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B*****r And s****r Visit A Nude Beach

Beautiful 17 year old s****r bares it all for b*****r and others on a nude beach

I never really remember looking at my s****r differently until she was 17. She was 7 years younger than me, and quite frankly had always just been a nuisance and pain in the ass.

I was 24 and had just broken up with my girlfriend of 4 years and decided to join my f****y for a vacation. I needed the break plus they were going to Hawaii for 10 days, so who could say no to that. I drove home to stay there a couple of days before our flight left.
One thing that immediately caught my eye was my baby s****r. Stacey had just grown up overnight. It had only been 5 ½ months since I saw her, but she looked like my age. I had been home a week for Christmas and nothing caught my eye at all just as usual. But now, she looked different and had filled out and grown up. Maybe it was the summer type clothes she was wearing but it was different. She looked like a lot of the girls I knew who were in college instead of some silly teenage girl.
Nothing out of the ordinary happened in the 2 nights before we left for Maui . I did catch myself looking at her and her friends that stopped by. Stacey bent down to pick up her shoes and I caught myself looking down her shirt. I don’t think she saw me, and I felt kind of desperate to be peeking down my own s****rs shirt.
We all left for Hawaii , and after a long flight we all pretty much had dinner and crashed after arriving late Wednesday afternoon. Our first full day there was mostly some sight seeing, great food and relaxing at the beach. My parents had a day trip scheduled for the following day that would take them on a 5 hour drive to Hana. Stacey and I had already decided not to do this trip and it gave my parents some alone time as well. We had rented two cars so she and I took off for the beach as they headed off for the day.
I joked to her about “ Big Beach ” which is a full nude beach in Maui . I had some friends that had visited it and reported back to me on the scenery. She said, “Let’s go. It will be hilarious to watch people all day”.
“Mom and dad would kill me for taking you there.”
“They’ll never know, we’ll just say it was another beach. Come on, it sounds like a blast”. We headed on down to that area which was a 15 minute drive from our condo. Big Beach is located right next to Little Beach. ‘Little’ is beautiful as is ‘Big’. You have to walk up a steep incline and a small cliff is what separates the two beaches.
I was surprised at the amount of people and there were even families with young k**s. I was blown away. We set up right in the middle of everyone. She was commenting on everyone as they walked by or sat near us. I had to tell her to keep it down and not be so obvious or people would get pissed if we were laughing, pointing or talking about them.
One guy kept walking back and forth and had a pretty good sized cock. Stacey kept commenting about it. “That thing is huge. Oh my God!” I was joking back with her about how small it was. “You think that’s big. That thing looks tiny”. We were having a good time and she was loving the people watching.
Stacy was wearing a bikini and leaning back on both arms with her eyes scanning everyone in sight. All of a sudden without any warning or discussion, she sat up, undid her bikini top and sat back again propped up on her arms.
I was speechless. Number one, this was my 17 year old s****r and number two those were some very lovely tits and I didn’t know whether to look or not and what to say. “Did I embarrass you? Are you grossed out?”
“Well, you shocked me that’s for sure. I’m not grossed out at all. They are very nice. . . . it’s just weird. Give me a minute or two and I’ll be over the shock and I’ll be fine”.
Stacey said, “I can put my top back on if it bothers you”. “No, no I said I’m fine. I just wasn’t expecting it that’s all.”
“So it’s okay for me to keep it off”. “Yes”, I replied. And I really did want her to keep it off. I couldn’t stop looking at them, at her.
“You’re probably really going to freak out when I pull off my bottoms”. She laughed and then I laughed and had no clue if she was messing with me or going to take them off right then and there.
“Do what you want to do”, I said half jokingly. “Just do not tell anyone here that we are b*****r and s****r. I don’t want to be stoned to death or taken to jail!!”. “I won’t . . . today we are just friends if anyone asks”.
A lot of people on the beach were partially or fully clothed and many were totally nude. It was split about half and half. We kept people watching for close to an hour. Stacey got up to cool off in the ocean. I could see a lot of guys watching her as she walked down the beach a little and into the ocean. She was still topless, and she looked really good.
