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Matt cums to get fucked

As you all already know .. I am a total slut !!! Well today was no different from many in the past. Matt is a happily married man and just wants some new sex on the side. I am more than happy to oblige. He first came to my home to fuck my me in front of my cuckold boyfriend . The first night was pretty hot as he fucked me like a whore . He used my body well and my boyfriend just watched while I creamed all over Matt's beautiful cock. Matt is sure of himself with good reason. His cock gets nice and long and hits all the right places in my pussy. He shoots his hot load of cum right up over my belly and hits me in the face even. When the task is done he just simply leaves.
The following week I text him that I would like a private one on one with him. He agrees and early the one morning just after my pathetic boyfriend left for work Matt comes to my home and comes to my bedroom. Finding me dressed seductively showing my huge breasts off. He watches me while I am semi awake rubbing my clitty, knowing full well I am going to be fucked properly for a change. He wakes me up fully and tells me he's ready to be sucked right off the bat. I sit on the end of my bed as his pulls his cock out of his shorts and shoves it right in my mouth. His pants fall down while I suck him deep. He holds my head tight so that he gets deep in my throat.
He decides he is ready to feel my tight pussy around his cock now and he climbs onto the bed and lies back waiting for me to climb up onto his cock and I ride it hard, grinding my pussy slow and easy. His cock is long and it hits my cervix each thrust. It feels so good to have this long cock fucking my tight whole. I cream his cock almost instantly. He roughly handles my breasts while I ride him and this makes me cum all the harder. When I cum I whimper in pleasure. The pain from him twisting my nipples is awesome and keeps me in orgasm. Even after I cum all over his cock he continues to fuck me, and I cum even more. My body falls limp onto his chest and he rolls me off of his body to get access to my pussy with his hand . He knows I like to get fingered hard and my cunt is very wet now from cumming so much. He dives right in and stirs up all my cum very well. It smells of pussy juice in my room now and it makes us both even hotter yet.
After making me cum yet again he tells me to finish him with a blow job. I turn over to take his cock in my mouth and I lick my cunt juice off of his cock and continue to suck him to a huge orgasm. This time he pulls back just enough so that he shoots all over my mouth and neck. I get a towel to clean him up and he pulls me to lie down next to him. As I mentioned he loves my breasts so he is now pulling on them and just enjoying the weight of them while I caress his cock n balls . This gets him hard right away and he tells me to climb back up onto his cock to get another ride of him. I ride him longer this time and I am careful to not cum too fast this time. I am sure he is going to take longer to orgasm this time too. He tortures my titties almost the whole time. After he has had enough and is ready for another orgasm he tells me to get off and suck his cock clean again.
I again turn towards that cock and lick it clean and suck it to another huge orgasm which he blows all over my face again. He tells me I am such a good wanton whore and he is glad that I have become his personal whore. After I get my face covered again, Matt gives me my own huge orgasm using his hand.
He starts out easy with just a couple fingers. Seeing how I respond to that he goes further and adds all 4 fingers to my cunt. Rubbing my clit with his thumb as I grind on his fingers. He gets me to focus on his face while fingering me so he can see the pleasure he gives me. My eyes seem to say to him "fuck me harder" and before I know it, his whole hand in deep in my pussy and he is fisting it deep and slow . This is how to take me down and he found that secret right away . My body convulses from the orgasm that tears through it. When I stop quaking he dresses and leaves me there. I am a puddle of goo . Used hard and put away wet ......
He lets himself out of the house and I drift of to sl**p ....

this was our first time alone and there will be more .....

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