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Our first

When I met my wife many years ago and started dating I knew she had gone out with a co-worker a couple of times. He was a slender black who was shorter than me, we became friends through work and he never mentioned he had gone out with her. We started dating for a few months and got married, one night we laid around talking about old flames. He came up in the conversation and she told me that they had had sex a couple of times while dating. I asked her how he was and she said he was great, that she loved how his cock looked and felt. Curious I asked her, she said that it felt like velvet and she liked the way his foreskin rolled up over his head that was larger than the rest. I asked how we compared and she said that he was a little thicker than me and a little longer. I didn't think much about it, I'm about 6 inches long and average thickness so I figured we were close.
We had been married a couple of months and after coming home from work he came up in a discussion so I asked her if she would ever like to take go at him again. She she wouldn't mind but only if I was present, one night shortly after that we had invited him to the house to check out a movie. As we sat on the sofa she began to lean a little toward him, one thing led to another he began to rub on her thigh. I could tell it excited her and after a few minutes he had moved his hand up her inner thigh, she looked over at me and I just nodded. She asked if he wanted to take it to the bedroom and stood up taking him by the hand to the bed room. As he went into the bathroom I asked her if she was sure about it, thats when she began stripping down. I took off my cloths and laid in the bed with her, my cock was already hard and as we laid there she began to stroke me. While this was going on he walked out of the bathroom and started to strip down, as he stood up naked I was kind of shocked. He was standing there with his cock already hard, what shocked me the most was the fact my wife wasn't completely honest. His cock was uncircumcised and the skin covered a fat head twice the size of mine, he looked to be about 8 1/2 inches long and thick as hell. He strolled around to the other side of the bed and laid down, my wifes free hand went straight for his cock. As i watched her stroke me her fingers wrapped all the way around without any problem, as I looked over at him her fingers wasn't even close to wrapping around and his size dwarfed her hand. She let me go and moved down to his cock as she looked up at me she stroked his cock several times each time his skin rolled up over the head and a little precum would ooze out after several strokes she had built a little pool of it in his foreskin. She looked up at me and liked it up, she opened her mouth wide and took as much as she could in her mouth all she could muster was his head a small portion of his cock. He moaned as she stroked him and swirled her tongue around his cock. He reached down and pulled her up by his side, he gave her a big kiss and began to lck his way down her body. He spent plenty of time licking her tits and nipples before tongueing his way down her belly and between her legs. Thats when I just got up and stood aside so she could enjoy what was happening. He spent plenty of time licking her clit as he inserted a finger, I watched as she moved around moaning eventually cumming. He looked up and told her she was wet as hell, she said I wonder why. He moved up between her legs and looked over her on his knees. She reached in the drawer and pulled out one of my condoms opened it and went to roll it on his cock, She had to stretch it out to get it over his head. He told her that wasn't going to work and got up reached for his pants and got one of his comdoms and handed it to her. She looked at it and said magnum huh I never noticed before and tore open the pack. He moved back up between her legs and she tried to just roll the condom on, she still had to stretch it over his head and rolled it down. As she laid back he looked in her eyes, she reached down and took his cock in her hand. She rubbed him up and down her pussy before guiding him in, as he his head slid in she let out a moan and pushed up with her hips. I moved around to the foot of the bed for a better view, as he slid in her pussy was stretched. He pushed in a little deeper and her moaning became louder and breathing heavier, he asked her how it felt and she looked up and told him her pussy was so full. He began pumping her slowly from side to side and trying to get all of his cock in. He pushed a little deeper and she began cumming, when I looked he still had an inch or so she couldn't take. She started telling him to fuck her faster "pump me with the big cock" and "my pussy is so full". As he bgan to pump her faster and deeper she came again, as she came she told him she could feel his cock swelling ready to cum. She told him to fuck her till he came, as his body stiffened up she let out a cry and started pumping his cum. He laid on top her both of them breathing heavy as his cock went soft and slid out of her pussy. He pulled off them condom layed it beside her on the bed and let his soft wet cock dangle over her pussy, each drip that hit my wifes pussy she would moan. He got up and went to the bathroom and me wife patted the bed for me to come over, as I laid down beside her she reached down and took me in her hand. She reached over over picked up the condom and held it up and said don't think I could have handled all that. The condom looked to be half full of come, as we bagan to kiss she said she wanted me in her. I moved up over her and she reached down and guided my hard cock in, her pussy was so stretched that I just slid all the way in as I pumped her she looked up and told me to fuck her till I cum. I pumped her sloppy pussy till my cock couldn't take anyore and pulled out shooting cum all over her belly as she stroked my cock. The three of us laid in bed shooting thge shit.

We had many more encounters with him over the years and some encounters with others, maybe another story another time.

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