back and spread her legs open, showing him her wide-open, wet and shaved pussy. “How about you pull down that gravel road and fuck me instead?” Khun counter-offered. He did what she suggested and turned off the engine. There was no one else on the road. Khun rolled down the back windows and said “get out.” As I did, she lay down across the back seat and threw one ankle up on the back of the seat, the other on the front seat, lifting her shirt up to her neck. She took another condom from the bag and handed it to the cabbie. I stood outside the car window and filmed. I saw she had a gold stud in her naval. The cabbie slid right into the back seat and right into her. I watched Khun’s face as he fucked her, moving from one side of the car to the other, first filming her expression, and then going to the other window to film his cock and balls bouncing out of her slit, her arms and legs wrapped around him, coaxing him to fuck her harder. He sat up, banging his head on the car roof and began ramming his cock in and out of her little pussy as he came. He gave her a longing look as he drove away.

I followed Khun back to the park. There were several guys playing cricket. She climbed up on the bleachers to watch, and I climbed up beside her. “Did you get all that?” was the only thing she asked me. I said that I had taped it all, both times. “Good,” she said.

We watched for another half an hour, and then the game broke up, the players starting to walk back to their cars. Someone opened up a cooler and passed out beers. Khun jumped down and walked over to the car park, setting her bag on the edge of a picnic table, standing about 15 feet away from them. “Be sure you get this,” she said, as she pulled her tank top over her head, then reached behind and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. She hopped up on the table next to her bag and was slowly untying a shoe when the first of the cricket players ventured over. “What’s THIS?!” he exclaimed, an Australian, looking her up and down, her wide open pussy plainly displayed. “What do you think?” Khun snapped back at him. “Like what you see?” “Fuckin’ straight I do,” he said. Khun took a condom from her bag and handed it to him. “Then take it,” she said, letting one shoe drop to the ground. She took off her other shoe and both socks and sat waiting, completely naked under the mid-day sun as the Aussie put on the condom. He put his hand on her cheek and began kissing her, rubbing her tits. Six other guys hadn’t left: three more Australians, a dark-skinned guy who sounded Jamaican, and two Asians. They were standing in a semi-circle about six feet away. Khun looked at me and pointed to her bag – pass ‘em out she told me. I knew what she wanted. I looked in the bag and saw at least 30 condoms in there. Feeling humiliated I walked around, handing one to the other half-dozen men. Khun had eased back onto the table now and the Australian was slipping his cock inside her. Khun was batting her lashes and running her tongue over her lips, looking at the other guys. They were springing into action, one of them pushing his cock to her lips for her to lick and suck. Two more cocks went into her hand as she began to yank on them. They each took her in turn, each had a piece of her pussy, first as she lay against the picnic table, then later as she got up and walked over to lean over the hood of one of their cars. Seven cocks in her, one after the other, and she made them all come and go away happily.

“How many is that?” Khun asked me as she pulled on her clothes.

“Nine” I said, miserably. I had been looking at her perfect pussy and ass and legs and tits all nine times. I knew the rule – no more interaction with her or she would be disqualified. She knew too.

“How many do you think I can do,” she challenged me.

“Don’t know,” I said. “Isn’t the record like 100?”

“I only have provision for three dozen,” she said, shrugging. “Think I can do it?”

“No!” I exclaimed. “Why would you anyway? You’ve already made me insanely jealous and longing for your pussy, isn’t that the point.”

“It is not the point,” she said. “The point is you said I couldn’t do it.”

“I was just saying. . . shit, that’s a lot, that’s all.”

Her face grew fierce. “I swear to you on my honor and my ancestors, on my soul, I will use all three dozen by the end of the day. Three dozen cocks. I swear it.”

“Okay,” I said, “if you say so. Why are you so angry? What did I do except agree to help you do whatever. Fuck dudes to give me blue balls, I guess.” She didn’t answer.

