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My neighbour

It all started one day when I visited my friend. I'm a 17 year old boy with a fairly large cock, 8 inches.
We sat and played on the computer when his mom came in. She's 42 years old, but looks like she's 24. Her tits are just perfect, and a really slim body. She said she were going to take a shower, so we couldn't go into the bathroom, cause they didn't have a key. We said ok, and continued to play. Suddenly, my friend get's a phone call from his girlfriend, saying he has to come over to her for a while. He leaves, but tells me I can stay, since he'll come back soon, he thinks.

After a while his mom comes out with only a bathrobe on, clearly showing her cleavage. She asks where her son went, and I told her he had to go. Unluckily, I were whatching porn when she came, and I had a huge boner. She noticed, and suddenly she dropped her bathrobe, showing off her hot body. Her pussy was shaved, only leaving a little hair right over the clitoris. OH MY GOD! was the only thing I could say, but she dragged me up and kissed me. This was my first kiss with a woman before, so I don't think I were any good:P

She tells me to follow her to the bedroom. I take off all my clothes, and we go into a hot 69, and while i'm licking her thight pussy, she sucked me so hard that I came immideately. It was also the time when I lost my virginity, but since i'm young, my cock stays rock hard.

I bend her over and fucks her doggy style. It last for around 5 minutes, then she tells me she wants it in her asshole. She gives me some babyoil and I lube up her asshole and my cock. I must say that pussy were better, but what a tight asshole she had. I came after only 2 minutes, but luckily she came too. And to my surprise, she's a squirter. We then just layed in eachoters arms kissing, until we heard the door slamming. I left, but she whispered to me that she were free tommorow too. Guess were I went the next day...

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