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For Rent (part II)

So I had finally moved all my stuff in. While I had laid down an unusual deposit and was a bit worried on how I could keep a good thing going with my girlfriend, when I was renting a basement from a sex addicted divorcee. Fortunately she had been out of town during my whole move and I had her whole house to myself. Which made for a few, cheap, great date nights with my girl. Her name was Haley. Freshly out of high school. Red hair, freckles, fair skin, skinny with small but perky breasts and ass.
We had been making out all afternoon on her couch. Kissing, dry humping, handjobs and fingering her young pussy. I finally convinced her to get naked and we got in my land-lady's master bathroom and took it to the jacuzzi. It felt good to be in control again, in the bitches bathroom, who had had her way with me a few weeks prior. Haley wanted to please me and sometimes I used that a bit to my advantage. As I fucked her young cunt from behind, bent over the tub, staring at her pink virgin asshole opened to me, I couldn't resist...With no warning I stuffed my swollen, mushroom-headed cock inside her little hole. She screamed and squirmed but it only made it feel better. I held her hips and took total advantage of the girl I proclaimed to love. However, to both of our surprises stood my landlady in the bathroom looking down at us...nodding in disapproval.
The shocking moment allowed Haley to get her ass free of my cock and then she blushed. The landlady shouted at me, "When did you pay rent on my bathroom mother fucker!?!" I stuttered. "Oh that's right," she continued, "your suppose to be in the basement! But here you are giving it in the ass to some skinny whore". I protested that was she was my girlfriend. Haley in defense said, "I'm not a whore. I'm his girlfriend and we love each other...and your standing in here naked in front of us." The landlady laughed and spit on her and kicked her in the ribs as Haley lay in the floor. "This is my house and my bathroom, you fucking slut," as she kicked Haley again. "Of course I'd be naked, besides its nothing your boyfriend hasn't seen." Haley looked worried. I couldn't believe this was happening. "How the fuck do you think he rented my basement from me? He might say he loves, but he loved begging for my pussy and ass too. Ha. Get the fuck out." She d**g Haley, screaming and crying, out of the bathroom by her hair and locked the door.
Haley cried and beat the door on the side as the land lady told me I had some making up to do. "If you like sticking things in assholes soo good, why don't you get on your knees and stick your dirty tongue in my ass!" I was torn, but my a****listic desires and the look of her mature, thick ass was too much. I began rimming her eagerly, to the sound of her moans, and Haleys muffled sobs on the other side of the locked door. She pushed me down to sit on my face, forcing my face in her ass. She leaned down to suck my cock...."Agh! It tastes like fuck!", as she spits back onto my cock and balls. She took a narrow, shampoo bottle and inserted the opening in my ass as she tugged at my cock and rode my face. I moaned into her ass and pussy. She laughed, "Shame on you taking advantage of young girls." The sensation of her matured hands on cock, her control with the bottle and the scent of her sweaty and wet pussy and ass, sent me through the roof. My cock pulsed and she jacked me off into the empty shampoo bottle. A thick load that had held off through my girlfriend and landlady shot inside of it.
I was weak and lay on the cold tile bathroom floor. The landlady got up with the shampoo and opened the door to my sobbing girlfriend and turned the bottle over her head. My cum began spilling out. "Your no longer needed bitch!", the landlady said to her. "Fuck both of you!", Haley cried as she ran away. I wanted to do something but I couldn't it. I was exhausted, numb, and in a strange way pleased.
"Clean yourself up and go to the part of the house where you belong," she shouted at be continued.....

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