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A Day in the life of a cock hungry cumm slut

This is a story i have been compiling all day ... Just a fictional fantasy that has had my cock hard all day and i had to write it down for all the freaks out there, like me, to read and enjoy.

One morning i wake up from a good nights sl**p. I always have exotic dreams during the night and wake up horny and in need of a good fuck. On this morning i have an idea to see how many cocks i can suck in one day. Still being made-up from the night before i just need to touch up my face and fix my hair. I am still in my lingerie i slept in ..A black corsett and stockings ..i pick out a skin tight mini dress and knee high boots with four inch heels. I pick out a little hooker purse and now i am ready.

I walk out of my house and hit the street. Its a busy avenue with lots of traffic. Today is a beautiful Saturday morning in July, clear blue skies and eighty five degrees. Now dont get the wrong idea.. i am by no means a hooker ..i just love cock. So i start my walk and before i get half a block the horns start honking at me and i wave to the potentials.

With that i see the first car slow down beside me and i point to a place for him to pull off the road. He stops his car and i walk to the passenger side and get in. He asks "how much" i have a good job and dont have any bills to worry about and i have a good savings. I am only doing this for the thrill. So with that said... i will continue the story ... He asks "how much" and before he can get out another sound i place my finger over his mouth to shoosh him and with my other hand unzip his pants and pull out his cock. He is a younger man, mid twenties i would guess, and a nicely shaved seven inch cock. So i wrap my hand around his shaft and take the head in my mouth and with all the power of a vacuum cleaner i suck the ehad and move my hand down around his balls and suck the length down my throat and bob up and down on his cock with great enthusiasm until he places his hand on the back of my head and thrusts up in my mouth exploding his load down my throat. I swallow immediately so nothing spills on his pants and as i raise my head i lick the last little drop from his cock head. i don't say a word and get out of his car and wave bye.

Once he is gone i notice that i did this in front of a garage. A crowd of mechanics was gathered and watching what i had just done. All they could see was my head bobbing up and down on his cock and they knew i was ready for fun. So i walk over to the bay door and grab two of them by the belt walking them over to the lift. I sit down on the lift and unzip both their pants and begin to suck on one while stroking the other then switch getting both of them hard and ready. Once they are hard i stand and pull my panties to the side, careful not to let my cock out gets behind me while i suck the other until they both cumm inside me. Swallowing the one in my mouth and the other filling my ass i just pull my panties straight and wipe my chin and tell the others i will take care of them on my way back through. With that said i am back on my way.

I continue my walk and in seconds the next lucky guy honks and i motion him over between two buildings. I walk to the drivers side this time and open the door for him. I bend over the fender and pull my panties to the side and tell him to hurry up and fuck my ass. Within seconds he is inside me and pumping hard making the car rock with every stroke and with one last push i feel his cock throb and shoot his jiss deep inside me. without even looking at him i just fix my panties again and walk away. Ready for the next load i slip into the Wendy's bathroom to check myself in the mirror when a guy that has been watching my adventure cumms in and without a second to spare i drop to my knees with my back against the wall as he pulls out his cock and walks over to me and shoves his member deep in my throat and face fucks me, dropping yet another load in my mouth for me to swallow.

One after another i walk the avenue ..stopping cars and swallowing cumm in both my mouth and ass. Well used and with my stomach and ass overflowing with what seems like a hundred or more loads i am happy and on my way home. Just then a scary looking guy in a van pulls next to me and tells me to get in the back ..figuring what the fuck ..i am always ready for one more i get in and am ready for whatever he has to offer. He takes his pants down and i begin to suck his cock when i feel one of his hands on the back of my head pulling my well stretched throat down on his cock. I feel his other hand on my stomach working his way down over my panties. Not sure what his reaction will be i try to stop his hand from making it to my cock but he is to strong and i can't stop him. When his hand reachs my cock he fumbles with it. Realizing i have a cock he freaks out pulls my head off his cock and punches me straight across my jaw knocking me down and almost out he continues hitting me and i don't mind. Calling me every name in the book as he beats me i just roll to my stomach and take it. Pulling my knees under me and raising my cumm filled ass in the air. He sees my panties soaked with the cumm that has been oozing out as he beat me. He just grabs them and snatches them off of my ass and shoves his cock in and ****s my ass. i am so loose from all the fucking that i can bearly feel him inside me. He pulls his cock out and shoves his hand in my ass all the way to his elbow. He then pulls his hand out wraps it around his cock and then shoves the combo in my ass and i feel him jerking his cock off inside my cavern of an ass. He drops his load, pulls everything out, slides the side door open and rolls me out of the van. As he drives off i look across the street and see that i am in front of the garage where my adventure started.

When they see that it is me again, the two i fucked cumm over and help me inside, Asking me if i am okay? I tell them i am fine and that this is what i wanted. With that they lay me acroos the same lift as before. As they begin to walk away i reach out and grab one of them by the belt. laying on my back i pull him over and open my mouth as wide as i can unzipping his pants and pulling him over to me so he can face fuck me. Forgetting for a second that the guy in the van ripped every stitch of clothing off of me. When i realize i am naked and all of them can see that i am a guy and knowing they will push me away and not want anything to do with me. I am amazed when i feel the guy in my mouth start to get into it and rub my chest and fuck my face while his hands work down my stomach over my legs and back up to my cock. I feel another hand cumming up my leg and gripping my cock then i feel the warmth of a mouth wrapping around the head of my cock. I look up and see the other two guys already naked and as on guy fucks my mouth and the other is sucking my cock the other two join in and strat licking the asses of the two with me ...the night ends with an orgy af gay fun sucking and swallowing each other until the sun cumms up

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