We walked back toward town. A man was coming out of his house, starting to lock the door, when Khun said “Excuse me, can you drive us to town?” He was an older man, in his 40s. He looked unsure when he saw me, but he was looking Khun up and down. “How about,” Khun said, “if I let you take me inside and fuck me, will you drive us then?” He thought about it, wondering if we were dangerous people probably , or maybe whether his wife would be home soon. Then he decided to go for it. He unlocked the house and Khun and I followed him in. She stripped off all of her clothes and walked naked into what was clearly the bedroom. A sheer silk negligee was on the bedpost. Surely his wife’s. Khun slipped it over her body – it was too big for her and slipped over her shoulders, hung around her narrower hips, and barely covered the bottom of her ass. She crawled up on the bed on all fours and sat there waiting for him. “Give him one,” she said to me with a smile, and I dug in the bag for a condom. He mounted her and fucked her, the tenth of the day, Khun still moaning and taking it, seeming to get off every time. After he fucked her, he kept his part of the deal and drove us into town, Khun riding in the front with him, letting him feel under her skirt as he drove.

We walked the main street of town. Khun saw a little shoe store and darted inside. Here we go again, I thought, thinking of Emi-chan. There was only one person in the store and this was a very old and very fat man. Khun sat on a bench at the back of the store and asked to try on a shoe. He went in the back to get her size. “Film, stupid!” Khun hissed. When he returned, she had one foot up on the bench untying her shoes, showing a good deal of thigh and ass. She stuck out her bare foot and wiggled it at him, and the old man knelt down in front of her, grasped her ankle and pushed it into the shoe. “Hmm mmm too tight,” Khun said, and the man helped her off with the shoe, feeling her leg a little more than he had too. When he got the shoe off he looked down inside at the tag to see the size. Her bare foot slid down to rest on his thigh, then inched up to his crotch. She lifted her other foot up to the bench and opened her leg wide. “Like feet a lot huh?” she asked, grinding her toes on his cock through the slacks. “Pull it out, I wanna feel.” He did what she said willingly, and she started rubbing the sole of her bare foot against his fat hairy cock. The old dude was breathing so hard I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack. I realized I was breathing hard too. I really wanted to fuck her. Why did this hideous guy get to and I couldn’t?! “Give him one,” Khun said to me. I handed him a condom. I thought about handing him two so he could double bag that ugly cock, but he might not take it as a suggestion to fuck her twice. He lead Khun to a back room and made her lie down on a filthy desk and spread her legs. Watching that hideous fat guy haul himself onto the table to fuck that perfect little Thai piece of ass was both hideous and strangely erotic. He was thankfully done in short time, before the novelty wore off.

Khun lead me out of the store – the old guy kept trying to give her free shoes but she refused – and down the main street. She turned left off the main street where it was less crowded, the stores more run down looking. Three streets off the main one there was a little tavern with bars on the windows and doors. It looked like a real shit hole from the outside. It was worse inside. It was clearly 100% local, full of hardened tough, hard-drinking men who scowled at a white guy walking into their bar, and then looked at Khun in a way that confirmed that very few females ever came here, and never any half so fine as Khun.

“Drinks for everyone on the house!” Khun yelled. I looked around. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 … 9 guys sitting around plus the bar tender. The bar tender got busy passing out drinks to everyone. He looked at me for my order, but Khun said: “He’s driving.” Khun asked for straight whiskey and tossed it off as the bartender told her what the tab came to. Khun threw her head back and laughed: “We don’t have any money!” There was absolute silence in the room. One of the men slipped behind us and bolted the door. The bartender reached under the bar and produced a machete.

“This is it,” I said to myself. “I am a fucking dead man.”

“How about instead,” Khun said, “I let all of you fuck me?” She repeated the offer in Thai and Mandarin and French for those who maybe didn’t understand when she pulled the tank top over her head and stood there in the dingy bar topless, the finest tits doubtlessly most or all of them had ever seen personally. They all took a turn with her, bending her over the bar as I passed out condoms. The fourth in line thought he would try his luck – after a few times in and out of Khun’s pussy he pulled out and tried her ass. After a few tries the tip of his cock pushed past the tight little muscle, and then he slowly took her deeper and deeper. Khun gripped the bar and moaned, pushing back against him. After that, the others had the Khun sampler – some of her pussy, some of her ass, as she leaned spread-eagled against the bar.

