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Recently I have been meeting guys on line and arranging meets. Theres nothing better than being fucked in the ass and tasting another guys cum. I have had a fantasy for a while to be wanked over by lots of guys. I love the idea of having sticky cum sprayed all over my face and naked body.

I have been fucking a few guys who were up for this. I managed to arrange 5 guys to meet with me to fulfill my sick fantasy. We all agreed to meet at Rich's house. As I walked up to the front door I felt nervous and massively turned on. I walked into the house and saw the guys sat in the front room.

Rich told me to strip and to get down on my knees. I took off my clothes and knelt down. The others also stripped and all approached me and formed a circle. They started to wank with their cocks a few inches from my face. I couldn't resist and started to lick one of the large cocks that was by my mouth. I took it in my mouth and as I did this I felt the warm spray of one of the other guys cum accross my face.

I pulled the cock out of my mouth and the guy shot his load in my face. Cum was dripping down my nose into my mouth. I felt so dirty and was loving it. The third guy looked like he was about to blow so I opened up my mouth and he shot his load staright into it. His juice was sweet tasting and I drank it down.

The forth guy then came plastering my face with yet more cum. By this point I could not see and had to wipe the cum out of my eyes. Rich then shot his sticky warm load over my chin and it dripped down onto my naked body.

As I knelt there covered in cum Rich lent forward and placed my cock into his mouth. I was so turned on that I came in seconds shooting my load into his mouth.

This was the most amazing experience and I plan to do it again only if I can find some new donors of course.

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