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After a long day at work, Michelle finally arrives home and strips to her red lace bra and matching g string, walking to the fridge she grabs a chilled bottle of wine and heads out to her deck which over looks the beach. With the waves crashing upon the sand and the sun setting its nice and calm maybe a little warm but just nice to sit back and breathe in the salt air, watching people play on the sand she suddenly notices a young couple in the sand hills as she takes a closer look, she can see the young girl giving her partner a blow job, with her eyes focused on the couple all she can hear is her heart beating faster and her breathing quickens as well. Watching the cople she slide her hand into her already wet shaved pussy and begins to play with herself, her fingers are working her into a frenzy as she arches back and cums, with her eyes still fixed upon the couple in the sand hills she continues to play with herslf, now she removes her bra and airs her nice fifm breasts, licking her nipples and playing with herself the beads of sweat are dripping of her glistenning body in the sunset, not taking to much much more she cums again. Realizing she needs to cool down she decides to take a quick dip in the warm water, as she frolics in the ocean she finds herself in trouble and calls out, a tall stranger passing by rushes in and rescues her, takes her back to the beach and performs mouth to mouth. Realizing shes onl shaken but not hurt he sweeps her up in hs large arms and carries her to her bedroom and places her tiny limp body on the bed, she reaches up throwing her arms around him and kisses him passionately the stranger places his hand on her face and brushes her hair from her face he then kisses her neck and slowly moves down kissing and licking her tiny face, as the stranger explores her body she decides to explore her pussy again and begins to play with herself again. With the stranger licking Michelle's hard nipples and moaning with glee she cums again, now the tall stranger wants to have a closer look at her throbbing wet pussy and opens her legs wider, Michelle reaches down and grags her akles and pulls back and the stranger has a great look at this goregous shaved wet aching throbbing pussy, licking the inside of her legs teasing her he surprises her as he places his wet moist tongue inside of her, licking and sucking feveriously her eyes roll back inside he head as she cant believe this is happening, with the stranger sucking harder she cums again but harder, now sitting up she grabs his throbbing penis and puts it into her warm mouth sucking and stroking like never before. "Take me now please" Michelle cries out, opening wide the stranger stands next to the bed lifts her tiny waist and slide straight in, what a magnificent feeling this is as his thrusts are slow in the beginning he works into a good rythm thrusting deeper and faster as sweat drips from both bodies, pulling away Michelle is now on her side and the stranger lays on the bed behind her and now they fuck each other with the thrusts nice and deep, he grabs her face and kisses her while pincing her nipples, realizing the stranger is close to climax he begins his thrusts faster and faster, massaging her pussy Michelle tells the stranger to cum inside of her, as he reaches the point of no return he cums shooting a load of love juice deep inside of her, rubbing her wet pussy agaist the stranger she sits up grabs his penis and licks its head before licking and sucking his shaft and cleaning all their juices off it, turning to him they embrace and kiss with fire and passion from deep within. With his giant frame covering her tiny body he wraps his arms around her and holding her they collapse onto the pillows, placing her hand on his broad chest she cuddles into him and fall asl**p without a word being spoken.

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