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The a*****ion Of Jodie

It had been a long day at the Postal Service Jodie had delivered male in the hot Texas sun and was ready to get home to her husband Bob. She opened the door and called to Bob but got no answer. Suddenly a black gloved hand covered her mouth and and an arm pinned her neck. Bob is not here the man said, but if you do as I say and do not scream you may live to see him. Jodie nodded that she did and was d**g into her "play room" I noticed that there are a lot of fun "toys" in here as he shoved her to the bondage bed. Cuff your legs tight I do not want to get close to you feet if you happen to be stupid enough to try to kick me. Jodie locked her feet in the padded cuffs and her capture secured her arms as she was spred eagle fully clothed. I have seen you teasing men wearing those extra short shorts that are at least a size small.(Jodie had been talked to by her superviser about them beng so short} The masked man took a large knife out and said "time to get undressed" Ripping the shirt open he then cut through the arms and then threw it on the floor. Cutting the strap between the cups of her bra her firm tit were in the open. Going down to her shorts he roughly pulled the leather belt out and cut from the legs to the waste leaving Jodie only in a pair of pink pantys which the were cut away. Now I am going to punish you for all of the teasing I have seen you do, you left may a man with a hardon on your route. Taking her own belt he used it to whip her tits, stomach and legs until she was red finaly doubling it up and hitting her trimmed blonde pussy as she screamed with each stroke. "Poor little girl" he said let me make it feel better as he went down between her tanned thighs and began licking up and down her slit. Bringing Jodie to the very edge of orgasm nearly a dozen times but never letting her cum he stopped and said "you are a nasty bitch your hole is sweaty and very bitter tasting and I think you did not wipe the last time you peed" Going to another drawer he selected a large vibrator and shoved it into her securing it to her leg with duct tape to keep it from squirting out. Turning the vibe on he got on the table and after putting a pillow under Jodies head said I am going to give you the privledge of servicing my dick, but if I feel one tooth you will be dealt with severly. Her already tender pussy began to cum almost instantly as she worked on his member. After about 10 minutes he finaly came overflowing her full mouth. Jodie had lost track of the number of orgasms the unrelenting vibe had given before he finaly turned it off. You have done well and as I said I will return you husband to you he said as he took the mask off revealing Bobs smiling face. "Happy Birthday Baby" Bob said as he kissed her tasting his own juices. Untying Jodie and helping her on her wobbly legs to the couch. Bob this is the fantasy I have already wanted thank you. I also have a little gift for you handing her a box. Opening it she saw it was a new pair of her uniform shorts to replace the ones that were cut off. Looking closer she noticed that they had been taylored and were shorter and tighter that the ones she had just lost. I guess I will get called into the office again about these, If I am repremanded about them then it will be you that gets punished, not me.

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