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Seduction Delayed

My buddy and I were out with two babes from our military unit down at Fort Jackson. Put your UCMJ manual away. There were no violations concerning rank structures or command relationships. We were all company grade officers out for a few drinks and some laughs. I don't remember what off-post club we ended up in, but the DJ was spinning good songs and everyone was having a great time. The only problem I saw was how to move from 4-people to two sets of two. Both of us guys were white, but one girl was a fair-skinned blond and the other was black, actually a creamy brown complexion, perfectly proportioned head to toe. She had an athletic build...and I guess you can see which one I wanted.

Somehow at the end of the evening I got us divided up the way I wanted and left with my nubian princess to take her to her BOQ room. As we stood in the doorway, I thought things were going to end up like I wanted. We shared lingering kisses and I was moving my hands up and down her back. No she wasn't wearing a bra. I already knew that from watching her dance. When I tried to move my hands to her breasts...oops, she stopped me cold. And I knew this evening had gone as far as it was ever going to. Hey, I'm a gentleman, so I bid her good night.

The next day I saw Callie, the blond, and asked her how her evening turned out.

"We went to a quarry and skinny-dipped."

Shit. Did I make the wrong choice or what?

Well, a few weeks later back at the BOQ, Callie and I were working on something official and departed for our rooms. I remembered something I forgot to ask her, walked back to her room and knocked.

"Who is it?"

"It's me. I need to ask you a question."

When she opened the door she was wearing her gray military physical training uniform: cotton t-shirt and loose fitting shorts. I could see she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were full and looked soft, if you know what I mean. But Callie knew what she wanted. She put her arms around by neck and I leaned over to kiss her. The kisses started out soft, but grew hungry and impatient as our tongues explored each other's mouths. I'm thinking - this is it, and slid my right hand under the waist band of her shorts. Callie wasn't wearing any panties as my hand traced the outline of her ass. I felt each cheek as she tightened and relaxed her muscles. My heart was racing!

This was a public hallway, so I stepped forward into her room. We moved back together like two dancers in perfect step. As the door closed, she stepped away from me as her hands carressed by dick through my sweatpants. "I've always wanted you," said Callie. "Why did you wait so long? I wanted you that first night we all went out."

"I'm sorry. I guess I got the signals wrong, Callie. But we're together now. I'm so glad." I'm a gentleman, yes, and also a helpful man. I took hold of my pants waistband and pulled them down to the floor. My dick was standing straight and strong at 45 degrees, getting wet around the head.

With one hand Callie spread my precum evenly around the circumsized head of my dick. With the other she removed her running shorts. In the dim light I could see that she was a natural woman fully unshaved. Her bush was a shade darker than the hair on her head that was maybe sun bleached, maybe a little peroxide.

I pulled my shirt over my head and helped her out of her t-shirt. I think a woman likes a man to see her breasts when she has her arms raised, especially if she if full breasted. Callie's nipples were small and very pink. Beautiful I thought and should have said so. Maybe I did.

We both kneeled down to the soft carpet to finish our business.

"Wait," said Callie. "I need you to pull out at the last minute. I don't want to get pregnant."

"OK." I would have agreed to anything at this point. I pushed her body back so that she was lying flat on her back, knees raised and spread. I could see thick hair running between her legs almost covering up her pink labia. What a turn on. I put my face between her legs and ran my tongue from her asshole forward. Callie squirmed and let out a soft moan as I passed over her clit. A few passes and I could feel it growing harder and longer. Callie was getting wetter with each pass. I loved her scent. Natural and not perfumed. A littly salty.

In a few seconds, Callie would taste herself as her hands guided my shoulders up on top of her face to face. I kissed her deeply without really thinking that she was eating herself through me. She must have liked it as much as I did because she was insatiable for more kisses.

But other things were happening as Callie raised her hips to meet my hard, erect dick. A few slight movements by both of us had the head of my dick was at the opening of her wet, hungry vagina. On a first time, I like to enter real slow to try to remember every inch. Not very practical, and certainly not this time, as Callie grabbed my ass and pulled me suddenly all the way in. WOW! I stiffened and locked every muscle of my abdomen as Callie ground her hips in a circular motion.

But I had made that promise - no baby. I didn't have much time. Her movements were driving me crazy even though her vagina, while tight from never having given birth, was unbelievably slippery. About 5 minutes of pashion had brought me to the edge of shooting my load.

"Wait a second," I said and Callie stopped moving under me. I pushed away pulling my dick out with a popping sound and moved forward over her. As I did, her bushy pubic hair brushed against the bottom side of my dick and raised my excitement level even higher. There was no holding back as pulse after pulse of creamy white cum gushed onto Callie's tummy. I know she wanted to feel my orgasm internally, but birth control had to rule.

As I lay beside her, Callie, took my dick in her hand and milked the last drops of cum out onto my tummy, then licked them up.

"Who you gonna take home next time, dumb ass" she said.

"Callie!" And so it was to be. There are more Callie stories...later.

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