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Today on my lunch break

Everyday I work there this beautiful milf of 3 k**s 10 13 and 18 comes in.. and I'm 22, anyways she comes in and I said "hey my favorite person is comin to see me" and she responds yes I love ur dimples and I love to talk to u.. so we talk for 15 mins till she found what she was getting and left.. and I said no bye and she said she will see me soon... well I always take my lunch breaks at 730 and for some odd reason she was in her car.. I dk if she waited or she was coming back. She said u on luch and I said yea I got a 30.. she said hope in let's go to wendys.. soo driving around she pulled up to this street by wendys and I knew we were fuckin.. she pulled onto a dead road and said whip it out... I undid my pants and my cock hard as a rock.. we started kissin and she said I wanna taste u baby. Let mommy taste u... she suck my cock and so great like no other I cam in 10 mins... and she said fuck me baby.. soo she threw me a condom and she layed on u back seat and I begain to eat her pussy... funny thing is it taste like she came or she finger fuck herself waiting for me... she grab my throat and said fuck me.. I easy it in and started to go slow... and what turn me on she said fuck me like a dirty whore.. fuck me like ull always wanted to fuck a milf and I did... I felt another load coming and she told me to suck her toes and chock her it makes her cum.. I've never suck toes but she was fuckin hot so I did.. right before I came she said cum on my feet.. and I've never been told where to cum soi it made it more sexier... ill pulled out and blow again all over her feet... I kiss her and went back to work.. and she came inside and told my manager that she needs to hire more people like me...

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