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LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

A muted voice woke me as my body shook from side to side, through my squinted eyes I could see the sun peeking through the forest. Cody’s hand rubbed my thigh, now that’s the way I like to wake up! “Do you want some coffee”. Ahhhhhh the sound of Cody’s voice was almost as warm as his hand lingering on my thigh. “Sure” I replied in my foggy morning voice. He fumbled around for a few seconds then pushed a fresh cup of Java under my noise followed by “here you go sunshine help yourself to the cream and sugar in the glove box”.

The truck door squeaked shut I rubbed my eyes to the sound of crunching gravel under Cody’s feet as he walked to the back of the truck. The rich smell of coffee filled the cab as I poked around in the glove box I found several foil packets of ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, condoms, creamer, back up a second, my brain came to a screeching halt. Condoms! Yes condoms. --Could Cody have put them there for me? --As long as I can remember my dream was to go bareback style my first time. I know this is going to sound a little raw but I just love the thought of my meaty cock inside the warm meat of another guy, just meat on meat. -- But what If Cody isn’t comfortable with that, I thought. I took several condoms and stuffed them deep into my pocket by the time I rolled out of the truck I had a boner the size of a Lodgepole Pine.

We split up the gear strapped on our packs and down the trail we went. The winding trail followed a creek bed south toward Heart Lake; everywhere I looked the views were spectacular. A forest fire had gone through this area years ago and there was a surreal beauty to the devastation and rebirth, now I could see why Cody liked photographing nature.

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All the campsites we passed were vacant our chances of having the entire West Side of Heart Lake to ourselves looked promising. We set up camp grabbed a change of clothes and headed off to wash away the days dust. A light mist rose off the pools of mineral water like a freshly poured cup-of-Joe. 60 yards from our campsite laid an open area flanked by a couple of boulders a perfect place to soak up the late day sun. Cody stopped to take a few pictures I continued on past the ghostly remains of a by gone forest, through the cedar, spruce and pine to a lush bed of grass dotted with wild flowers.

Looking back I caught a glimpse of Cody tucked behind two cedars taking pictures in my direction. Sure why not I thought- slowly I stripped off my clothes then played with myself unfolding, my cock from a long day’s walk. I sure hoped Cody was getting as much of a thrill out of this as I was. In natures garb I stood taking in the warmth of the sun and the scent of pines drifting over the quite beauty of Heart Lake. Testing the water first, I submerged myself into the warm mineral bath then closed my eyes.

Several minutes had passed when the click of Cody’s camera broke the silence followed by “That sure looks inviting” I smiled back at Cody and said “Pony Up Big Boy”. With eyebrows raised Cody apprehensively looked around. I continued, “It’s just you and me here there’s no one else around”. “It’s not that” he hesitated, holding on to his words as if he had run into a dead end road and didn’t know which way to turn. His eyes searched the ground then continued, “I’ve never”, I stopped him before he could say another word; I knew what he was going to say I wanted to spare him the embarrassment. “It’s ok,” I said.

Cody stood shoulders slumped paralyzed in the moment his silence spoke volumes. My heart led the way and without hesitation I knelt before him placing my hands on his hips. I felt his body soften as if years of denial crumbled off of him and dissolved into the earth. I tugged on his belt and like pads of butter on a stack of flapjacks his nylon shorts slid off his slender legs. Cody stepped forward his twitching cock touched my lips and the world around me seem to disappear.

Over the last year I’ve fallen silently in love with Cody and finally I no longer had to hide it from him. You have no idea the emotional high I was on. This rugged hunk of a guy just stepped out of his pants and literally gave himself to me. Oh my god was it Christmas and nobody told me? My arms wrapped around his warm legs my hands slipped under his briefs and pulled open his tender cheeks. A boyish giggle slipped from his lips followed by a quick gasp of air as my finger tickled his virgin hole.

Now standing comfortable in my arms Cody’s hips started to sway like a gentle breeze washing over a field of golden wheat. His fingers ran through my hair guiding my lips onto his cock. He didn’t have to say a word I knew exactly what he wanted.

Dropping to his knees and now face to face we fell in to each other eyes. Our first kiss was soft and sensual Cody took to my lips like a cat does to catnip and passionately embrace I guided his restless body into a scented blanket of Indian wildflowers.

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