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My First Time :)

My First Time :)
Please forgive the spelling and puntuation not my strong points but I think you will
This is my first time at writing so please let me know what you think.

When I was 15 I got myself a few cleaning jobs as money was tight at home. Which I wasn’t that bothered about I didn’t have many friends to go and see.
I used to clean for a man about 50ish but he didn’t look that old he was tanned firm and really easy to talk too.
I was usually in the house alone for a few hours before he came home from work and he had said to me when I started that I could put the radio on to amuse myself while I was there so that was what I did when I went in and put my school bag next to the cabinet. Rolling my skirt up as it gets hot unbuttoning my shirt to my belly button.
I always did the kitchen first as that was where he came to when he got in from work he’d make a cup of tea and put something in the oven for his evening meal .
While the music blared around the house he must have had people round as there was more mess the normal. wine glasses plates and the oven was filthy so I had the washing up bowl full of hot soapy water on the floor next to me cleaning the oven .Kneeling in front of the oven cleaning away I didn’t hear him come in behind me skirt had ridden up so I was showing off my white knickers and they were making my pussy sweaty so I pulled them down still not realising that he was in the kitchen behind me I carried on cleaning ...finally when the oven was clean I stood up and bent over to pick the bowl up knickers still round my knees I stood up straight and turned and saw him I dropped the bowl water splashed me all up the front including my face and hair.
I bent to pull my knickers up and to start cleaning that mess when he came over to me saying “you need to get out of those dirty wet clothes let me help “and with that he was pulling my shirt and bra straps down 1 hand going round to unhook my bra then pulling my skirt and knickers off me and then taking my shoes off and socks.
He led me upstairs to the bathroom saying that I should have a shower as that water had chemicals and grease in it and would damage my young soft skin as he turned the shower on he could see that I was really uncomfortable with being naked in front of him and said “ you have a lovely body you should let a man look at it and learn how to please it “ with that he helped me it to the shower and said” I will get you a towel “ off he went while I was washing my hair he had come back into the bathroom and was sat on the edge of the bath watching me but what was about to happen excited me a little he grabbed a sponge and had put some body wash on it and reached over and started to wash my back I was keeping my eyes closed because I didn’t want to see him while he was touching me as I was having all these weird but nice feeling my pussy was getting wet and it wasn’t because of the shower. He turned me round so he could wash my front taking great care around my breasts (at 15 I was already a 38 DD) making sure he’d cleaned every millimetre of them and he contained downwards doing my belly and then on to my thighs and legs and feet and back up he parted my thighs a little to just get in see my pussy and he rubbed I gasped it felt so nice so good why???
He planted a kiss just at the top of that slit and stood up and reached up for the shower head rinsing off all the bubbles making sure I was clean for him he was doing my legs and I had to open them for him to see my pussy and he help the shower head pointing at my clit for this was making my gasp more and more I cannot believe I did that any of that I am a good girl and even though I thought he was a handsome man I had never shown my body to any one before.
He turned off the shower and I opened my eyes for the first time since stepping into it he wrapped me up in a big fluffy towel and asked me “did you enjoy having me wash your beautiful body?” all I could do was nod “are you scared?” I nodded again. He led me into his bedroom and sat me on the bed but not the edge he’d moved me up against the pillows he said he had noticed that some of his magazines had been moved the week before when I had cleaned I just looked at him noticing for the first time he was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and I could see though them that his cock was hard but not fully erect. He asked me” Did you look inside the magazines?” I just sat there in shock and embarrassment that I was on this man’s bed in a towel and nothing else he asked again and I said “1 was open and I saw a picture of a woman with a man’s penis in her mouth” “did you like how it looked? Did you touch your virgin pussy? “ I nodded in answer to both questions he bent down next to the bed to where the magazines were just under his bed and opened 1 up and asked did I like the look of the pictures I nodded and he moved himself off the bed taking his shorts off I could see his cock twitching and that made me feel weird he was a f****y friend and I didn’t feel right about this I moved to get up and get my clothes but he pushed me back onto the bed my towel falling away from me I was lay there on the bed and all I could look at was his cock and not move a muscle it kept twitching and growing I finally managed to sit up and he said that he would tell my dad that he had found me naked on his bed unless I did as he said I wasn’t sure and said that’s not true and he wouldn’t believe him and he said he’d take the chance as he could say that my clothes are on the kitchen floor and he would call him now and get him to see for himself .I asked what he wanted from me and he stood there looking at me and asked “what have you done with the boys at school then ?”I was in shook I hadn’t done anything I said “not even kissed 1? Touched 1? But you said you’d touched yourself? Are you just a dirty girl pretending to be sweet?
“I haven’t kissed a boy or touched 1 and yes only for a minute and I’m not pretending “
“Well I want to see you touching yourself” he said “choose a magazine we can sit together and look at it so I picked the top one the one that id seen the week before he started pulling the duvet back and said to go an sit against the pillows and get comfy .