I walked down to the edge and ended up striking up a conversation with a fully nude guy which just kept adding to this crazy day. Pretty soon, his wife joined us and the three of us were talking about our trip and KU basketball when Stacey came out of the water and stood with us.
I introduced her as Stacey. “Are you too married or dating” the lady asked. Before I could answer, Stacey jumped in, “dating” and gave me the “I’m screwing with you” grin. I asked Kathy and Mike where they were staying and how long they had been in Maui . They were staying a comfortable distance from our condo, so I thought the chances of our f****y running into them again were very remote so we continued talking with them at the edge of the water.
Kathy was pretty but not drop dead gorgeous. I guessed she and Mike to be in their mid to late 40’s. Her pussy was totally shaved. She was short, probably close to 5’, but she have huge tits, in the 36D range. For such a short woman, they were very big. Her body was in good shape as was her husband’s. Both could have stood to lose 10-15 pounds, but you could tell they were very comfortable with their bodies and with each other. Mike’s cock was about an average size and he obviously kept himself very trimmed in that area. Not shaved but just neatly kept.
Mike was obviously stealing several glances of Stacey’s tits. They were smaller than his wife’s, a 34 B or C I would guess, but they were incredibly firm and perky. After coming out of the water, Stacey’s nipples were both sticking out. I had never seen nipples that long or standing at attention like that. It was very amazing.
“Where are you guys sitting”? Mike asked. We pointed to where our towels and drinks were. “We’re going to grab a couple of waters and I need some sun block in certain areas, but we may join you if you’re okay with it”. We laughed at his sun block remark and Stacey jumped right in telling them that was fine and they were welcome to join us.
She and I walked back to our area while I asked her what she was doing. “Just having fun. Loosen up a little. It’s hilarious.” I told her, “if we run into them again on this trip, and Mom and Dad are anywhere near us, we have to run to a different direction”. “I know. I know that they wouldn’t understand any of this and would think we’re freaks. I just think it’s fun, and besides I can tell that he was really looking at me. I like that. It excites me”.
“What do you mean, you like it”?
“I just like the fact that someone his age thinks of me that way. It makes me feel good. What did you think of her”?
“She’s attractive and that’s quite the set she has up top”.
“So you like them that big, huh” she asked. “No, actually I prefer smaller ones. It’s just that they are so big, they don’t match the rest of her small body”. They were walking toward us so we dropped the conversation and moved some stuff around to make room.
As soon as they were situated, Kathy sat down and immediately started rubbing sun block all over her body. I know she did this on purpose to put on a show, and it was definitely getting my attention. She rubbed it into her arms, lower chest and moved up to her tits and massaged it in. All the while she was carrying on a conversation. She didn’t do anything sexual, but it was a huge turn on to watch her rub herself all over. She asked Mike to do her back and while he was doing that, she rubbed lotion all around her bare pussy. Again, nothing sexual, but unbelievably hot watching her get that close to her pussy lips and rubbing it in all over just a couple of feet from Stacey and me.
My eyes had been totally fixated on her doing this and pretending to be engrossed in the conversation we were having. I hadn’t even noticed that my younger s****r had started doing the same thing right next to me. She was just working her way to her tits when I noticed her again.
“I’ll need you to do my back too” she said looking at me. I really wanted to and had no choice. I couldn’t say, “no you’re my s****r” because they would’ve thought who knows what.
I took some lotion in my hand and gently rubbed it into her shoulders and all the way down her back. I got a little braver as I worked my way back up to the sides of her breasts. I didn’t go all the way around or anything, but it was where her side meets her breast and could definitely feel the plumpness of those firm tits. I took my time, gently and firmly rubbing the lotion in and trying to steal as much of her side tits as possible.
Stacey, Mike and Kathy were all talking about something that I can’t even remember while I was rubbing her back. Stacey said “thanks” and then she stood up and very slowly and deliberately pulled down her bikini bottom.
Strippers could learn from this 17 year old. She didn’t rip them down or pull them down. She gently pulled them down moving her hips from side to side at first only exposing her pussy hair and then pulling them down and stepping out of the bikini bottom.
Holy shit, my heart almost jumped out of my chest. My s****r, 17 years old, standing completely naked on this beach and talking to a 45 year old man and his wife while she slowly pulled the bottoms off and tossed them aside.
