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The Castaway

On a deserted Isle for f******n years
I thought I cried out all my tears
When from the surf one Monday morn
Came forth a beauteous female form

She wore a skin-tight diving suit
That touched where it fit from neck to boot
She walked toward me head held high
Her hand on the knife she wore on her thigh

“Tell me how long have you been here?”
She asked me, I answered trembling in fear
“f******n years, I’ve been here on my own
Starving reducing to just skin and bone.”

“Tell me how long since you had a smoke?”
She asked me “f******n years and that is no Joke”
She unzipped a pocket over her breast
And brought out a pack of the brand I loved best

She asked “And tell me how long since you had a nip?”
Producing a whiskey bottle from another breast zip
“f******n years since I had a smoke or a drink”
I said lighting up and swallowing like a sink.

“Oh you poor man” Cried this angel I’d found
“And how long is it since you have played around?”
As she slowly pulled down the zip over her chest’s swell
I cried in delight “Have you a set of golf clubs in there as well?”

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