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Helping my pregnant cousin

Helping my pregnant cousin

My cousin is a bit over three years older than me and slightly shorter. She has always kept in shape and even while pregnant she still was. Her being several months into the pregnancy I offered to help her when ever I could. Because her partner being in the army he couldn’t be of much assistance.

I helped around the house when ever I could often without being asked just to make sure she wasn’t stressed. We had never really talked that much but that soon changed and we talked often about many things getting more comfortable with one another. I don’t know how or why it started exactly but Linda my cousin soon not only talked about sex with me but started wearing tighter and smaller and then less clothing around me.

I didn’t mind when I was working because I was busy doing one chore or another. While we were talking was a little more interesting because I had to be careful not reveal my many and painfully obvious erections. I was sure she must have noticed with all my fidgeting while sitting so close on a chair or the couch.

Most nights when I was at home alone I would let my imagination run wild about all the possibilities. Seeing her the next day would always make it worse especially on the days she would wear as close to nothing as you can get, only lacy bra and panties most of the time.

While I was stacking towels and sheets in the hall cupboard one day she passed by and practically drove her breasts into my back and her hand lightly brushed my ass. At that point I nearly exploded in my shorts but then she was gone. Later when we sat down to talk and have a drink once again sex came up as a subject and I was just about screaming. I figured that if we talked for another half hour I would be able to excuse myself and go strait home for some desperately needed relief.

Linda asked if I would like something alcoholic to drink instead of just water and I couldn’t say no because I really needed something to calm me down. When I returned from the kitchen with a beer for me and coffee for her she had put a movie on and I was kicking myself as she obviously meant for me to stay a while. But I thought that if the movie was on we wouldn’t have to continue our previous conversation, I was wrong, it seemed that Linda could watch a movie and talk at the same time.

As the movie and the conversation moved on I shyly admitted that I was still a virgin and Linda had a little giggle at that because I immediately turned bright red. We continued talking and I slowly drank my way through the six beers in her fridge, after my confession she seemed to open up even more and I could not believe what she was telling me.

I was a constant bright red as Linda told me how she obviously wasn’t a virgin and how much she missed sex and she was always horny. I was sure she would stop soon, but again I was wrong and she continued telling me how her fingers and vibrator just didn’t do it for her. All I could say at this point was “ok” and every time I did all I wanted to do was strip her naked and relieve both of us, but no matter how hard I tried only those two little letters came out.

While I was sitting there staring at my cousin she told me that the reason she wore so little was because she was so sensitive, and then confessed that under the very small and thin bath robe she had only her panties on. After my brain had registered the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra my eyes shifted to look at her large pointy nipples then straight back to her eyes. Seeing that I had been caught somehow I turned an even brighter red, but all Linda did was tell me that her nipples were to sensitive for even the light touch of her robe.

I just sat there as she undid the robe and remove it and I was sure my shorts were seconds away from ripping. Linda obviously noticed and she gave me a wicked smile as she slowly leaned over and released my cock stroking it slowly. Her eyes widened as she realized that soon she would be enjoying seven and a half inches me in her. I didn’t waste any time as she was stroking, licking and sucking my rock hard shaft I leant over and started rubbing her pussy through that tiny piece of materiel. Being a virgin I didn’t know some things but I am not an idiot and slipping my hand inside her panties and immediately found her swollen clit.

After what felt like days Linda sat up removed her panties and told me to eat her pussy and I obeyed as fast as I could. As I knelt between her legs I realized for the first time she was completely naked and I admired her body, she had beautiful perky breasts with light brown nipples, she also had the best pair of legs I have ever seen. Between her legs was a small landing strip pointing down to a delicious looking pussy that was also soaking wet, the scent of it was intoxicating.

The first time my tong touched her clit she damn near shot through the roof but I just kept going, licking up and down and returning to all the spots that made her moan. Soon she was panting heavily and to help her along I slowly slid a finger into her dripping wet pussy, after receiving a positive reaction to this I slid in another witch immediately brought her to orgasm.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was beautiful seeing her wreathing all over the couch and hearing her scream in ecstasy. After she had calmed down Linda grabbed my arm and just about pulling it off dragged me to her room. Once inside her room she pushed me onto the bed and straddled me, it was an awesome sight watching her guide my cock into her with ease. Linda let out a moan and I had to concentrate with everything I had not to release my seed inside her right then. She was so warm and wet as she started lifting and lowering herself on my cock, but it was to much I told her I was cumming and she just smiled and said I couldn’t get her pregnant, so with her permission I let go and had the biggest orgasm ever. It was unbelievable, the amount I shot into her and it seemed to go on forever. When I was done she rolled off me with a satisfied smile and kissed me passionately for what felt like hours.

I was feeling incredible and I thought that right then I could do anything, but all I could think was how much I wanted to do it again. I looked down and found to my surprise that I was still rock hard, so I turned to Linda and this time the smile was on my face.

I rolled over on top of her supporting myself with my arms while she guided my cock into her, she was still wet and even hotter than before. I starter slow to make sure I would be able to last longer and after a while I built up enough confidence and started to pick up the pace. Soon Linda was making beautiful sounds of pure pleasure and telling me to fuck her faster and harder, it was my pleasure to obey to that command. I loved the feel of her soft insides sliding over my cock and it seemed Linda enjoyed it to because after ten minutes she shuddered and screamed her way to another spectacular orgasm. Shortly after that I emptied my second load as deep in her as I could reach.

After that day I was even more eager to help her out and more often than not that also included giving her a nice hard cock to play with. Now every time her partner has to leave she doesn’t have to suffer all those weeks until he returns.

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