“How many was that?” Khun asked me as they let her out into the back alley.

“Twenty one,” I said, barely able to add now. I was too busy dealing with the ache of my throbbing balls.

“Blackjack!” Khun yelled into the dusk and laughed. I was relieved to get back to the main street before dark, especially since Khun kept yelling “Blackjack!” every few steps and laughing.

We walked a block down the main street without Khun fucking someone. It seemed to depress her. Then she seized the arm of a dark-skinned Indian man who was passing. “Are you Jack?” she asked him, laughing. He said no. “Are you sure?” Khun said, batting her eyes at him. He said she was confused. She still had his arm. She raised his hand to her finger and sucked on it slowly. “I want you to be Jack,” she cooed.

“Jack” as he was now called, followed Khun into an alley, where I passed him a condom and he leaned her against the wall and fucked her. She seemed to like it from behind, I thought. As “Jack” was pumping her, the back door of a restaurant opened. A Chinese man in a greasy white apron taking out the trash. He looked over and saw Jack behind Khun, her arms spread out wide on the wall, legs wide and ass pushed out, plaid skirt lifted up onto her back. Khun craned her neck at the Chinese guy and said: “Give him one.” Jack grunted and dug his hands into her breasts and pulling hard on her tits as he came. “Twenty two,” Khun said to me, “. . . Bust!”

I thought we would never get out of the alley. As the Chinese guy was having his turn (he just lifted up his apron and dropped his pants), a younger Chinese guy came outside to smoke. Khun shrugged and said “Give him one.” After he took Khun up against the wall, he said something to her in Thai. She stripped off her top and skirt, naked except her shoes and socks, and followed him into the kitchen of the Chinese restaurant. The younger guy’s cousin, they were both in their early 20’s, was preparing fried rice, alone by himself. He turned and saw Khun, standing naked in front of him. “Finish that order,” she said to him. “Then close the restaurant for a few minutes,” she ordered the old man in the apron, who had been nodding at her in satisfaction and had watched as the younger guy had succeeded him in the alley. They ushered whoever was at the counter out of the store with their order and turned off the lights in the front of the restaurant. Anyone who peered through the window all the way to the back would have seen a naked Thai girl working over the young Chinese guy’s cock as he leaned against the stove. “Give him one,” Khun said to me. There was a racket in the kitchen with the other two standing with me in the closed space, the cousin snapping away with his camera phone between calls to different people. There was no room in the kitchen to lie down. Khun stood up and then leaned over the stainless steel counter, wiggling her ass at the second young guy, who needed no encouragement. “Are your cousins going to be here?” she asked the first one, who was still talking frantically on the phone in Mandarin. He nodded. Fifteen minutes later, they weren’t there. The second young guy was through, and I was hoping we would leave. Instead Khun asked for food, and she sat on the counter, still naked, eating and talking to them in a mixture of Thai and Chinese. Eventually there was a knock at the door. Four more young Chinese guys stood there – three more cousins and a friend who was lucky enough to be with them when they got the call. They looked at Khun like she was a visitor from another planet. Khun made them all get naked – even the first three that were in the restaurant, and stand in line. She spread flat several large cardboard boxes on the floor, lay on them, and spread her legs. First the four newcomers got theirs. Then she let the first three have another go. Sometimes she got onto her hands and knees and took them doggy, other times she lay on her back, sometimes rode on top of them. When the first young guy – the one with the phone, whom she seemed to have a thing for – she asked him if he wanted her ass. He seemed stunned, but he went for it. Apron guy asked the same favor and was refused. “Only for those I like very much” she said, winking at the young guy. I thought of asking her how much she liked the five or six guys twice his age at the dive bar who had just been in there. I decided to just be quiet. So to appease Apron guy she rode him reverse cowgirl for ten nasty minutes.

