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Jean. Billy's Mom Part One

All names have been changed to protect those involved.
This is mine and about my first time.

When I was about seven years old my best friend and I did everything together. In fact we were closer than most b*****rs I knew were. Since my mother worked full time,if he wasn't at my house I was at his and that is where it all began.
Bills' mom Jean was in her early thirties,pretty,with dirty blond hair,just over five foot tall and had a slight pot belly. Her tits were big(at least to me)and her ass was nicely rounded,yet she was slight of build. In fact,she was about the same size as my fifteen year old s****r. I could not help but notice these things,since I grew up in a house with five s****rs,a mom and a grandmother. Jean also had this way about her that no other female I knew had. She would stare directly in my eyes and give me a slight,pouty smile while licking her lips when I told her about Bill's and my daily adventures. If we were playing in the barn or on the rope swing,she always came out to tell us to be careful,and every time she did so,Jane was sure to rest her hands on my shoulders and then squeeze my butt when she left. I always laughed and so did Bill.
After about the first month of her watching me,Jean told my mom it would be easier all the way around if I just started spending the nights when it was her turn to babysit. Now,with my father in the navy,away all the time,and she and my grandmother overloaded as it was,it took almost no convincing on Jeans part.
The first night was a blast. Bill's dad came home and said he was wiped out. He was a short,balding and pudgy man and also happened to be the preacher at one of the two churches in the valley. He was always nice to me. We all had home made pizza and roasted marshmallows out back in the fire pit. Just the four of us. Jean cuddled me on her lap for almost a half hour,"So He won't get home sick"she told Bill Sr.
It was getting dark and Jean asked Billy and I to go in and take a bath before going to bed. As Bill and I climbed into the hot water and Mr.Bubble we heard the phone ring. Next thing we knew,Jean was standing at the bathroom door telling us Bill Sr. had to leave for the hospital to see a church member that was deathly ill. She walked over to the tub,took a stool,placed it to the side and grabbed a washcloth. "I want my boys Clean before bed and I know little boys,so I guess I had better help." She went after Bill first. From head to toe she lathered him up and very slowly washed every inch of him. Bill started squealing like a little piggy with laughter when she slid her hand into his butt crack and tickled his asshole with one hand while caressing his balls and dick with the other.
I had never been given a bath like that before and could hardly wait for my turn. I stared at her hands as she pulled his foreskin back and ran her fingertips around his dickhead. Next thing I knew,it was pointed straight up and she leaned down giving it a long kiss,handed him a towel and told him to dry off. Before I knew it,she was giving me the same treatment Bill had been given,right down to tickling my asshole and washing my dick. But when she kissed my dick,she also sucked it in and out of her mouth then swirled her tongue around the tip. That's when I fell over hitting my head on the side of the tub. I was still seeing stars when she wrapped me in a towel and carried me to the bedroom,putting Bill and I in bed together. This was the first time I had ever slept with someone else,let alone naked. I always had my own bed because I was the only boy in my f****y.
As we lay there talking for a little while after Jean left us,I asked Bill if he always got a bath like that. "Nope! Sure glad you came over. That was FUN!"he said. "I know! When she kissed my dicky I almost peed." I laughed. We were still giggling when Jean came into the room a few minutes later. "Boys. I want you both to promise me you won't tell anyone about me giving you a bath." She looked very sad when she said this. "If either of you do,Tory can never come over again. It has to stay our secret because I am not supposed to give someone elses c***d a bath. Do you understand?" Bill and I said yes(even tho we didn't) and swore not to tell anyone. I asked if we could talk about it between ourselves because it was so much fun. Her eyes suddenly had an inner light that I swear made them glow in the darkened room. "Of course we can talk about it Sweety. Just never in front of anyone else. OK?" "We promise!" Billy and I said together.
The next morning,Bill and I dressed then ran downstairs and found Jean in the kitchen wearing only a pair of panties. We looked at each other as grins split our faces. Jeane was smiling at us also and said,"A treat for My Little Men. Do you both like it?" We were now Her "Little Men!" Bill and I could only nod our heads. Her tits were beautiful! Kind of elongated with quarter sized bright pink areolas and nipples that stuck straight out almost an inch! We could see her ass crack throught the back of the panties and in the front she had shoved them deep into her pussy,framing each lip like a work of art. She swayed her hips and wiggled her ass as she served us. Jean also smelled wonderful! Like a sweet and spicy vanilla with black pepper mix.
The women and girls I lived with were(I would later find out)prudes. My mother called it "being descent" but no-one was allowed to be out of their rooms without being fully clothed or wearing a robe after a bath.
I could not stop myself staring at Jeans tits,pussy and ass. It made me feel strange and naughty,my mouth went dry and my stomach trembled. Then Jean stood behind me and leaned over my shoulders. Her tits were now laying against both sides of my face and I could not resist kissing one. She kissed the top of my head ans said,"Later,if you boys do as I say,you can suck on them. If you want to. Billy hasn't sucked on his Mommy's tits since he was two. I bet he can't remember how good they are. Can You,Honey?" That's when we all heard a car pull into the driveway and Bill Sr. got home. Jean was almost a blur as she pulled her panties off and threw them under the sink then pulled on a pair from her robe pocket.They were the kind like my Grandmother wore,and she had her robe tied tight all before the car door closed.