He went down the stairs and in to the kitchen I could hear him getting a glass and then coming up the stairs he had 2 glasses and a bottle of wine “it might help you relax” pouring us both a glass I sipped some and it made me feel warm and tingly “mmm” I said as he sipped his glass I was flicking though the magazine and saw the picture that had made me touch myself last week and smiled he noticed and asked was that the one I nodded taking another sip of wine he asked me ”do you want to touch yourself seeing it again ?”I nodded slowly moving to pass him my glass he took it and my hand went towards my pussy even though I wasn’t sexually active I liked having my pussy shaved it felt nice on the couple of occasions that I had touched myself , he turned on his side so his mouth was just an inch or so away from my left nipple I could feel his breath on it he asked could he kiss it I nodded so gently he lent forward and kissed and licked his hand reached up to hold my face my left hand touching my now wet pussy he stroked his hand up and down my face moving lower each time and reaching my breast he rubbed against my nipple then just stopped with the palm of his hand over my breast . I was still rubbing my clit it felt so good especially with him touching me too. I stopped and asked him why he had stopped and he sat up and reached for the wine glasses and handed one to me and we both took sipped he said that it wasn’t right what we had done that Friday evening but if I wanted him to continue then I had to promise that it was our secret no one was to ever know about it I agreed and finished off my wine and he said that if it was to carry on tonight then he wanted me to stay the night and phoned my dad saying that I had worked really hard and said he had ordered a takeaway for us both and was going to watch a film and could I stay dad agreed to let me stay but told him I had to be in bed by 11pm if only, he knew .so that was that we had another glass of wine looked at some more magazines I touched myself which he liked he touched me which we both liked and he said I was to call him “master or Sir” as he said it made him feel in control so my master said I was a tease for what I had done in the kitchen pulling my panties down “I could see your virgin pussy “he said “now with that virgin mouth I want you to kiss my throbbing cock “ I bent over and kissed it there was this sticky liquid coming from it and he said” Lick it up you tease “I liked the taste of it I was licking around the head that was about the size of my mouth when he said” open wide “which I did taking in the whole head it tasted so good though I flicked my tongue “which I did taking in the whole head it tasted so good though I flicked my tongue over and around the head his hands were holding my head gently as I gained the confidence I started to move my head back and forth while still sucking and licking that cock he started to move forward screwing my mouth telling me “You dirty lil whore I’ve been wanting to do this to you for years always looking so sweet and innocent wearing the little skirts and dresses and tops showing me what you have in that bra of yours” with that I felt the first slap of the night right across my left breast I choked on his cock as I tried to scream but was ordered to carry on sucking he said” I’m sorry I thought you’d been in the 3rd bedroom and knew what I was into “ I looked up at him cock still in mouth shaking my head pulling back I started to say you have always told me to stay out of there which I have master “ he said “ would you like to see in that room?” I shook my head and said” this is enough to be starting with “and with that he lifted me up on to his knee I sat there like a little girl while he kissed my breast sucking my nipple with one hand reaching round my back twiddling my other nipple his other hand stroking my thigh working its way up till he got to the top with his finger and thumb he tried to part my legs ...slap again on my breast but it wasn’t as hard this time it felt nice “open them you lil tease “I parted my legs and he pushed me back on the bed he moved slightly from under my buttocks and put 1 leg behind him moving his hands over my body I knew he was going to touch inside my wet hot pussy he spread my lips apart “mmmm there’s the bud that will take you to places you’ve never been before” and his tongue started to lick me but he didn’t go straight for my bud he explored me fucking my pussy and ass with his tongue ohhh how good it all felt after a while I don’t know how long he come up to my face asking “do you want to taste yourself tease?” I nodded and his fingers were in my mouth “mmm” I taste so sweet he kissed me hard his throbbing cock trying to get into my virgin pussy slowly he started putting it in inch by inch in and out backwards and fords he went it wasn’t as bad as some of the girls in school were saying it was then on that last push I screamed that was it I was no longer a virgin.
“Are you ok I didn’t want to hurt you?”
I nodded “I’m ok I didn’t think it would hurt that much “
With that he said he was sorry and fucked me so much I was shocked that I lost my virginity to a friend of the f****y a friend of my dad’s but I felt right.
He was so gentle with me that evening we made what I thought was love for ages.
I could feel his cock start to twitch inside me and he started to breath heavy “oh god oh god I’m Cumming you tease look what you’ve made me do “after he’d finished “clean it up you lil tease” I lay there in total horror that id just done what we had SLAP hand across my none virgin pussy it wasn’t hard but got me out of my dream world “clean it now” pulling my hair directing my mouth to his cock again I started licking and sucking our love juices off of him and it all tasted good.
it was getting late now and he got up after id cleaned him put his shorts on and robe and passed me a robe and “how did you like that then? “ he said
“I enjoyed it “I said shyly “apart from that you slapped me which hurt me “
Well you want to act like a slut you will be treated as one”

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