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The Rich Bitch Part 4

Chapter 4: Over and Done

*Another lengthy one but I hope you like this one!*

Adam woke up the next morning feeling the worst hangover headache he had ever experienced. Everything on his body was sore. The door bell rang startling him and it made his head ache even more. He looked around the room noticing that he was by himself, and bottles of wine still displayed all over the table and floor. His father was going to be pissed when he found out that six expensive bottles of wine were used and he was not ready to hear his wrath.??

He got up from the couch limping and rubbing his head from feeling sensitive. He opened the door and Kyle and his Uncle were standing there with smiles on there faces. ??

"Good Morning Senor." The short old man said nicely.

??"Hi." Adam said with no enthusiasm and really not looking for conversation.

??Kyle saw how jacked up he looked and that only made his smile get wider.

??"You can go around the back, I'll be here." Kyle said then walking back to his room and Kyle watched him slam his room door. They walked to the backyard and immediately started there work.

??Adam stripped his clothes from last night off and limped into the shower. The cold water helped wake him up and he tried his best to stay alert. His mind started wondering what had happened last night.

??He remembered going to a nice dinner with Corey, then going to the club and dancing all night. Adam figured that must have been why his whole body was sore, but he didn't know why his ass was so sore. It wasn't until he was brushing his teeth when he realized that Kyle was with them and he had a plan to keep Kyle away from them. ??

He put on his shorts and a t-shirt and walked to his kitchen to snack on something. He glanced out the long window and saw Kyle and his Uncle busy at the garden. He stared hard at Kyle not really feeling too comfortable all of a sudden.

That's when a sharp pain shot through his backside again and his mind played the pieces of last nights activities back to him.

??Kyle got up from the ground and wiped the sweat from his forehead, really feeling the humidity of the day starting to rise. He glanced at the window and saw Adam staring at him. Kyle smiled and waved back at him. ??Adam instinctively waved back but he was still focusing on what had happened. ??

"Damn maybe I should go back to sl**p, maybe it will all come to me in a dream." Adam said. ??Not feeling hungry anymore, he went back to his room and laid down on his bed.

Kyle watched him walk away back to his bed room. Kyle started to wonder if that was a signal for him to follow him back to his room. ??It didn't take long for Adam to go back to sl**p again and his dreams immediately came to mind.

Pieces of the night before showed up but nothing too revealing. He saw Corey laughing and joking around with the bottle of wine in his hand, all at the same time drinking from it. Then his mind jumped ahead to when he hearing someone call out his name. He opened his eyes but the vision of person was blurred but it was obvious to see that it was Kyle smiling down over him. ??

Adam woke up from his dream only to find Kyle standing right next to the bed watching him.

??"Kyle?!... What the hell man!... Why are you in here?" Adam shouted. ??

"Shhh.... My Uncle will hear us." Kyle said quietly. ??

Kyle started taking off his shirt really confusing Adam.??

"Wait... What are you doing?... Stop taking off your clothes!" He said.

??"Why? This is what you wanted right?" Kyle said puzzled.

??"No.... Kyle no this is not what I want. I have a boyfriend... remember Corey... from last night. That guy that was with me was my man." Adam said.??

"Yeah.... and I think he saw everything we did last night." Kyle said with an evil smirk. ??

"What?... What do you mean?... I didn't... I didn't fuck you... did I?... Your lying!" Adam shouted. ??

"Unfortunately I'm not." Kyle said calmly. "Both of you were d***k out of your minds last night but one thing you two had in common was that you were both alert. You kept BEGGING me to fuck you and well.... He was sitting right there next to us watching the whole thing." Kyle explained.

??"No... No.... I don't believe you... That can't be possible!!" Adam said really not believing anything he was saying.??

"Why don't you call him. If he doesn't pick up then Im telling the truth, if he does then it was all a lie and I'll apologize for it." Kyle said.

??"....And you and your Uncle will be leaving my house and never coming back. No questions asked." Adam added. ??

Kyle shook his head yes, but he stayed confident.

??Adam picked up his cell phone and called Corey. It rang and rang but he finally picked up. ??

"Corey! Hey baby I was just ----- Hello?.... Corey?" Adam was in shock. Corey has never hung up on him before since they've been together.??

Adam quickly dialed his number back and it rang repeatedly. "No Corey please pick up!... I really need you!!"

??"So...I guess I was right then." Kyle said unphased about the situation.??"NO! This doesn't prove anything. Corey is probably... still..... d***k from last night! He's probably not thinking clearly!... Yeah thats it!"