Bill Sr. came in and said he was sorry for being gone so long. When he leaned in for a kiss,all he got was her cheek. He said he had to pack some clothes for a few days and go back to the hospital and since it was close to the church,he would just sl**p in his office till the crisis with Mrs.Feeney(The Churches oldest Director)was over. The look Jean gave him could have shattered rocks but she smiled at us boys and told us to go out and play. We could get extra dirty if we wanted to. She even hollered to us,as we left,that we could go to the sand pit that was a couple of acres behind the house in the woods,so long as we were home for lunch.
At noon we heard Billy's Mom calling us for lunch. So we got dressed and ran as fast as we could for home. Billy and I had spent the morning running around naked,playing in the sand pit and running through a part of the creek that was muddy. We even smeared some mud on each others bodys and dicks,playing with them till they stood up straight. Bill kept after me and wasn't happy till he could put mud between my ass cheeks. Then every time he got close he would grab me and either play with my dick or,he would stand there rubbing our dickheads together. At one point I pissed all over his dick and balls. He stood there and smiled at me,then pissed all over mine. We laughed and had to get more mud.
I don't know who was more pleased when we ran up onto the porch. Jean greeted us in all her glory. She stood there naked with her legs spreda apart and knees bent till she was almost as tall as us. She had shaved her pussy and oiled her body so she glowed in the sunlight. Her nipples stuck out like broken,neon pink crayons and a chain swung from two clamps that pinched the tips of each one. Then things changed.
"Tory",she spoke in a tone of voice I still to this day have never heard in another woman. It was still her voice,but deep and molten and commanding. Each word was timed and if anything,grew more intense. "I called your mother and told her I wanted you to stay with Billy and I till hhis father gets back. She Dared To Say No To Me. At first. Then I Insisted! You Are Now Mine For The Next Week! At The Very Least!" I almost fainted. My legs shook and my hands trembled.
"Billy! How Dare the Two of You come into my home looking like some filthy a****ls?! You Both Will Strip! Right Here! Right NOW!" As Billy and I began to undress,Jean very quietly said,"Stop. I Want You To Undress Each Other. There is N0-One Else for Miles. No-One Can See What You Do AND N0-One can Hear You. Either Of You." Altho the look on her face was stern,she was also smiling and squinting her eyes,like she was peering into our thoughts. She then turned around and lifted something from the porch glider. It was the length of my forearm,bright red and almost as thick as my wrist. It was attached to something that looked like one of the old harnesses from the barn.
"Well? Go On. I Said Strip!" I don't know who's hands shook more,mine or Billy's. As we undressed eachother, Jean placed the contraption on the floor of the porch at her feet. Here I was,standing before this wonderful,if kinda scary,Woman in only some sweat streaked mud. And to top it off,my dick was pointing at the sky and my brain didn't know why! I looked over at Billy and saw he was grinning from ear to ear. The dried mud flaking off his dick which was pointed right at me!
Jean walked up close and stood in front of us. I could feel the heat coming off of her. She then took one step backward and turned around. Slowly she bent at the waist with her knees straight. "I want you both on your knees. Kneel For Me!" As Billy and I complied,Jean looked between her legs and held our rapt gazes. She smiled a sweet and loving smile,then used her hands to pull apart her ass cheeks,at the same time parting her swollen,wet pussy lips. "I want you both to stick out your tongues and run them from the front of my cunt all the way back to my asshole. When you get there,You Must Stick It In As Far As It Will Go. Understand? When You Do,You Must Wiggle It Around UNTIL I Tell You To Stop." She was almost purring in that same deep,molten voice again when she said,"Tory. You are My Guest. I Want You To Go First. In fact I Want You To Bury Your Face In My Ass AND Shove Your Nose Into My Asshole While You Lick My Cunt! Begin! DO IT NOW"
The world spun around me. There was that same scent from earlier. That sweet,yet spicy vanilla and black perrer scent. Only now there was something more. I loved it! I didn't know what it was and I didn't know what I was doing,all I did know was I didn't want to stop.I licked for all I was worth. Anytime I felt juice coming from her,I started to suck harder. My face shook from side to side and my tongue was like a snakes,my nose buried as deep as I could get it,into her asshole. I couldn't stop! Even If I wanted to.
Her cries were like an a****ls but I had no knowledge of them. There was not a bird in any tree anywhere for they took wing hearing her screams. Billy was standing there with his mouth hanging open and playing with his balls. "Enough! I Said E-Fucking-nough!" Jean was coverd in sweat as her legs buckled,dropping her to her hands and knees. "Oh You Little Cuntsucker! My Little Man! My Sweet Baby ,How Mommy Loves You! I may NEER Give You Back to that Bitch! You're a Natural!" As she said this I kept trying to bury my face between her ass cheeks again and again. I rooted into her like a hog,chasing her across the floor of the porch until she stood up. Then I dove between her thighs trying to get at her cunt. Jean finally had to grab me by the ears and pulled me into a deep hard kiss. Her tongue passed my lips and swirlled across mine. Pulling back she held my head even harder and licked my face clean.
"I think that will do for a start. Billy,Dear. You will have to wait for a little bit. I'm sorry. Now pick up Mommy's toy and follow me inside. Our bath is waiting." With that,she turned her back to us again. Then reaching back she found our dicks and held them in a vice like grip. Jean wiggled her ass at us four times and began to walk forward into the house. Billy and I walked as fast as we could on tip-toes following.
"After our bath. Mommy has a wonderful lunch for the both of you. My Own Two Little Men!" Her giggles reminded me of my eleven year old s****rs.

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