Back outside I said “32” before she could ask. “If you count both times with those three guys.”

“I do,” Khun said. “My pussy is sore now. We have four left. I don’t know if I can do four more.” I looked at her and thought about claiming some sort of victory, but I didn’t feel like it. Khun burst out laughing. “I’m just k**ding. I will do it. You’ll see!”

We were back at the dock now. I bought a ticket for both of us on the public ferry, which didn’t leave for another 45 minutes. There was nothing to do at the dock, nowhere even to wait. It was just a pier, and it was deserted except for a guy 100 years down the waterfront, passed out against the wall of an old warehouse. Khun walked up to him and shook his shoulder. He didn’t move, only snored. She kicked him and he grunted but didn’t wake. Khun handed me the video camera from her bag. “This will be good, film it,” she said. I thought back over the day. At least two-thirds of what Khun had said to me consisted of “Give him one” or “Film it.” She opened the sl**ping guy’s pants and rubbed his cock to erection, rolled a condom down over it, and then straddle-squatted over him, wincing a little as she slid his cock inside. “Think he’ll come?” she asked me as she glided up and down on him. “I don’t know,” I said, “aren’t you technically r****g him?” “Huh?” Khun asked. She was enjoying herself, sore pussy and all. I repeated my question but she didn’t answer for a second. “Well he came anyway” she said laughing, walking away and leaving the condom on him still.

We waited the rest of the time in silence watching the Ferry as it came into the pier. Khun could find no one around, alive or dead, to fuck. The person in the toll booth was a sour-faced woman that looked at both of us with suspicion. The ferry back to the first island was crowded. No opportunity for her there, either. She started to pout. The boat back to the house would be waiting when we arrived.

I underestimated her. She tugged on the sleeve of the first mate and asked if there was a bathroom on board. He said loudly that the only one was in the captain’s quarters, off limits to passengers. Khun whispered something in his ear. I could have guessed what. She came back to me and said in a low but triumphal voice: “Give me the last three. I don’t know what we were betting but you’re gonna lose.” I sat on the seats on the top deck of the ferry and looked at the pilot’s house. I saw the first mate come out and say something to the captain. The captain turned the wheel over to him and headed off below in a hurry.

We docked at the island 20 minutes later. Khun was furious. The second mate was apparently a f****y man that didn’t want to dip his anchor in the belly of a little whore who had fucked the captain and first mate, regardless of how good she looked.

“What were we betting again?” I asked her. She turned red and shot a glance of liquid fire at me. “You could always disqualify yourself and win the bet by fucking me,” I suggested.

“Give up twenty fortunes in one lifetime to win a meaningless bet with you!” she snapped. “Nice try though,” she said, and stomped off to the back of the boat to be alone.

The man in the suit was waiting for us as we entered the main hall of the mansion. I had ridden Khun’s ass – figuratively speaking – the whole walk back from the dock about losing the bet. I could tell she hated to ever fail at a challenge. She was taking it unreasonably seriously, I thought, and told her so. “It doesn’t matter,” she muttered, but I could hear she was on the verge of tears.

When she saw the man in the suit, her face lit up. “Esteemed one!” she said. “We are back. We have had adventures.” She clutched his arm and leaned up against him, talking a blue streak to him. Her charm seemed to influence even him. For the first time today, I sensed real artifice in her. Did he? “Esteemed one,” she said, nuzzling her head against his chest, “I need to do one thing to complete our guest’s day.”

“What is it, Khun?” the man in the suit asked.

“I need him to see me perform a sex act, one with a real man . . . one with you, right here. Will you favor me, Esteemed one?”

