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The Old Grouch & The Annoying Little Girl

The Old Grouch and the Annoying Little Girl

By billy69boy

“Oh, Mr. Brooks, will you watch little Cherie for a bit while I…” “NO!” came the answer immediately and firmly from the crotchety old man, as he refilled one of the many birdfeeders in his backyard. “Got no time for that impudent little brat of a daughter of yours!” he added. “But, Mr. Brooks, I have to tend to my mother in the hospital, she had a heart attack last night!” the neighbor lady exclaimed. Her announcement was met with a grudging silence by the widowed retiree. He was a miserable sort, rarely pleasant. He didn’t take kindly to his neighbors, especially that precocious little pest, young Cherie. She was cute enough, but she seemed bent on getting on his nerves with each new question she would ask him…very annoying.

“How long will you be?” he asked, frowning. “Just a few hours, tops, sir, I promise,” Cherie’s mother said. “Run along then, but that little imp of yours had better behave!” warned Mr. Brooks. “Well, if she gets out of hand, you have my permission to spank her little butt!” she replied, handing Cherie over to him. The young girl stood in front of the old man, hands clasped behind her back, looking down at her feet. “Bye, dear, now you be good for Mr. Brooks, do you hear?” her mother ordered. With that she was off, and the cantankerous grey haired man went about his business, ignoring the sweet blonde charge in his midst.

“What are you doing, Mr. Brooks?” she asked. ‘Here we go already!’ he sighed, as he looked down at her. She was radiant in her short baby blue sundress and her white sandals. “I’m filling up this bird feeder!” he shot back, already losing his patience with her. “Why do you feed the birds?” Cherie wondered. “Because it keeps me calm and happy!” Mr. Brooks answered her abruptly, almost shouting.

He made his way slowly down the basement steps, with his “shadow” following a step behind. He concentrated on repairing a feeder that had come apart, as the girl roamed around the basement, eyeing up his tools and equipment. “Why do you have all these tools?” she asked in wonderment. “They are for different types of jobs,” the irritated man answered. She sidled up close to him as he glued a broken part into place. She wrapped her arms around his leg, and gave it a hug. “Mr. Brooks, I’m hungry,” she moaned. “Your mother just left, didn’t she feed you?” he asked incredulously. “Well, I had breakfast, but now I’m hungry again,” the pretty girl explained. “You’re going to have to wait awhile, young lady. Can’t you see I’m busy?” he complained, trying to shake free of her grasp.

“What are these chains for?” she queried, pointing up to the various sizes of chains and cords hanging from the ceiling. “I use them to hang up my bird feeders outside,” he explained, exasperated. “That and I use them to tie up little girls who keep bugging me when I’m trying to work!” he added.

Cherie giggled, spun around, and did a little jig, seeming to sense that she was succeeding in flummoxing her older adversary. She ran around the basement, putting her hand out and knocking over his shovel and rake in the process. They crashed to the concrete floor with a loud bang, startling the intent man.

“Cherie! Knock it off!” he implored. She laughed into her hands, hers eyes twinkling. “I think you need to put the chains on me, Mr. Brooks, so I stop bothering you!” she teased. He stopped what he was doing and looked at her. There was a time when he would have been so turned on by such an offer, he thought. Now, he hardly ever gets an erection, and doesn’t even think of sex, for the most part. The clever girl walked over to the dangling chains, and reached her hands up to them, looking over at the irritated man with a sheepish grin.

“Okay, if that’s what you want,” he said, calling the cute girl’s bluff. “Not too tight!” she instructed him, as he secured her thin wrists gently but snugly. Satisfied, he went back to his repair job. Cherie stood with her hands above her head, but she was free to slide back and forth along the water pipe that she was chained to. Laughing to herself, she took a run at the old man, and bumped smack into him. Then, she swung her leg up and kicked him in his butt. He turned around sharply, and Cherie could see fire in his eyes. He screwed up his face and stared at her, waiting for an explanation.

“I deserve to be spanked!” she announced, somewhat proudly. When the curmudgeon tilted his head and squinted at her in disbelief, she added: “Don’t you remember? Momma said if I misbehaved, you were to give me a spanking!”

