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Adventures with my best friend!

I used to stay overnight at my best friends house since we were k**s. Allen would always call me and ask what I was doing and if I wanted to come over and spend the night. This went on for years and when we got older we lost some contact with each other as we both got married. Allen called me one night and we made small talk and he invited me over cause his wife was out of town. I went over after telling my wife that Allen wanted me to come over and we may go out for the night. We had drinks and he asked if I watched to watch some porn that they had collected over the last few years. I told him that we could and he placed a movie in. The movie ended up being a bisexual movie and I wasn't sure what to think. After we got watching it, I forgot all about the bisexual thing. Allen told me that his uncle showed him a few things if I wanted to try them. I asked what they were and he pulled out a fleshlight and came over and told me to pull my cock out and to let him us this fleshlight on me. I took my clothes off and he grabbed my cock which surprised me and started stroking me to get me hard. It felt good to have somebody else do the work and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. He slipped the fleshlight over my cock and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The nubs or ribs inside felt incredible as he stroked me with this wonderful thing. He told me to hold it while he got undressed and continued where he left off. He asked if I would get him ready for the fleshlight by stroking him and I kind of was hesitant, but he said it was ok and that he wasn't gay or anything and we were both married after all. I take his cock in my hand and start stroking him and in no time he's rock hard. I stop and he tells asks me to keeps stroking him as he's stroking me with the fleshlight. He turns as I'm stroking him and his cock is even closer to me than before and he asks if I would spit on his cock for lubrication so it'd feel better. I lean over and spit on his cock as I'm stroking it and he said that it felt better and to do it again. I bend over again to spit on it and he thrust forward as I'm bending over and his cock goes just past my lips. He holds it there and I'm frozen from the shock and surprise when he puts his hand on the back of my head and shoves me down on his cock. I'm fighting off the sensation of gagging and trying to breathe when he tells me to not fight and to relax. I relax after a moment and he starts working his hips and keeping a hand on my head so I can't move. I have his cock all the way down my throat and after a few minutes of him fucking my mouth and me relaxing that I start to enjoy it. The thought went through my mind that we spent all these nights together as we were growing up and not even a mention or a hint of this type of activity went through my mind, but then I wondered about him. Allen removed the fleshlight and replaced it with his mouth and it felt even better with the moisture and warmth. I keep sucking him as deep as possible and he's working his hips when I feel a difference in his cock. Not long after that I hear him moaning and I try to remove my mouth cause I know he's going to cum. He put his hand back on my head to keep me from pulling off his cock and told he that it would be ok and to just swallow. He let out a yell and a big splash hit the back of my throat and I try to swallow as fast as I can and he keeps shooting load after load that I didn't think he'd ever stop. I swallow and a small amount leaked out from the corner of my mouth and he told me not to waste any of his sweet cum. I told him that I was getting ready and he bent over and told me to put my cock in his ass. He had his ass lubed and I put my cock at the opening and he pushed back against me and the head disappeared. It felt amazing, but I still felt weird about fucking my friend in the ass. He told me to push it in slow at first and then I starting fucking him faster and couldn't stop cause it felt so good. I put my hands on his hips and was like a piston pumping into him for only a few minutes and I told him i couldn't hold back. He said he didn't want me to hold back and to fill him full of my cum. I shot my biggest load ever in my friends ass and when I pulled out he turned around and sucked me dry. I asked him where he learned all of this and he said he stayed at his cousins house for a while and his uncle and cousin showed him all the new tricks! He asked if I wanted to go to his uncle's house some time and I told him that I'd have to think about that.

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