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An evening with my Master (i wish) Part III

I kneel at your feet with your favourite, a bacon and egg sandwich and a mug of coffee.
Looking directly at me you, you attache nipple clamps to me and say

"i need to put my feet up"

"yes Sir" i say as i lower my head and get on all fours in front of you.

You rest your feet on my back, with my head bowed, large tits dangling with the clamps.
But every now and again you flick your horsewhip over my ass, sometimes softly, sometimes hard, sometimes you just flick your whip and enjoy watching me flinch, you know how much i hate the horsewhip, it is painful, it stings, but you love the marks it leaves.
From time to time you swat my tits, with the whip pull on the dangling chain on the clamps.

"i think i need to complete the trio, i will need to spend some time on those huge tits fuckpig, can't have you marked in 2 places and leave the third. It just wouldn't look right"

"yes sir"

But you leave me a while to ponder this, you know what i will be thinking, you like to mentally torture me also.
The thoughts go racing through my head, will you bind them or just leave them, will you leave the clamps on or will you use your 'tit crusher' as i call it on me. Whatever you use, you will ensure that they are maked and that the marks will remain for several weeks and you will enjoy marking them, you always do.

Once you are satisfied you have left me to ponder and know that i will be in absolute turmoil, you order me to clear away your plate and cup.
As i clear up in the kitchen, i can hear you moving around, i then feel your hot breath on the back of my neck, as your hands rub my back,and i lean my head backwards against your chest. You kiss the side of my face as your hands then move to find my tits, as you rub and caress them, find my nipples and pull on the clamps and i arch my back and cry out in pain, you know exactly how painful i find the clamps.
Once i have finished,you tie my hands behind my back and you then lead me back into the sitting room by my clamps, pulling them hard making sure it is painful for me.

As i stand infront of you, you kiss me and tell me how much i have been a good girl so far and that i am not to let you down, you have not finished with me yet for the night.
You yank off the clamps, making me bend over in pain, it feels as if you were going to pull off my nipples also.
And then it comes out, the 'tit crusher'.
One pole goes above my tits and the other below and they are tied together at the end by a very long screw.
As you tighten the screws the pain is slow in matrialising, but it comes, and i don't refer to it as a 'tit crusher' for nothing, it crushes them hard.
Once you are satisfied with them you run your hands over my squashed tits, rubbing nipples, knowing how delicate and sensitive they are.

Standing back from me, you look me up and down and admire your handy work. You walk round me, whipped pussy, whipped arse and now whipped tits.
With your horsewhip you start to whip my tits, there is no leniency whatsoever in your whipping, you whip hard and steady.I have no idea how many times this will happen, but you are feeling particularly cruel and thus will whip me until you have had enough, not me, you. But you like to hear me cry in pain, you love to watch the tears roll down my face, you also know i will not ask you to stop, we don't have a safe word, my choice, so you know i won't say anything.
It is not long before the marks appear, the purple markings, the red where they are bleeding under the skin, the little red dots, you whip my tits and whip them. I start to cry, and i look at you pleadingly to stop,but you won't you are not quite satisfied that you have whipped me and marked me enough. You then stop and admire your work, running your hand over my tits, you then run your fingers over my cheeks to catch the tears.

"you are being a very good girl, it is nearly finished and if you continue to be a good girl you will be rewarded"

You then lay the whip down and pick up the flogger and looking directly into your eyes i beg you

"please sir not that, please, i am begging you not to use that"

You laugh at me, and start to flick it over my tits. A flogger is painful, you don't need to use much f***e with it, its a difficult pain to describe, but it is probably between a sting and a swat together, but the sting is very, very painful. You then start to aim the flogger to hit my nipples, a few times you hit them a few you miss, but when you hit them i just want to scream at you, i want you to stop, but you know i wont ask that.
Eventually you are satisfied with your handy work.
I look down at my tits, part of me is elated, you have marked me and i can see the marks and i will have them for weeks, i love when you mark me, i love to carry your marks, it is an honour to wear them. They are all read and purple, wonderful.

You then sit down and undo your jeans.

"get ontop of me fuckpig and fuck me like a the fuckpig you are"

I get on top and your hard cock slides easily into my soaking wet pussy.
My knees on either side of you i start to ride you. You kiss me hard on the mouth, searching for each others tongues, as your hands hold my tits, still encased in the 'tit crusher'.
I ride you hard, i don't stop and we continue to kiss.
As you start to get close to cumming you order me to kneel and suck you off.
I kneel at your feet and take your cock in my mouth, i flick my tongue over the tip of your cock, and you moan in pleasure, i then start to take your cock in my mouth, sucking you, you then f***e my head down the whole shaft of your cock, making me gag, deep throating, and you release my head as i come up for air, i continue to suck you, you then push my head right down as you cum in my mouth and make me swallow all of your hot cum.
You then release me as i clean your cock.

You always kiss me after you have cum in my mouth, and this is no different.

You then release me from my bonds, untie my hands and unscrew the 'tit crusher'.

You then lead me back to the bedroom, where i undress you and we climb into bed, i snuggle up to you and we fall asl**p, i am dreaming of what will happen tomorrow before i have to go home.

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