She had pussy hair at the top, about an inch and ½ landing strip of dark pubic hair. I have to admit, s****r or no s****r, she was an amazing looking woman, and I felt my cock growing in my trunks. Stacey stood about 5’6”, medium sized perky breasts and her straight brunette hair was about 6 inches past her shoulder. My cock was getting hard not only at the sight of her totally naked, but also the sexiness with which she did everything. She knew exactly what she was doing, she knew she had our attention, and she knew she was hot and sexy.
Stacey sat back down with her legs spread and, much like Kathy, applied the sun block to the area where her bikini had been only moments before. She leaned back on her arms and her pussy lips were in full view. What a sight! I know Mike was loving it too and he was staring just as I was. If he had known she was only 17, he probably would’ve cum all over himself.
Pretty soon the three of them started giving me trouble about having my swim trunks on. Stacey was leading the teasing and jabbing. “Come on, take them off. All of the cool k**s are naked!” They laughed and I was seriously considering it, but my cock was about ¾ hard. I wanted to show it off. It was bigger than Mike’s and also bigger than the one Stacey had commented about earlier. I also knew I couldn’t have a hard on or semi boner there on the public beach.
After the comments continued, I finally decided to pull them off. It felt like my hardness had gone down quite a bit and I felt like it was time. I tried to be casual and quiet about it, but finally got the guts to stand up and pull the swim trunks off. My cock was still somewhere between ½ and ¾ erect and was definitely swelled up. Hard it is a full 7 ½”. It wasn’t standing up, but it was as big as it can be and still be hanging downward.
I looked over at Stacey and she tilted her head, raised her eyebrow, and gave me a look of astonishment and approval. I felt it growing even more with this whole situation and tried to sit in a way that would hide it. I didn’t want to be sitting there with a full boner.
We all continued to talk and comment on other people that would walk by. Stacey said she needed to cool off and Kathy said she would join her. I watched my s****r and her walk to the waters edge and into the water.
“How long have you two been dating”? Mike asked me. “We’ve known each other for a long time but just started dating a couple of months ago”.
“She’s really pretty. You did well”. I told him thank you and agreed that she is beautiful. I complimented his wife too and he told me that had been married 20 years. He and I walked down to join the girls in the ocean. Mike and Kathy were standing close, hugging and kissing each other.
Stacey and I looked kind of awkward and more like b*****r and s****r the way we were standing and acting. Stacey moved over close to me and stood where her right breast was on my left arm. It felt good having it rest there. Her nipples were still standing at full attention and looked to be an inch long. I couldn’t stop staring at them. We were about waist deep in the water talking to each other and mixing in conversation with them too. I moved my arm a little just to feel her tit and her huge nipple graze across my arm more. She moved her body a little more in front of me and my cock was rubbing the right side of her thigh.
I moved both of my arms around to where they were just on her hips and she slid over some more to where she was standing in front of me, her back to my chest. We continued talking to Mike and Kathy and to each other. We slowly and little by little moved a little from Mike and Kathy and continued our own conversation.
We stayed in the same embrace, looking like boyfriend and girlfriend and not b*****r and s****r. If the water hadn’t been so cold and I hadn’t been so damn nervous, my cock would have been at full attention and pressing into her crack. As it was, it was still about ¾ erect again. I brushed my right hand against her tit and did the same with the left and we continued small talk, neither of us hinting at what was going on.
Mike and Kathy made their way back over to us. We were still in this slight embrace and had gone out to a little deeper water. It was almost shoulder deep on Stacey. They said they had to leave but would be back here the day after tomorrow. Stacey said, “we’ll be here at Noon on Saturday” and we all agreed to meet.
“So . . . planning on coming back again” I asked her as they were walking away. “Hell yes, this is fun and it’s a great secret we can share”. We stayed in the water a little while longer and continued to stay very close to one another. We could see Mike and Kathy dressing and walking off of the beach.
“Let’s get out” Stacey said. I asked her how long she wanted to hang out here. “Let’s stay another hour or so, and then we can head back around 3. Mom and dad won’t be home until around 7.” I agreed as we were walking back to our spot.
“I see now why you said that guy’s dick was little earlier. You weren’t joking.” “Well I hate to brag” I said trying to make a joke of it again. “No, I’m serious. I’ve never seen one that big in person or on the internet”.