??Kyle couldn't believe this k** was syking himself out like this but it was all too funny for him. Adam tried a few more times again but still didnt get a response. Adam dropped the phone on the bed and put his hands into his face. He was starting to fall into Kyle's story and he was literally about to start crying.

Then it happened....??The phone rang. ??Adam quickly picked up the phone and was surprised to hear it as Corey. ??"Corey! I don't know whats wrong or what happened last night but whatever it was..."??

"Stop talking." Corey said angrily. ??Adam stopped and anxiety quickly took over. ??"I saw everything you did last night. I thought I was imagining things but everything you said... Everything he did to you was real."

??"No! Corey It's not real! He f***ed me to do it!" Adam said trying to defend himself.??"No, I saw it Adam. You said you loved him...."

??Kyle really didnt want to hear the soap opera dramatics going on so he put his shirt back on and went back to helping his Uncle until Adam was finished.??

"...Don't you get it! Its over! I dont wanna be with you anymore!!!" Corey yelled over the phone.

??"No please!! Kyle!!!... I mean... Corey!!! I'm sorry!!! I love you!!" Adam said. ??

"Kyle?!... Dude fuck you!.. Dont you ever call me again. I don't wanna see you again! Dont even bother coming over! Its DONE and OVER!"?? Corey turned his phone off and threw it on the carpeted floor and laid back on his bed.

He was so pissed he didn't know what to do. He glanced over to the two gifts he had bought Adam for his birthday and threw them on the floor, not caring that they were very expensive.

Corey decided to go down to his basement and let out his frustrations in his gym.

??Adam laid back on the bed crying his eyes out not caring if anyone heard him crying like a baby. His plan of keeping Kyle out his life failed miserably and he felt so stupid. This was the worst thing that could ever happen to him. ??Adam literally cried until there were no tears left to produce and he laid there staring at a photo of him and Corey at the beach. All those memories of the two of them were now gone. Adam slowly fell asl**p.

??Kyle, on the other hand, was happy that him and his Uncle were almost done in the yard. They worked hard on the landscape and he was ready to go home and take a nice long shower before heading out for lunch.

He looked through the window only to see the door closed in Adam's room. He figured the boy was probably crying his eyes out like a pussy after finding out the truth. He laughed to himself loving this very predictable situation. He already knew what Adam was going to do next.

??Meanwhile, Corey was punching the hell out of his punching bag, basically killing it with all his energy until he was out of breath. He sat down on the bench breathing hard and trying not to let his emotions take over him. Once he got his energy back he got on the treadmill and ran, then got bored with that and did a bunch of push ups until his arms were so weak there was no possible way to hold his weight up anymore. Corey collapsed on the ground and fell asl**p.??

When Kyle and his Uncle finished they went to go collect there check but Kyle heard the snoring of Adam in his room and decided not to disturb him. He told his Uncle in spanish that he would go back and pick it up later and they left. ??

Corey woke back up a few hours later, feeling his head throbbing, but he was much more calmer then he was before. He thought about Adam again, suddenly starting to regret everything he had said over the phone.??

Then he thought maybe Adam was telling the truth some how and that it really was just a dream. Adam had never lied to him before and he always claimed to only have him for his first time. Corey sat there and thought for a minute. He had to see Adam and apologize to him. He had to let him know that there still was love there and they could work this out. ??Corey got up and ran to his car and drove straight to Adams house.??

Adam woke up four hours later feeling groggy and his eyes sore from all the crying he did. He looked at the time and it was four o' clock. He was so hungry but he couldnt eat after all that drama that just unfolded. ??

He got up and walked out to his living room and turned on the TV. He noticed Kyle and his Uncle were gone and he had to admit, the backyard looked amazing. Better then he thought it would look. Then the door bell rang. Adam really wasnt in the mood to talk to anyone, but he still crept to the door. ??

When he opened the door he was shocked to see Kyle standing there looking sexier then first time he met him. But Adam was not feeling him at all anymore.... at least he thought.??

"What the hell are you doing here? I don't want you ever coming back to this house ever again." Adam said angrily. ??

"Relax, I just came to pick up our check. I was going to ask you for it but you were sl**ping so..." Kyle said calmly. ??

"Whatever... just stay right there and I'll write out a check for you." Adam said. ??He sped walked to his father's office and saw a check already written out for Kyle and quickly ran out to give it to him. He held out the check and stared at Kyle with an angry face. Kyle took too long to take the check and it pissed Adam off.

