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Ok so it all happened this one and brittany were talking dirty on the phone, she was breathing heavily as she put 2 fingers in her tight wet 18 year old pussy and i was breathing just as hard while rubbing my hard lubed up 8.5 inch dick. idk what got into her that night but she was way more open than usual. she kept asking me if i have ever been so horny that i thought about cumming in mt own mouth...i didnt know how to tell her yes but the thought of such a sexy girl asking me that sent me over the edge, i told her yes baby i have i almost do every day that i have the time to jack off to your pics. she asked "really?" i nervously said "yes" she asked if i had ever gone through and did it and i said no...she asked if i would cum inside her wet pussy and asshole and lick all of my thick white cum out and spit it back and forth into eachothers mouths (yes shes a really dirty girl) and knowing that she is so hott i quickly answered yess i will.

The night after our amazing cum filled conversation, i picked her up from her auntes house and told her we could go to grab a bite nd then go back to my house ;) she agreed. we went to a mid. class italian resteraunt and had a nice dinner then returned to my house. the second we entered the door we started raoidly kissing and touching eachother. i told her to lock the door and meet me in my room upstairs. i rocketed off up the stairs took my shirt off as i could hear britt running up the stairs. she entered the room as soon as i got my shirt off and threw me back on the bed. the worked impressively fast at un buttoning my jeand as i did to her tight shirt soon enough revealing her firm, tanned D-cup tits, quickly inserting the right one in my mouth. after a few seconds of suking on her perfect tits she got down on her stomach and then i felt a warm wet sensation on my rock hard cock go to see she has my hard dick between her sexy lipgloss covered lips, sucking like a pro. after 15 min. or so i pilled my dick out if her warm mouth and bent her over my bed. i slowly knelt over and licked her tight pink asshole and pussy.

I then slid my hard dick in her dripping wet pussy while rubbing her tight little asshole with my right thumb making her moan rather loud. i pulled out and slowly but hardly pushed it into her tight asshole. every stroke i pushed in deeper and deeper for close to 30 min. non stop, sweating and breathing heavily, moaning until i could feel that flurry tingly sensation inside, knowing that i was seconds from cumming, i told britt OH MY GOD BABY IM GOING TO CUM, IM GOING TO FUCKING CUM!!! she moaned really loud and pushed her ass back at me really hard, i heard her say put it in my fucking pussy!!! i inserted my hard dick in her wet pussy once again this time it was and out 4 times and then i came inside her pussy as hard as i possiblr could! she then laid back on the bed as i stream of thick whte cum was dripping from her wet cunt, she said baby eat me! i hesitated but after 2 or 3 seconds my tongue was deep in her pussy hole rapidly licking and sucking all of my own white cum out as she moaned and talked extremely dirty to me even to the point of..."what does it taste like baby?" i swallow a big gulp then answered its thick, gooey, salty, and kind of sweet! she just said "yummy baby!" then i spit it into her mouth and we both swallowed a big gulp together!!! This had to be the hottest thing i have ever done!!! now every time i jerk off i always find away to cum in my mouth and swallow every drop!

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