“I wouldn’t go that far. I haven’t had any complaints but it’s only 7 1/2 inches when it’s hard. That’s hardly a record. Just how many have you seen anyway?”
“I’ve had sex with 3 guys. I’ll be 18 in 6 months you know”. “Let’s go for a walk”.
She and I walked the entire length of Big Beach , both still totally nude. On the far end there were a lot of groups of guys that we figured was the gay section. We walked down there looking, commenting, and admiring others while others did the same to us. No one but us knew that we were b*****r and s****r.
We sat back down for a bit and I just continued to admire my younger s****r and her gorgeous body. She had her legs spread wide for a perfect view of her young, 17 year old pussy.
We finally decided to head back to the condo. Stacey said she needed a shower. God, I hated for her to get dressed, but I knew that in two days I would get to relive all of this again. When she dressed, she didn’t put on her bikini top or bottoms. She had a white tank top that she slid on and her tits were still clearly visible. She pulled on her small skirt cover up with no panties and no bottoms on underneath. She had the sexuality and the poise of a woman twice her age.
On the 15 minute trip to the condo, we decided to come back on Saturday and then to try and spend as much time here as we could on this trip. The ride back to the condo was non-eventful and pretty quiet. I just couldn’t keep from looking at her and knowing there was nothing under that skirt or top. I knew as soon as I got back to my room, I was jacking off.
Our condo was a three bedroom situated right on the beach. Both she and I had our own rooms. When we got there, she headed to hers and I started hanging up the towels and unpacking the drinks and other items we had taken. I grabbed a beer too and sat down to check my email and texts on my phone.
I could hear the shower running and a big part of me was thinking about walking in there but I didn’t. This had been enough for one day. I returned some texts and just sat there reflecting on the day. I jumped in my shower and was planning to lie down afterward, reflect on this day, and jack off.
I finished showering and pulled my covers back on the bed and laid down on my side. My cock sprang to action as I closed my eyes and thought back to earlier in the day with Stacey. The image my mind first raced back to was her standing up and slowly and seductively pulling down her bikini revealing a perfect young pussy. I love some hair on a pussy and much prefer that to a completely shaved one. Hers was absolutely perfect.
My strokes were picking up as I thought of her tit brushing against my arm and the feeling of her huge nipple resting on my arm. I continued stroking as I remembered my cock rubbing up against her thigh and ass in the ocean. My cock was raging hard and I was totally swept away, jacking off to my 17 year old s****r.
“What are you thinking about?”
I froze and my heart jumped out of my chest. Stacey had walked in on me at some point and was standing next to my bed. A towel was partially covering her but it was just d****d around the front of her.
“You scared me to death. I’m thinking about everything that happened today”.
“Are you thinking about me?” she asked. I said yes and started back to stroking my cock again. She dropped her towel and joined me in the bed and started rubbing her pussy. My cock got rock hard again as she and I masturbated and both of us were breathing loudly. She was moaning as she had her right hand buried in her pussy. I could hear the gushing and the wetness of her beautiful cunt. She was so damn sexy. Her left hand was pinching her nipple and the inch long nipple was harder than ever.
“I’m getting close” she said panting between each word. “Me too”. “Cum with me” Stacey begged. I took my left hand and began to squeeze and pinch her breast as my right hand made love to my cock. I was close.
“I’m cumming” Stacey screamed and I shot a huge load of cum over onto her stomach and arm as I came at the exact moment she did. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Judging by the moans and the breathing it was the most intense one of her young life too.
“That was awesome” she said as she continued to lightly massage her pussy after cumming. I felt a little post cum guilt as I lie next to my s****r. Maybe it was that, maybe it was me thinking about taking this to the next level. It was a little awkward to me, but she seemed fine and just lay there continuing to lightly touch her pussy.
I wanted to touch her so bad and feel that wetness or bury my head in that sweet looking pussy and bring her to another orgasm. Instead, I continued to hold back and fight my feelings. We heard a noise so she jumped up to run to her room. It turned out to be nothing, just some neighbors, but that was the end of that unbelievable day that started out so innocently and just kept picking up steam every minute.

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