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Gay First Time; whit black/puerto rican

Im hispanic better yet Mexican.It was in the 8grade i was 15 and he was 16yr old boy who they called Rico i guess bcuss he was Puerto Rican, but on the real i always though he was black bcuss he looks black,but his mix.I wasent realy popular in the school until that year, maybe bcuss i never use to go and i had angermanagement problems, also i didnt like talking to nobody i was just mining ma own bussiness straigh up chillen.
When i was in 7th grade i never thought i was bi,didnt pay attention to no guys i only fucked around whit gurls.In that summer i started running/exersing to get in shape.So when 8grade started, i was better in shape i even got my sixpack. The first day of school i remember alot of girls came onto me tlkn bout i changed alot and i looked better.I was trying to change my attitude so i was nice to ppl.I got to meet ALOT of ppl who last year i didnt like or didnt care bout.It was good i talked to everybody exept him nd his homeboy.I remember when i use to walk on the hallways i seen them i always thought dayum there some concided ass mathafuckers.Didnt got nothing against them but i didnt liked the fact that they thought they rule the school.
They started talkn to me eventually, and then they wanted to chill whit me. I didnt chill whit nobody from school like invited them to my house butt i did in movies or parties shyt like that.The only person i trust or hang out whit in her crib was this female bcuss we go way back.So i wasent realy triping i was like aight.
So i went to that niggas crib i brought my pot, they were right there playin ps2 UFC game. We just chillen nd shyt smoking, his homeboy over ther brought some bars butt i didnt and i still dnt fuck whit that so i was like nah i stick whit my pot.His homeboy left nd it was just me and him so i needed to take a pist.The restroom door is infront of his room so when i got out of the restroom i saw him checkin him self at the mirror nd shyt i was laughing i remember i told him, " chill the fuck up nigga".He started laughin two tlkn bout he didnt notice i was there.So i went inside his room was fckn messy.
He tells me this shyt bout the first time he saw me he thought i was a lil playa wanna be that bcuss i went out whit alot of girls.SO i wasent tripin nd i told him i that i though he was concided nd that he was. He got mad a lil bit i noticed but he was like laughin nd he goes like fuck u. So i tld fuck u back nd then he said the weirdest thing,"when". I was laughin i tld him haha u gay nigga.I was sitting in his little chair whit ma legs on the bed.He jumps up the bed nd starts feeling on my legs goin up then he saids ,"thiss is gay".I knew he playn nd shyt so i jst moved nd i told him u know wat else is gay u. So he was like u tripin.After that i left.
The next day at school i was in the restroom, was goin to wash my face so i was bending down.He comes in and sees me then, he stand behind me nd starts air humpin me while sayin thiss gay. I turned around fast then i was like wtf butt somehow i found it funny so i laugh(That was when i started noticing he was cute nd it was confuse)We jst talkn nd shyt telling me that he got suspended for cursing out his teacher i was like dumb ass u should of made worth it.He got suspended from school 3 days, he tell me to go skipin to his house the next day so i told him i'll see wassup.
The next day in the morning he calls me nd tells me if i was goin to go so i was thinkin wat the hell, and i went.I got there im wearing some shorts and a black muscle shirt, he was wearing some spongebob pigamas with white tshirt.As soon i seen him i laughed, him to.I went inside nd he tells me nobody is here. I tld him cool, we were there watchin this dumb movie cant remember the name aldo it was k**ah funny.We was sitting on the same couch nd he starts getting closer and closer.He was just lookin at me so i turned to my side i was looking at him to.We had a moment just looking at eachother then we staring kissin.Soon i laid in my back him in top of me then his hands were touchin me he was touchin my dick. The he wanted to pull my shorts down.
Butt at that moment i wasent feelin ready maybe bcuss all that shyt was new to me. I tld him to stop he did nd asks me somethin wrong so i responded;"Yeah this is to much lets jst chill". He respeced my desion we were jst chillem tlkn bout gay stuff like when he found he was gay..etc.I remember next week, a friday i had went to his crib nd we didnt do nothing butt to kiss chill tlk smoked.So it got late it was bout 11pm so his mom tells me jst to stay there bcuss i had nobody to pick me up nd i was going walkn. She saids to stay whit rico in his room i called mom let her now she was cool whit it. That night i was there whit him nd thnx god his room was clean.
We stayed late watching tv He puts on TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE we were watching the two of us in his bed.We stoped watching, we were to busy kissin.That time he was laying on his back me on top of him then again it was gettin serious that time i didnt wanted to stop i knew somehow it was wrong but it felt so right.He stop nd ask me if i was sure i tld him yeah.So he starts taking of my shirt nd i pulled down his shorts eventually we were naked nd horny as fuck.He was goin down on me he starts sucking my dick then kisses me.Then i made him a hicki on his chest, i sucked him until he bust a nut.He starts to jack me off then he gets out a condom nd puts it on my dick.Next thing i know he hopps on it.Then we started fuckin.After that we went to sl**p naked like for 2 hrs before his mom woke up.Good thing we woke before she did we got back dressed the we pretended to be asl**p as she check up on us.
It was 8am nd she left to work so were wide awake again i tld him if he can let me borrow some clothes nd if i can take a shower. He saids yeah so i was takin a shower then he gets in it whit me so we were both takin a shower.We went at it again butt it was just suckin. After i change into his close haha i like his boxers he let me borrow they were still have them hoes!We went out on the DL for bout 1yr then we both came out.Until this day we still together.Is bout 4yrs now!

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