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Impliments of Torture

I was back in my old neighborhood and totally in "straight" mode. The last thing I wanted my folks knowing was that their one and only likes to wear a dress every now and then. BAD IDEA! When I stopped by the Circle K for a few things I was even happier to be looking "normal."

There she was, looking a little heavier since the last time we spoke. For Gail that was a good thing since she was just a pound over being considered anorexic in high school.

She was quite a departure for me. Most of my gal friends were usually a few pounds of short of being mistaken for Macy's parade balloons. Gail and I had only gone on one date that didn't end very well.

Her locker was next to mine in school. It was great to admire her skinny bare legs and her long red hair while she was putting her things away. Finally in my senior year I got the balls up to ask her to the big December Holiday dance.

The formal part of the date went so well she wanted to show me her uncle's mountain cabin. He didn't use it anymore since his back went out.
It was your basic man cave set up complete with a fireplace, a bear rug and a big ass deer mounted on the wall.

We rounded the living room but instead of heading upstairs we scooted back outside to a shed.

"There's something I want to show you out here," explained Gail.

Before I could say anything Gail was stripping off all her clothes. With her nylons off along with everything else she started jumping up and down on this old mattress.

"Here!" she called. "Come closer so you can see."

("I'm seeing plenty now honey, really!")

In the dim light of light of the shed I watched as Gail took something out from an old wooden box. There were what appeared to be five black metallic spikes protruding out from the box.

"These," she announced, "Are my implements of torture."

"Oh shit!" I gasped. "She wants to use them on me!"

As quickly as a could I bolted out the door nearly trampling some nocturnal creature on the way to my car. A few long minutes later a very dejected Gail came out with all her clothes back on.

"It's not what you think," she softly said.

"Bullshit!" I grumbled, my temper getting the best of me.

"Just take me home," was the last thing she ever said to me.

Now today at The Circle K by the Airport I run into her. As slowly as I could I came near her. I wasn't sure what her reaction would be until she smiled at me. We shook hands and chatted, then she pointed to the IHOP nearby.

It was a favorite hangout for quite a few of us back in the day. After we placed our orders it was time to clear the air.

We both spoke at once.

"I'm sorry I ..."

Then Gail took my hand and leaned real close to me to whisper in my ear.

"I wanted you to use them ON ME!"

"You wanted me (GULP) to use (cough) the . . . holeeeeee shit!"

It was her cabin now after her uncle passed. Way the fuck out over the city in the national forest we went back. She was lucky the cabin didn't burn in a forest fire. But there it was just as I remembered, deer trophy and all.

Gail opened the shed and just like last time she got naked again. As she headed for the mattress I had a chance to admire her bigger ass and bouncy tits.

"God I love Southwestern cooking!"

"Here!" she said holding out the same box in the now brighter shed.

What had looked like metal spikes in the dim light before, were in reality, five big black latex pecker, sex toys.

Gail looked at me and grinned. "Torture me, Larry!"


"There's not enough room!"

"Yes, there is, just work it in with the K-Y!"

"You've already got two dicks up your cunt and one in your ass! There's no room for a second one"





As best as I could with lube jelly in hand I pushed a second giant latex penis up Gail's skinny ass. While laying behind her the two of us worked the four toys as Gail's body quivered in response to our various moves. Then in an instant Gail open her freckled legs wide and out from between the four toys a geyser of clear pussy juice erupted all over my now naked and very soaked body. Without a doubt female ejaculate tastes a whole lot different than man paste.

"Sorry about that!" apologized Gail with a laugh.

At this point we were still far from through. There was after all, the fifth toy. Gail stuck that between her tits and declared,

"Time for round two. For that, you'll need to sit on my face Larry Boy."

I could could tell this was all new to Gail. It took several times reminding her to breathe through her nose to keep her from gagging on my cock. But she finally got it right. While she mouth fucked me the two of us continued to work the five sex toys. As I blew my load on Gail's face a sound like a garden hose spaying the side of a building was heard. It was Gail firing her pussy juice onto the shed walls.

"Oh fuck!" she screamed.


Again the shed rattled.

"So lover," began Gail catching her breath. "You wanna visit home more often so you can torture your favorite Cactus Wren?"

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