The man in the suit, the Esteemed one, lord of the manor, put his hands on Khun’s tanned shoulders and guided her so that she stood in front of him. He tilted her chin up to his and kissed her, cupping her breast. She lifted one knee to hook around the back of his thighs, pulling her body against his as they stood in the marble hallway. “Not here,” he said, and took her up the stairs to the second floor, then went to the back of the corridor and left down a passage where I had never been invited to wander. I stuck mostly to my quarters on the third floor and the common areas of the first floor. This passage opened up into the Esteemed one’s personal rooms – astonishing original paintings lined the walls, which were moodily set in deep red satin. At one end of the main room, a huge bed covered in satin sheets with a canopy, matching priceless furniture everywhere else in the room. Several doors opened off the main one to . . . who knew. A command center to rule over his empire? A torture chamber? Aladdin’s cave of wonders? A bathroom or a closet? I didn’t know which was more likely. “We have a little time, Khun,” the man in the suit said. “I will drink a little Scotch with our honored guest while you make yourself ready. He means go wash that crack, you insatiable slut, I thought to myself. Khun went into one of the rooms, which proved to be a palace of a bathroom almost as large as the bedroom. She shut the door. The man in the suit and I sat, drinking very expensive Scotch for the better part of an hour.

The door opened, and a Thai princess stepped out. I was almost certain it had to be Khun, but she was decked out in a seductive and elaborate traditional dress of red and gold silk. There were delicate gold chains around her ankles, more gold around her neck, gold earrings; her was hair carefully pulled back and arranged, held in place by a gold headband. She had makeup and eyeliner that made her seem older. As beautiful as I had thought the Khun of the daylight was, this Khun of the night outshone her a hundred times. I could see why men would pay any amount of money for a night with her, for this.
Hands together in front of her, she knelt before the man in the suit. He raised her up and began to kiss her. He set down his Scotch and stood there with her, feeling her body through the soft material. I watched their impassioned kiss, and the heat of it tore through me like wildfire. Khun stepped back and shrugged one shoulder out of the dress. The man in the suit kissed the bare shoulder, and she bore the top of a breast to him next. The dress slid to her waist, and I saw her conceal something in her right hand as the man in the suit loosened the waist tie, letting the dress fall to the floor.

The man in the suit saw it too. Although his back was to me I saw his head jerk just for an instant. Perhaps Khun knew, but she was busy trying to distract him, her hands inside his shirt, lips on his neck. He scooped her up naked in his arms and carried her to the bed. She lay there on her back, her knees slightly bent to the side, and stretched her arms out to the man in the suit. He took his time, undressing slowly, carefully laying the expensive clothes on a dresser. When he was ready he went to her and leaned into her beckoning arms, kissing between her chest, firm hands running up and down her legs and thighs. Then he kissed along the side of her breast and she stretched her arms up over her head, taughtening the nipples for him to suck. His hands followed the line of her body, up her arms, to her hands, forcing the palm open.

“What do we have here, little Khun?” asked the man in the suit. He took the thing from her and held it up. It was the 36th condom. He let out a bellowing, booming laugh, the same laugh he gave me in the limousine when I learned about Linh. Now he was laughing at Khun as he tossed the condom onto the deeply piled carpet. “Khun,” he said, sliding between her legs, “surely we don’t need that, we two?”

So the Esteemed one fucked little Khun bareback. Khun was right about one thing – he was a real man. He fucked her for more than an hour, in every possible position, with Khun moaning most of the time – sometimes for mercy, sometimes to be fucked more and harder. She rarely looked in my direction, but the few times our eyes met, she sent a very clear message – rage and frustration.

The man in the suit insisted that everyone be civilized under all circumstances. Afterward, he and Khun dressed, politely and civilly, and the three of us walked out together to the landing where we would part ways – me to the third floor, Khun to her rooms on the second floor, and the man in the suit back to his rooms. I shook his hand, and he turned back toward his rooms. “Thank you, Khun, and good night,” I called to her as she also started to turn away. As I hoped, she turned back to glare at me. I raised my left hand and opened my fingers, showing her the last condom, which I had taken from the room and quickly palmed, just as she had earlier. I saw her eyes widen. Silently I mouthed the words: “I WIN!”



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