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While I watched Melissa’s asscheeks sway from side to side in her tight skirt, my aunt was herself delighting at the sight of Charlene’s elongated full buttocks jiggling in a skirt which seemed too large for her. In my excitement at the lingerie shop, I forgot to describe Charlene or maybe the whole thing was a blurr at the time. My aunt’s fling was an attractive, tall blonde, a real one, with a bony body, rather athletic with breasts you didn’t notice much at first. As I said before, she had a typical blonde’s ass, long and thin but it appeared firm. She must have been my aunt’s age maybe a few years older. Her tanned skin suggested frequent visits to a studio and that had given her extra wrinkles.
When we reached the top of the stairs, we came through a door which Charlene opened with a key and walked into a store room full of boxes and clothes hanging on long pipes stuck from wall to wall. Pushing aside hanging clothes, Charlene led us into an adjoining room, fully carpeted, and which had a bed, a few chairs and a table. I noticed another door which was probably a bathroom.
“Well…this is it…our love nest”, declared Charlene as she extended her arms to include the carpeted space.
“My God…Charlene”, replied Melissa, her eyes rolling. “It’s not exactly Versailles”.
“So ? Ok…it’s not the Ritz…but …”, and she looked at me, “ but it’s where we made love for the first time and all the times after…well…nearly”, Charlene added her voice breaking.
“Oh..I’m sorry…you’re right”, said my aunt taking her lover in her arms, “it’s a very special place for me too”.
Charlene and my aunt broke their embrace and walked to opposite ends of the room. “Here..make yourself useful”, my aunt said to me, as she handed me her blouse. Her large breasts were entirely covered by her a thin see-through bra. Her black nipples were erect and looked like they were gong to poke a hole through the material. But she unzipped her skirt first and kicked it in my direction when it fell to the ground. I picked it up and folded it over the back of the chair. She had told the truth about her thong. It was very small and the narrow piece of linen between her thighs covered only a small part of her large black bush. I noticed the black linen had moved between my aunt’s pussy lips and was very dark at the front. She unsnapped her bra and handed it to me. It was the first time I had seen my aunt’s breasts. They were nearly perfect in shape and her skin was nice and tight but the two masses were beginning to droop a little. Melissa was about to take off her thong when she took a piece of clothing right in the face, something Charlene had thrown at her. They both laughed and Melissa picked it up off the floor. She put Charlene’s thong to her face and smelled it. She took off her own thong and flung it at Charlene who caught it and smelled it. I was getting horny and naughty. Face it ..I was about to witness my aunt have sex with this woman I didn’t know. While Melissa was busy watching Charlene smell her intimate garment, I snatched Charlene’s thong from her hand.
“Oh you little wench, come back here with that”, yelled Melissa, much to Charlene’s amusement.
“No way”, I shrieked as I ran from her and hid behind Charlene.
Melissa ran towards me and tried to catch me but Charlene was blocking the way. Their bodies came together, breasts touched breasts, nipples sc****d nipples. They gently wrestled in fun, Melissa reached over Charlene’s shoulders trying to get the thong from my hands. I could feel Charlene’s firm asscheeks against my tummy and thighs as she backed away. Their movements became slower and slower, hands clasped hanging skin, the two faces were inches apart, noses rubbing. When they kissed, I moved around them and retreated to a chair on the other side of the bed. As I passed them, I could smell their mingled perfumes, a little sweat, and a rather sweet intimate fragrance which I could also smell on Charlene’s thong. The two mature lesbians were into each other rather quickly and totally oblivious to me. Even though they were near the bed, the two women stood for some time simply holding each other and kissing. It was not just an ordinary kiss, tongues were sucked, then they mingled in their mouths, then tongues moved out and licked faces and noses and mouths kissed eyelids, all this while saliva was dripping from their chin unto their breasts. It was Melissa who finally broke the kiss. She pushed Charlene at arms length and they talked dirty to each other for a few minutes, both women blushing. My aunt got on the bed and kneeled facing the head of the bed which was against the wall. Charlene slid on her back so that her head was under Melissa’s bushy honeycomb. Melissa spread her thighs and lowered herself on her lover mouth. I couldn’t see much because I was sideways to them so I got up and brought my chair to the foot of the bed. I had a great view of Charlene’s blonde pussy, covered with a thin fuzz, and also one of my aunt’s drooping pussy lips and the ridge between them. That’s where Charlene’s tongue had disappeared. I watched my aunt’s asscheeks move apart when the level of sexual excitement rose in her hips. Her puckered and wrinkled hole was now in full view. Melissa began to move her hips against Charlene’s mouth. I could see Charlene’s face glistening with shiny pussy juice. Charlene stopped licking and her mouth closed over reddish flesh. Her cheeks were hollow. She was sucking. Melissa was moaning. Charlene was stroking Melissa asscheeks as she continued sucking my aunt’s clit. From my vantage point, I could clearly Charlene’s fingers teasing the wrinkled hole nestled between my aunt’s asscheeks. Melissa’s hip movments suddenly increased and she yelled “Oh fuck” at least twice. Then she came, the crack of her ass widening then narrowing again when she emptied herself in Charlene’s mouth. I wish I could have seen if she squirted. Both women were still for a minute. Melissa steadied herself with both arms on the mattress and she lowered her head. Charlene didn’t move. I could only hear heavy breathing. Finally Melissa pivoted so that Charlene could sit up. My aunt licked her juices from Charlene’s face probably as she had done everytime they had “done it” together on that bed. My aunt gave me a surprised look. For a few cherished moments, she had forgotten I was there. Then she went back to what I thought was their usual ritual. The two women talked dirty again but I couldn’t hear every word. Kneeling face to face, they bumped tummies and breasts. Melissa reached around and slapped Charlene’s asscheeks. They pretended to catfight, hands pulling on each other’s hair. Then Melissa pushed Charlene hard on the bed and mounted her like a man. She was grunting. My aunt the butch. I still had the rear view and watched Melissa’s knees parting Charlene’s thighs so she could get her hips between them. They worked on that for awhile, my aunt’s asscheeks jiggling as she moved up, then down, but mainly sideways. They were obviously making cunt contact and they both let out a sigh and a yelp when they finally succeeded. As soon as Charlene had started licking Melissa, I had begun slowly rubbing myself by slipping my hand in my panties. By the time my aunt was mounting Charlene, I had slipped my panties off and was using Charlene’s thong as a prop, slipping the fabric back and forth against my cunt lips. The two women were now fucking. Melissa’s hips were moving quickly against Charlene’s. From my viewpoint, I could see a forest of black and blonde pubic hair getting wetter and wetter. This allowed the cunt lips of both women to appear. They were open and pink and pressed against each other. Both puckered holes were there for me to see. The bed began to creak as both lesbians moved faster and faster against each other. Charlene screamed first and bit Melissa’s neck, her legs moving in spasms on the sheets. Melissa continued to hump her for a few seconds, not having yet reached her own orgasm. She gave a final push, a final shiver and then she collapsed on Charlene’s limp body. I had to rub myself a little while longer, even after the action was over, and it was only after I brought Charlene’s thong to my face that I reached my own orgasm. All three of us were catching our breath when we heard a light knock on the door frame and a cough. We all looked towards the door in shock.


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