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My dream of you

I dream that I come in to your house, you have left the door open for me, and I hear your shower running.
I walk to the open door of the bathroom and see your shape, unfocused by the rising steam of the not shower, s you wash the length of your arms, you bend to run your hands over your calves and thighs.
Slowly, as the sunlight streams through the steam, and casts a golden glow over you, I feel the rising of passion in my heart and the swelling of my erection in my pants, you are so beautiful to watch.
I step in to the room and greet you, you smile and turn your full nakedness toward me, I catch my breath, my heart jumps as I look at your beautiful breasts and secret places. You beckon me forward.
I remove my shirt, and take a bottle of shower gel, squirting a little of it in to my hands.
You turn and smile over your shoulder, your wonderful silky gold hair streaming over your shoulders, running with sparkling water. I take the invitation to wash you back, and begin to run my hands in circles over your shoulder blades and back.
I hear you sigh, as I smooth my lubricated fingers over your ribs and down to you waist, then down to your outer thighs, down to the backs of your knees, and then across and back up your legs to your buttocks.
You whisper, and I slide my hands around your waist, running them over your belly, encircling you, cuddling you.
You feel the hardness of my erection pressing in to the small of your back, through my soaking wet jeans.
The water runs over us both, as I kiss your neck and watch the rivulets, run over your breasts, warming them, as they swell with your excitement, I feel you flushing and blushing , as I kiss all around the nape of your neck from one ear to the other.
Your hands clasp over mine, and lift them to your breasts. I cup them, and begin to caress your nipples. They harden and swell.
I kiss you over your shoulders, and slide one arm under both you breasts, while with the hand I begin to caress you belly, circling your button as I begin to nibble gently on your ear.
I feel you hands moving behind you to stroke by bottom, and to grasp at the bulge in by wet jeans front. I gasp in ecstasy as you touch me.
I turn you and kiss you hard and passionately on the mouth, my tongue probing for yours, melding us together, and joining us in soft pleasure.
I have my hands on your bottom and push your hips I to mine, crushing your soft mound to my throbbing bulge.
The water runs over our mouths and closed eyes, you arms are about my neck, our mouths are wet and soft on one another.
I fall to my knees, unable to hold back any longer, and pressing tou back against the tiled wall, I gently part your legs, and push my mouth on to your vagina, thrusting my tongue between your labia lips, seeking your clit, and you sweet wetness, beyond the falling water.
I lick and suck with an urgency born of love and lust, drawing your lips in to my mouth, until I can nibble on your bulging clitoris.
I feel you hands on the back of my head urging me deeper, I lick deep, and suck in the wonderful honey taste of your juices, I flick my tongue over your clit, fast , and then slowly circle it, before drawing it in to my mouth again, and chewing softly.
I feel your hips beginning to buck against my face, and I respond with more desperate, thrusts and licks. I feel you beginning to swell, and burn hot against my mouth, you buck harder and I hear you gasping
‘I’m cumming’
Your juices rush in to my mouth, a wonder gush of warm love, and I swallow, while pushing my tongue I to the clenched muscles of your throbbing vagina, and then running it up over the pounding orgasm of your vulva to the swelling of your clit.
I keep going until your passion is spent, and then look up through the waters of the shower at your smiling beautiful face, glowing and framed in wet hair.
You take my face in your hands and lift me up, to kiss me again.
I undo my trousers and let them fall, you help me to unhook my pants over my rock hard penis, and then I feel your cool wet hand grasp me, and begin to rub up and down.
I kiss you hard, and gently push you back to the wall again, pushing a hand between your thighs I finger you gently, to encourage you to open your legs to me.
You turn and bend over, so that I can slide my hard cock in to your welcoming moistness.
It feels glorious, smooth like silk, and so wet that my length glides in and out .
My balls gently knock on your thighs, my belly slaps against your buttocks, I hold on to your hips, pulling back on them as I thrust forward, slowly at first, but with mounting passion on both our parts.
I thrust harder, it is gorgeous and I can hardly contain my orgasm, I want so desperately to cum inside of you. Your moans and groans are an accompaniment to your more demanding thrusts and rotations of your hips.
My penis thickens still further, and I feel your vagina tightening again, and the warm gush of juices over my balls, you are cumming again, and this is too much for me, my balls swell, my penis end bulges, and I feel the rising sperm.
Ecstasy floods over us both, I squirt hard and deep in to you, you gush over me, and grip my penis hard in your orgasming vagina.
God it feels so good.
I collapse over your back as we try to get our breath back, I hold you tightly, not yet removing my still hard cock from you.
“That was beautiful” I whisper, “let’s go to bed”

To be continued…?

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