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Spit roast

my son and his two friends came round to play on the wii as ian walked past me he winked at me .they all went in the lounge so i thought i would have a rest up stairs. as i lay there i herd the chering at the game so i dose of.i was woke up with ian waveing is cock in my face and my blowse of.i even had my boobs exposed.he stated to kiss me then ben came up with some butter out the this time ian had his cloths f and was in bed all over me i said no but ian said is ok. before to long ian was sucking my boobs and ben was pushing butter up my arse . i nlay on my back with my legs open . i had ians cock in my mouth and ben licking my pussy and had two or three fingers up my arse soon ian jumpt on top of me and started pumping my pussy with his cock.turn over he said as i turnd over he pushed his cock up my arse as i bent over a bit i could feel i big boobs and big belly slaping around like jelly as he pounded my arse .ben said all my god iwant a go on her so ian pulled out .and ben f***ed his cock up my arse it was so big i thought he was gong to split my arse. he was pumping for 25 minits then shot his cum up my arse .then ian started again driving pumping my arse harder and deeper by this time i was screeming as ben held me i looked up i saw a cock in my face again so i startd sucking it by this time ian was still pumping my arse i herd ben and ian say yes go on i looked up it was my son i was sucking his cock.ian soon shot his load up my arse then ian came round the front me to pin me down my son walked to my arse and slide his cock in what a feeling soon andy was shooting his cum up my arse as well .soon after that ben and ian left. me and my son just stayed in bed snoging

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