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My first time

I have always seen myself as a straight male and love fucking women. However over the last few months I have become curious about what it would be like to be with a guy.

I started watching bi porn on line such as mmf threeways and I was suprised at how much I wanted to suck a cock.

I joined a swinging/dogging web-site and placed an ad on there looking for some bi experience. To my suprise a guy Richard sent me a message the next day asking for a meet. I agreed but was not sure how far I was willing to go.

We arranged to meet in a pub car park at 2pm on a Friday afternoon in the New Forest. I pulled into the car park and saw a lone vehicle parked there. I walked over to the car. Richard got out and introduced himself. He was a lot older than me, 40 but in good shape.

Richard said he knew a place in the forest that we could go. I followed him to a dense wooded area. Richard approached me and undid my belt and put his warm hand in my pants. I could feel my cock becoming hard. He placed his hand firmly on my cock. It was now rock hard.

He then knelt down and placed my cock in his mouth. It was the most amazing blow job I had ever had and I came really hard blowing my load into his mouth.

He then asked me if he could fuck me. I felt nervous but really wanted to be fucked hard in my ass. Richard pushed me up against a tree and pulled out his cock. I swear it must have been 8 inches. He placed his finger in my ass, it was cold but felt great. He then bent me over slowly inserting his large hard cock into my tight virgin ass.

At first it was painful but as he rode me it became intense and amazing. He fucked me hard for about ten minutes. He pulled his cock out slowly and tore off his condom. He then asked if he could cum over my ass. I was suprised by this but said yes. I lay on the ground whilst he wanked his cock over my naked ass. I felt the warm spray of his cum on my checks.

My first time with a guy was mind blowing and I knew I wanted more. I just had no idea how much more dirty things were going to get.

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