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My first fiction story guys.... don't expect much... =3

This takes place in the wonderous land of my imagination. But the people in my imagination call it "Fiona"

its just the adventures of the main charecter jordyn and all of her sexual mischief.
And remember, this is my imagination, who knows what shit will happen.



It was a foggy morning when jordyn woke up rather early for her, but most of the town was already awake. She checked the
clock and got dressed. After she was dressed in her usual clothing (a small top wich exposed most of her clevage and
stomach, and a short skirt) Then put on her MK.334.436 Hover-Jet-Pack and opened the window. she checked the
tempature then jumped. She let herself fall for a few secounds, letting the wind rush through her hair, when she was a few
hundred feet from the ground she turned her hover-pack on and heard the usual slight "hrrrrr" the machine made when she
turned it on. Then she simply told the hover-pack to stop her decent with just a thought, and she slowed down suddenly,
blue jets of gravity-manipulating rays shooting from slits in the jetpack, slowing her untill she stopped 20 feet from the
ground. She quickley changed its course, heading towards the heart of the city.

As she flew towards the city she noticed a green dot on her visual display, emitted by the hover-pack, meaning one
of the packs she has marked as a friend was near, she looked the direction the blip was, and saw her friend jeremy. She
opened a chat chanel with him and began sending messages with her mind.

"well jeremy, you've been following me for the past 5 blocks... somthing you need?"she thought to him, not slowing down
she got a message in her head back "not really, just admiring your ass from back here."
"tell you what, you catch it, you can have it" she sent back luaghing, as she sped up, jeremy following. Jeremy was catching
up, so Jordyn turned a corned suddenly, then turned up towards the sky, with jeremy still behind her. As they got higher a
warning came up on her display, warning her she was coming close to "Ion" the city that was built in the sky. When she saw
the large pillars coming down from the clouds emmiting large blue rays, she knew she was close to the "floor" of ion. she ad-
justed the jetpack and spun around feet landing upidedown on ion, her jetpack holding her in place, when jeremy landed the same
way in front of her. "gotchya, now whado I Win?" jeremy asked with a smile on his face
"well a promise is a promise. meet you down up there?" she said, pointing up, towards the ground, they luaghed and shut the
hover-packs off, free falling to the ground.

They turned their packs on just in time, landing perfectly on the ground.
"I've got to go to work... meet at my apartment at 10:30ish?" Jordyn said with a smile
"sounds like a deal." jeremy said as he sped off with his jetpack. Jordyn activated her jetpack and headed off to her job at the

----<[{Later that night at 10:30ish}]>----

Jordyn opened the door to her apartment, letting jeremy inside.
"gimmie a minute to get ready?" Jordyn said with a wink
"take all the time you need babe" jeremy said, sitting on the couch. When Jordyn came out of the bathroom she was wearing sexy
red lingerie, barely covering her nipples, she stopped in the hallway and posed.
"well?" she asked him
he looked at her, Blonde hair down to her upper-back, with a red streak on the right side, with perky 34C breasts and a sexy
6ft 2 curvy body. he was amazed.
"wow... just, wow." jeremy said as she walked towards him.
she gigled as she saw the enourmos bulge in his pants, and unzipped them so his dick sprang out. She wasted no time, and got to
work. She started by jerking it off, then leaning in and licking around the tip of his enourmous 7inch cock, then slowly lowerd
her head down and started working on sucking his cock. It wasen't long before he started to say "Oh god I..Im guna..." but before
he could finish his cock started twitching and he shot a massive load into her mouth, wich she gulped down. "now we get to work"
she said and removed her lingerie, and jeremy started sucking her nipples. after awile she layed back onto the table and spread
her legs wide for him to lick her pussy, wich he gladly wen't to town on. when jeremy had a full hard-on agian, he stood up and
rubbed his cock around on her clit, teasing her. "for christ sake! pput in in jeremy! I need your huge cock!" jordyn yelled,
and jeremy gladly inserted his dick and fucked the shit out of her. he fucked her on the table for awile when he picked her up
and moved her onto the couch, and fucked her doggy style, when he was about to cum, he fucked harder, untill his tip was almost
coming out, but with one last massive thrust, he came, but he diden't realize that his cock had slid out, and by accident enter-
ed her ass hole, and shot his load.
Jordyn had never taken it in the ass before, so when jeremy eneterd her ass hole so suddenly, she screamed at the top of
her lungs, the pain was excrutiating, and she fell forward onto the couch.

Part 2 coming later this month!

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