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MY STEP s****r PART 2

If you read my last story you will know that I have started to have foreplay and oral with my step s****r. I called round a week later, Mum was out shopping and dad was outside tinkering with the car. So here I am in the kitchen stood in the kitchen and my step s****r has just gone to the fridge and made sure that she rubbed across my dick as she went past and smiled at me, without saying a word she come over to me and kissed me full on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth and I knew that I had taught her well from the last time, She then started to unzip my jeans and pulled my cock out I said dads only outside, there’s plenty of time but she was not listing and started to kiss me again and she place a hand on my cock and started to stroke it She looked up and said what do we do now I told her to go and sit on the chair which was just behind her and I walked up and stood very close in front of her and said suck my cock My step s****r put her mouth over the end of my cock I closed my eyes and my legs started to feel weak and I was letting out soft moans of pleasure I needed something to rest against so I sat with my bum on the edge of the kitchen table and my step s****r moved her chair in front of me once more and returned to licking my cock. I told her to lick my balls and suck one gently into her mouth this she done without question this time and worked from one ball to the other licking up and down my throbbing shaft after a while I told her to take my cock into her mouth just the top of it at first so she could taste my pre cum that was now forming around the head. She sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and a moan of pleasure came out from her lips She kept on sucking and I was forcing as much of my cock into her as I thought she could take she was moaning with pleasure and could not seem to get enough of my cock I don’t think I could have stopped her at this point if I had wanted to (which I did not) .I could feel myself getting to boiling point and I did not know if I should tell her i was gonna cum or just shoot my hot cum down her throat, But I said I am going to cum very soon so get ready to swallow she did not react at all just nodded things quickened and I was now pumping her face like there was no tomorrow and I just stood up and f***ed as much cock into her mouth my cock pumped cum into her mouth and down her throat my step s****r gulped it down as much and as fast as she could .I told her to go and look to see what dad was up to, she said he laid under the car I said ok So I stood up and pulled her little jean skirt up and pulled her knickers to the side lying her on the Kitchen table I got two chairs and placed them so she could place a foot on each chair leaving me to kneel between her legs and access to her very wet cunt. I placed my mouth over her cunt and moved my tongue up and down her slit and found her clit sucking it into my mouth making my step s****r take a Sharpe intake of breath and I nibbled and licked her clit and gently entered a finger into her pushing it as far as it would go I then started to fuck her with my finger she was getting wetter and wetter so I entered another finger and then another she was screaming out in pleasure as I fucked her like mad at one point she nearly rolled of the table , I was licking and pushing my fingers into her harder and harder until she raised her body of the table as one almighty orgasm ripped through her body filling my mouth with her warm cum. We have been doing this for years now on and off I am 44 and she is 37 now, I regularly go round hers take naked pictures of her etc. and as you can see I finally fucked her a few weeks ago.

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