The old man spun her around, and smacked her on her rear end. “No, no, Mr. Brooks. You have to spank me on my BARE butt,” she instructed, as she leaned over his workbench and rested her hips on it. “Pull my panties down, and sting my butt with your hand!” she declared, almost begging. By now, the man couldn’t believe the words coming out of this p*****n girl’s mouth. She had him going now, and he threw caution to the wind. ‘Screw prison,’ he thought, as he flipped the young vixen’s sun dress up, and stripped her white panties down her legs and off her feet. He took a good look at her perfect round ass cheeks, and he reckoned he’d not seen anything that beautiful in decades.

He gave her willing ass several swift slaps, and Cherie let out a yelp, and pulled against her chains. Mr. Brooks became aware that his usually dormant “water spout” was springing to life between his legs. He smacked the girl’s ass a few more times, raising red marks on each of her cheeks. His old cock got harder with each new slap of his hand. The girl squirmed and gasped, but she didn’t ask him to stop.

“That’s it, Mr. Brooks, spank me hard like I deserve it!” she implored. He kept giving his rigid hand to her smooth young ass again and again…’Fuck it,’ he reasoned, ‘What have I got to lose?’ He couldn’t believe how hard his man rod had become, and he tried to hide the bulge in his shorts with his other hand.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Cherie announced, in between smacks. Mr. Brooks stopped, and blurted out, “WHAT?” “I’m sorry, but I have to PEE!” she repeated. The old man was upset that she brazenly decided to interrupt his fun. “Fine!” he responded angrily, reaching up to free her wrists from the chains above her head.

“No, don’t untie me!” she commanded. “I’ll just go in that bowl,” she said, nodding to an old wash bowl on the shelf. She pulled herself up onto the workbench, turned around, and squatted down, facing the man. She motioned with her eyes, and Mr. Brooks silently retrieved the bowl, placing it underneath her body.

“Watch me pee!” she told him gleefully. He moved in for a closer look, and his cock almost exploded as he watched her hairless, virginal pussy expel her yellow liquid into the antique bowl. He wanted to yank his cock out and bang it down on the workbench repeatedly, he was so turned on! His eyes followed every drop of her urine, from her pee hole to the bowl, in complete amazement. He stood up when she was done, and she giggled in satisfaction. She had him now, and they both knew it.

“Wipe me please,” she said, aware that she was in total command now. “What?” he asked. “You heard me. You have a box of tissues right there on your workbench. Wipe my pussy, please, it’s wet!” she demanded rather impatiently. The old man scrambled to accommodate her, grabbing several tissues in his fist, and gently cleaning the remaining drops of piss from her delicate labia. His dick was throbbing so hard, he was convinced he could actually HEAR it! He threw the tissues in the trash, only to hear another demand from the squatting little girl: “Now, my ass too, please!” He gave her that classic confused look, and she explained: “Some of my pee ran down my butt crack and it’s wet. So, would you please wipe my crack too?” She wiggled her butt for emphasis, as he reached for more tissues.

“What’s that big lump in your shorts, Mr. Brooks?” she inquired, as he rubbed the tissues delicately up and down between her sweet ass cheeks. “Never you mind about that!” he admonished, blushing and covering his erection with his hand. “Let me see it!” Cherie insisted, shrieking with laughter. “It’s none of your business, young lady,” he scolded, “Didn’t you say you were hungry?”

“Yes I am!” she agreed. “Then, hold still, I’ll bring you something,” he promised, as he hurried up the basement steps and into the kitchen. He was in a frenzy. He hadn’t been this horny since he could remember, and he scrambled around the kitchen frantically. He quickly opened his refrigerator and took out the bread, mustard, mayo, and the pack of bologna. He pulled two pieces of the lunchmeat out of the package, yanked his swollen cock out of his shorts, wrapped the meat around it, and whacked off with a lustful fervor, the likes of which he hadn’t felt since he was a young man. It took no time at all for him to reach his orgasm. He grabbed a piece of the bread, and spurted his load all over it. His knees went weak, but he leaned against the table and finished the job.

After a few moments, he caught his breath, and finished making up the sandwich. He covered his gooey cum with mayonnaise, squirted mustard on the other piece of bread, and laid the two slices of “Jack Off Helper” on the bread. Then, for good measure, he ran four more pieces of bologna up his ass crack before adding them to the sandwich. He cut the bread down the middle, and put the sandwich on a paper plate.

