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Man dream!!!

All the guys might think I'm bullshitting and all the girls might thing I'm a dog but here

Well I was dating my girl at the time for 4 years and into my 3 year I cheated on her, and it was once and twice and the every other day.. well I was cheating on her wit this girl name melanie and she had an amazing body and skinny, and but I'm into the big girls I love bbw.. anyways it came to a point were ill spend the morning when one and afternoon wit the other.. anyways let me get to the best part.. I got a room wit my gf and I just left melanies and I didn't know but I left my clothes at her house the night before so she was follow me till I got to the room.. well for some odd reason after a few house pass I hear a knock and I was just getting out the shower and my gf was on the bed cujz we just fuck.. any how melanie was at the door and when I open all he'll broke lose.. I was getting curse at and hit by both of them and for some reason my dck got hear.. well me being a honry motherfucker I saw since were here let's have a 3sum.. after it cool down they agreed.. soo they threw me on the bed and both started suckin me.. and after I came I just lead there and my gf continue to suck me and melanie slap me and said don't be a bitch u gotta fuck us... soo my gf continue to suck me and lick my nuts melanie hop on.. and she rode me like none other.. and when I came inside her my gf suck the cum off my dick.. and I was so fuckin happy this was happening I stayed hard well and I stood up my gf got on all fours and said fuck me good baby, I slap her pussy wit my cock and slid it in I started to fuck her good after a good 45 mins, melanie wanted in the ass.. and I wanted to make her squirt and show my gf after a good 10 of fuckin her in her ass she squirted as I came.. I was thinkin yes I can have two girls and fujck them over and over.. turns out melanie had a bf and my gf was cheating anyway.. I haven't heard from them in 2 years...

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