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I Just Had to Know PART 1

It was one of those days at work where I had been under the gun all day. Everything the boss threw at me, I handled with all the skills I had acquired over the years. When I finally arrived at home, I stepped into world war three. My wife was on the warpath and was taking no quarter. I tried to relax with a nice bubbly soak in the tub. My thoughts turned to the lovely thick white chick I had seen earlier that day. She was about 45 years old, with nice auburn hair, 48DD breasts and built on the large side but everything was nicely put together. She was wearing some yellow tights that made her thighs and ass more pronounced and very sexy. She was bending over picking up a package she had dropped. I quickly offered to help her and when she stood up and faced me my eyes were drawn straight to her crotch. She had a nice fat camel toe that was straining against the taught yellow fabric of her tights. Being the freak that I am, I could tell she had a set of meaty pussy lips and just the right amount of soft, silky hair. As I sat in the tub thinking about her, my dick began to stiffen. I closed my eyes and imagined her fat white pussy gripping my dick as I slowly corkscrewed it into the depths of her womb.
I did not want to waste my hard on by jacking my dick so I dried off and went to my wife and tried to fuck her. She was still pissed off for no particular reason and just wanted to argue. I tuned her out until she made the now infamous statement, "You can't fuck anyway!!!" Oh man, what a kick in the nuts that was. Being a man who hates to argue, I got dressed and told her I was going to go out until she cooled off. I stormed out the door and drove straight to a hotel with the intent of just spending the night alone. Once at the hotel though, my thoughts went back to that fat juicy camel toe I had seen earlier that day. I called my long time school friend, Geraldine and told her I was kind of bummed out and needed to talk. Geraldine was a lesbian who would allow me the pleasure of fucking her once or twice a year. A few times for my birthday she let me fuck her white girlfriend, Judy while she played the role of my personal cheerleader. This night I told her what had happened and what my wife had told me. Geraldine asked which hotel I was at and told me to sit tight.
About an hour later, Geraldine knocked at the door. I was expecting her to come alone but much to my amazement she came into the room with three more women. "Allen, I know how much you like big women so I rounded up a few of my girls and told them you needed cheering up." As I looked at the women, I was totally blown away. Darlene was about 6ft tall and I would guess her to be about 260-280lbs of Amazon white woman. Cheryl was black, slightly shorter and not as big but she had an ass to stop time. Brenda was almost as tall as Darlene, white and she had on a pair of short shorts that outlined her fat pussy very well. The three of them made a big contrast to Geraldine's skinny, masculine figured black ass.
After the introductions, Geraldine took charge and poured us all some Baccardi. She threw me a bag of weed and told me to get busy rolling. We all sat on various sides of the bed drinking rum and smoking weed when all of a sudden Geraldine announced, "Ladies, I want you all to know that this man, my longtime friend can eat pussy better than I do." "He also has a nice dick and knows how to use it.", she added. Darlene looked at me and then back at Geraldine and said,"No way girl. No man can eat pussy better than a woman can." Geraldine just laughed, winked at me and asked me if I was up for a little contest. "Yes", I replied. Geraldine directed all of us to get into the shower together. It was a tight fit but we all managed to squeeze into the hotel shower. We all took turns washing each others private parts and then we all went back to the bed. Geraldine set the rules. It turned out that Cheryl was Brenda's lesbian lover and Darlene was a bisexual friend of Geraldines. Geraldine's rules were that Brenda and Darlene were to lie on the bed spread eagled and blindfolded. Cherly and I were to take turns licking their pussy but we could not use our hands or let our bodies touch them in any way. Cheryl began licking Darlene's pussy and I began licking Brenda's. As I was licking Brenda's fat juicy tight pussy, I began to think about the chick I had seen earlier that day. I used my tongue like a vibrator on Brenda's little magic button and she began to thrust her hips upward to get more of my vibrating tongue. She began thrusting wildly and suddenly started trembling. Then she screamed, "Ohhhh Cheryl baby, baby, lick my pussy baby that's it baby liiiiiiiccccccckkkkk my ppppppuuuuuussssssyyyyy. OOohhh, I'm cumming baby!!!"
Cheryl stopped licking Darlene and angrily told Brenda, "Bitch, that ain't me, that's this fuckin man, dammit!!!!". Meanwhile Geraldine was howling with laughter. "That's my boy doin his thing. I told you he was good." Geraldine told Darlene,"Darlene, you gonna love the way he eats your pussy because he goes crazy for big clits like yours and mine."

TO BE CONTINUED.........................

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