Next, he popped open a can of cola and poured it into a glass with ice, filling it three quarters of the way up. He dipped his slimy cock into the glass, and in a second, he was filling the glass to the top with his own sour piss. He finished emptying his bladder in the sink, then; he got a straw and dropped it into the glass. He bound down the basement steps feeling forty years younger. When he presented his special “lunch” to Cherie, she was kneeling on top of the workbench.

“I’m not really hungry now, and I need your help,” she said rather seriously. Mr. Brooks was disappointed that she wasn’t interested in his “special lunch”, but he was all ears. “I have an itch, and I need you to scratch it,” she explained, looking down at her crotch. “It’s under my dress,” she added, like she needed to give directions. The old man decided to play along. He lifted up her dress, and she opened her knees wide. “It’s between my legs,” she directed him. He teasingly scratched her inner thighs lightly, pretending to accommodate her.

“No, it’s closer to my pee hole,” she suggested. His fingers moved slowly toward her slick bald pussy, and he could feel her legs twitching with anticipation. She raised her slender body up a few inches, providing access to her slit for his gnarly old hand. He brushed against her virginal lips, and her body jumped in reaction. She was soaking wet, and it wasn’t pee. “You’re close, just a little bit above my hole,” she directed. When he finally touched her clit, she let out a deep sigh. “Yessssssssss! Scratch me right there!” she exalted, “Oh! It itches so bad! Scratch it harder!” she commanded.

A steady flow of little girl juices ran over his hand, as Mr. Brooks worked her virginal clit with two fingers. He watched her young body convulse unashamedly under the pressure of his persistent fingering. “OH YES, Mr. Brooks, that feels so good!” she announced, as she rode his wildly flicking fingers. “Now stick your fingers in my hole! It itches up there too!” she barked. The old grump quickly did as he was told, and went about finger fucking her tiny hole with a rapid tempo bordering on viciousness. He couldn’t get enough of watching her young body thrashing about on top of his workbench, her wrists bound and tied above her head.

She writhed intensely in front of the old man, her long blonde hair flying, as her head shook back and forth. “My butt hole!” She yelled out. “My butt hole is itching too! Put your finger up there too!” she implored. Mr. Brooks couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but it didn’t stop him from slipping his juicy index finger straight up her quivering asshole, to “scratch her itch”, as she so daintily put it. He pounded her holes with his fingers until finally jerking a strong and steady orgasm out of her lithe, sweaty body.

She slouched down, completely spent and ecstatic, dangling helplessly from her chains. The fired up old man stood up in front of her, and worked to free her restrained wrists. His rejuvenated hard-on was bulging out the front of his shorts, inches from her angelic face. Still, he was caught by surprise when she put her free hand directly on top of it, as he untied her other hand. She gave him a squeeze through his shorts, and he did not pull back. He was curious to see what this innocent little girl would do next.

When she was completely free, she went right to work on his screaming cock. She reached in, and pulled it out from under the hem of his shorts, wrapped both of her tiny hands around it, and leaned towards him. He held his ground, and soon he felt her hot tender tongue exploring his pulsating shaft. She instinctively began pumping his rod with both hands, then; she opened her mouth wide and wrapped her thin lips around his helmet. He couldn’t take it any longer, and he reached out and held her blonde head in his thick hands. He began to thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, being careful not to gag the first time cocksucker. As he began to explode, he held her head tightly, and let loose without warning into her unsuspecting mouth. He watched her young face as she bravely struggled to accept his offering, whatever it was. Her confused facial expression was only outdone by the sight of her delicate throat convulsing under the load of hot sticky spunk that she couldn’t quite handle. Each spurt that the old man f***ed down her throat seemed stronger than the last one, and finally the young little trouper let some hot cum gush out the sides of her mouth. He finally pulled his trembling cock out of her mouth, and finished dumping his load on the little girl’s face. She seemed absolutely delighted, and she eagerly licked that last of his man juice from his grateful cock.

He leaned over her body, and swept her up off the workbench and into his arms. They embraced for several minutes, with no apparent need for words. Finally, Cherie pushed back, gently separating their bodies. She reached over and grabbed half of the bologna sandwich off the plate, and took a big bite. “I’m really hungry now!” she said, smiling, as she took a long swallow of the “special” cola.

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