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'Me and my Celebrity Friend"

The man in my dreams is intelligence and an entertainer. Every time, when I hear his name, or listen to his music on the radio, my mood swing begins to get hypnotize right into his voice. When, I watch his videos, I just fantasize about him and me making passion love, I had pray and ask God, “can you make this possible’”? Or, “Do we have a future together?” As I continue on praying, I’ve saw a vision of us getting together. I've dreamt about him so often, its make my pussy so wet and hot. “If I have his number?” “Will I call him?” I ask myself that question? While, I was searching on the Internet, I had bypassed his website. The website says “Welcome to Will's webpage". I said to myself, "BINGO"! Then click on Will’s webpage.

On Will’s website is all his music’s, videos, with his email address. I had sent him my first email. I wrote ‘Hi, my name is Jennifer, and, I am a huge fan of yours for so many years! I’ll love to be your friend? You can email me any time.’ Soon, after typing, I forward my email just by one click, and hoping that’s he‘ll reply back soon! Few months gone by, and no emails, I thought “maybe, Will wasn't interested of me?” Will has so many fans that send him emails. So, I had forgotten about it. The next day, I’d received an email; I click on the small envelope icon, what is this? IT’S WILL! It reads; ‘Hello, Jennifer thank you for writing to me, sorry for the delays. I’ll like for you to take write my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx, I’m looking forward to hear from you? Peace Will!" I was so excited, so grateful that's he give me his number. The next day I called him. Immediately, he knew my voice, like he was expecting my call. He ask me question such as: "What I like to do?", "What's was my last relationship was like?", "Do I have c***dren?" etc. I was pleased, because, he was so interested of me. So, we set up a date to meet and have dinner.

We meet at a nice fancy restaurant, Will was very tall, muscular, and so handsome. His hair was in dreadlocks, and has a very deep voice (a voice you could fall in love). It's like to dream that came true. A dream that I pray for; after our meals we both cruise around the city, Will brought me roses, he took me to see a Broadway show "Cats", Follow by a night out dancing. Few people have recognized him, ask for his autograph, and took pictures. I was just amazed; I couldn't believe I was with this great entertainer that I had admired! People started to look at me like I was a celebrity too. After all the excitement has ended, Will ask me to join him for a Jacuzzi. Of course, I said ''YES!' without hesitated! (Wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into) Here we are being together, in his big giant hotel room. He wants me to change into something very sexy, so he had given me a grown. "No, matters of fact don’t wear anything!" he marked, then, it’s happen I had changed my mind. I just what to talk. Will bark out, and, shouted "WHAT JUST TALK, YOU MUST BE MAD?” I told him I want to go home now, He say "YOU NOT GOING NO WAY, UNTIL I GET WHAT I WANT?' I saw the evil came out of him, I saw the devil in his eyes. Then he grab me, and throw me down on the bed and **** me, he fuck me so hard, I felt my pussy stretch out, and, his cum filling up inside my walls. He even beat me for a minute. He also had said "IF YOU GO TO THE MEDIA WITH THIS, I WILL DESTROY YOU FOREVER!" then he let me go.

The next day at my apartment, I am in days and confused!? I wonder, “Why, he'd done this to me?” I still have marks on me from his beating. Then, my phone ring, I put up the receiver and say 'hello"? It’s was Will, ask me, “If I was OK? and. Please, not to say anything to anyone about what happen”? He asks me out again, then,” guess what?” I’ve forgave him! Now, TODAY WE ARE STILL FRIENDS!

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