??"Take the fucking check and get the hell out of here!!!" he yelled. ??Kyle knew exactly what to do next. He saw the boy at his weakest point and was ready to take him down.

Kyle took Adam's hand and pulled him up close to him and planted his lips up against his Adam was taken by surprise. The nerve of this guy trying to kiss him like this!??

Adam tried his best to pull away from him but Kyle held onto him tight, and his lips were so tasty and addictive. Adam slowly fell into his trap and resumed his submissive roll again. Kyle moved him out of the door way without closing it, and clothes were flying off of each other all the way to the bedroom. ??All thoughts of Corey and hating Kyle soon disappeared and all he focused on was making love to his gardner again.....

They were completely naked and Kyle fell on top of Adam onto the bed still having the most passionate intense kiss possible. Adam moaned loudly feeling Kyle's big hard dick rubbing up against his. Adam wrapped his arms around the big semi/hairy latino and felt the white hot heat between the two of them.

??Kyle was all over the boy, licking and sucking Adam's lips, tongue, ears and down his neck. The sexual atmosphere quickly filled up the room entirely causing there aroma and sweat to pour from there bodies. Adam purred and called out Kyle's name totally caught in the rapture of there love making.

??Adam grabbed Kyle's dick and jerked it off and went back to kissing him. Kyle grabbed Adam's ass and rubbed and roughly kneaded his ass like dough. He then rolled over with Adam now on top giving Adam the freedom to take control. ??Adam went down and hungrily sucked Kyle's dick in his mouth making Kyle moan out loud, "Oh fuck boy suck my cock!" ??Adam's moans were a****listic now, he literally turned into a completely different person.

Slobbering and gagging on the big stick lodged down his throat. Kyle rubbed the boys soft hair and f***ed his mouth up and down his dick roughly. Kyle cursed and yelled out how he was feeling to Adam only making him even more turned on. ??Adam stopped sucking him and crawled back up to Kyle's face to kiss him passionately. His ass crack rubbed up and down his dick, his ass begging to be filled with his big hard cock again. ??

Meanwhile, Corey had just drove up on Adam's drive way. He jumped out of his car and brought out his two gifts that he had got for Adam and brought them with him. Corey stopped in his tracks seeing the front door wide open.

Getting nervous, he quickly ran into the house but stopped once again seeing the clothes on all over the floor. Then hearing the VERY loud moans coming from Adam's room. ??The door to Adam's room was wide open and as he got closer, the male scent got stronger and the moans got even louder and raunchier.

Corey peeked off to the side only to see his boyfriend wildly, riding the guy from yesterday. Corey suddenly drifted off to last night when he saw the same exact thing accept different position and the obvious passion that filled the room. ??He could barely stand to watch for too long feeling overwhelmed, stupid, upset, and angry all at once again. He stormed out of the house and slammed the front door. He got back in his car and drove back home. ??

Adam and Kyle were so into there sex that they didnt even hear the door slamming. All Adam could focus on was pleasing Kyle with his asshole. Kyle was filling him up completely and he loved every second of it.

??"Oh fuck this is so good Kyle!!! Fuck me hard Dude! FUCK ME!!! OHHH... YEAH JUST LIKE THAT!!!" Adam yelled.

??Kyle responded with plenty of slaps on the boys tight sexy white ass. The bed rocked back and forth up against the wall and the bed that never squeaked before began squeaking. Adam bounced up and down harder totally turning out Kyle in a way Kyle didn't think was possible. He loved watching this boy act like this! ??Kyle decided to take control and flipped Adam into doggy-style position.

He was going to breed the boy just like this, and really make him his. Kyle watched his dick turn into a blur as he fucked the boy really hard. Adam screamed out like a bitch in heat and Kyle didnt care if he was hurting the k**. He was determined to get his nut off in the boy no matter what. ??He felt his load rise from his balls and yelled out loud, loud enough for the neighbor's to hear and planted six to eight spurts of his seed deep inside Adam's ass.

??"Oh my God! Oh shit!... I can't believe it!" Adam shouted feeling himself blast a load all over his bed sheets. ??The room was filled with heavy breathing and thick aroma of male sex scent. Kyle collapsed on top of Adam and they laid together on his bed. Both of them still in shock from the amazing sex they just had. Kyle couldn't remember ever having sex like that before.... EVER.??

Kyle was ready for Adam to say yes to being his bitch, but at the moment he was too exhausted to even say any words. They both drifted off to sl**p. ??

To be Continued!

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