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My b*****r Fucked me

On Feb 21 last week after I have finished my tuition at about 6.30 pm and all three pupils have left my house and I took a quick shower and cooked for my dinner. I was alone at home and my husband have gone to singapore for business needs. After watching TV for some time it was nearing 9 pm and I was having my dinner. My phone rings and when I took the phone it was the girl student and she have some more doubts about tommorows exam and she was afraid of exams. So I agree to clear her doubts and told her to come to my home. It was 9.15 pm and after 5mins she knocks at my door and I opened the door and her mother left soon afer I opened the door. She didn't saw me. I was only in my thongs, I was going to bed and usually at home I like to be in tight string thongs. I told her to go to the table and took the portion she need to clear and go to the kitchen to wash the plates that I have dinner.

She cleared all doubts when the time was nearing 3 am and I told her that I'll drop her at her home and I took a torch and went out with her. When we were at the gate the girl aware me that I haven't wear any dress and then only I remembered that I was only in thongs and I decided to walk with her in that because there was no one out because it was 3 am. And not only that there is only four houses in our area here and there and who is going to see me in that time. So I walked with her through the street road to her house. It was about 600 metres to her house. It was little bit cold outside and I really wants to pee, so I pee while walking and she didn't notice it. All the piss fall through my legs and I walk with her to the door of her house and after she entered her house I walk back to my home. I walk really fast back to home and I opened my house and locked the door, go to bed, I was really sl**py.

Next day when I wake up it was very late and it was 11.45 am. I do all daily routines and have a coffee. I was very hungry and I didn't cook anything because It was very late to cook something. So I call my mom who is staying next town, she told me that nobody is at home and the key is down the front window and took some food I need. I took my car key and went out, i was only in thongs that I wore yesterday and I decided to took a dress also because while travellng in car, something happens I need to be out nude. So I took a T-shirt and wore it and remove the thong and put it on the veranda. The T-shirt was pretty small and it was above my pussy area. So I took a mini skirt also and put it inside the car. Anyway I get inside the car wearing only T-shirt and starts to drive. There was only one traffic signal on the go so I was very dare to go. After 10 mins I reached my own home, I parked my car and opened the door of my car. I searched the area that somebody is viewing me. But it was clear, there was two neighbours on the left side of our house and our house was located very last to that area. It was clear outside and I was out from my car and searched for the keys in the window. I got the keys and opened the house.

I washed my face and went to kichen for some food stuffs. I got some puri's and after having that I went to the living room sat on the couch and watch some TV. Some hours later I was vey sl**py and switch off the TV and sl**ps on that couch. After some hours someone knocks the door, I looked the clock it was afternoon 3.50pm and when I opened the door it was my b*****r and he was surprised by my visit and searched for my husband. I told him that he went to singapore for business needs and will come only after some weeks. While he walks to his room he notices my dress and smiles at me. While he was bathing I took some coffee from the flask and put it on the table and I sat on a chair and waited for him to have coffee together. After bathing he was ready to go out to town and he took the coffee and drank slowly. He sat near to my chair and told me weather I remember the days we play lot with my boobs and pussy. I told him yes and he talks too much things happened on that days. After coffee he ask me to come with her to out. But I refuses and say that I haven't took any dress and you go. He told me that I sit on the car itself and he is going to his friend's house to took a guitar. So he f***efully took me also with him. He took my car and he was driving the car. It was through the city and after some drive he stops near a house and he went out to took the guitar. After some minutes he came out with the guitar and his friend was also with him. It was a female friend and they were nearing the car and I took and wore the mini skirt. Before they reach the car I went out and he introduced her as his girlfriend and I told him that I'm his only s****r. She was cute looking girl and they both were in deep love. She invited me to the home and I told her I'll come another day and I need to go now.

We leave that place and drive back to home. He stops for buying some stuffs in a shop and I removed my miniskirt and remained only in T-shirt revealing my ass and pussy. When he come back I was rubbing my pussy lips and he notices it. While we were in the city I started ti pee in the car and he saw me pissing in that seat. It was the first time my b*****r seeing me pissing in public and he was very much aroused. He drove very fast after that and when we came back my father and mother were there at home. I took my skirt and wore it and walks. My mom ask me where did I go and I told mom that I went with him for buying that guitar. She told me not to go today and can go tomorrow. I agreed to her and decided to stay at my home. After some talks, my father and mother will have dinner at 8 pm and went to to sl**p after dinner. So after they have left the room I took my miniskirt and throw it to my room. I went to the living room and watch tv for some time. After 9 pm I call my b*****r and we both have dinner together. After that he went to his room and me to mine.

I remove my T-shirt and was nude to my bed, as I have sl**ped the day time I didn't fell very sl**py and was surfing the internet. After some minutes I fell sl**py and went to bed. While I was sl**ping I realise somebody licking my boobs and I suddenly stood up and it was my b*****r and he grabbed me like he is trying to **** me. We both have playful times before my marriage, at that time he used to play with my tits, licks pussy and tits and sucks my boobs. But after marriage it was the first time and he started sucking my boobs and I didn't refuse him. After some licking and sucking with my boobs he started licking my pussy lips for some time. He then started to fuck me and I refuse it with all my power and I have no power as him. I know it's a big sin that b*****r fucking s****r. But I love him very much and I didn't ever thought him fucking. He fucked me for some minutes and he made his cum over my body. He ran out from my room after that and I fell into sl**p. When I wake up my mom and dad have gone to thier job and it was 9.30 am. My b*****r have also gone to his college. My body was sticky due to the cums and I have taken a shower and after shower I call my mother and said I'm leaving to my house now. After coffee and food I was ready to go and Isearched for my dress and it was on the floor in my room and I didn't wear it and I covered my boobs with hair and drive back to home.

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