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Screwing my way to the top

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The old men sure knew how to make a mess of me, and I loved it deeply.
Sweat dripped from his forehead and splashed down onto my chest. Trickling past my clavicle and down my sternum as it hid between my cleavage. I couldn't help but roll my eyes back as I felt the sensation of him entering me with such fervor. I could feel my body rocking back and forth as his hips continued to thrust forward between my legs. The sound of the table scooting across the panel flooring echoed in the glass room, which paralleled the vast metropolis outside.

My hair kept tapping my shoulders as his momentum pushed my head back, causing my hair to waft outward in the cold autumn night. I opened my eyes and saw beads of my sweat mingling with his between my breasts. I never would have thought the sight of them would drive him so mad. His breath was so warm and bitter as he exhaled on my neck. The sudden beats from his hips caused his gasps to sound almost painful and labored. All I could do was watch his penis as it would glide almost completely inside me and then slide all the way out of me.

It looked so rehearsed and still so poetic. His huge member thrust gracefully inside of me and then back out as he would moan wildly in the night. My breaths were slight and almost masked as he continued to gyrate and push his cock inside of me. I have never felt someone so wild before. He was so aroused by my body and my new breasts. I felt his hand clutch the back of my neck as he raised my head upward towards his. My eyes locked onto his as he gazed deeply into mine. Our gaze was eternal as he drove his penis far inside my pink, wondrous cavern. The sound of fluids lapping against his shaft lent to the knowledge that I was completely aroused. My lips were so enveloping and the I could feel the bl**d pulsating into my labia as the opening grew smaller and tighter. The head of his cock seemed to pulsate and grow with each movement inside of me. I could feel the muscles wrap around him and attempt to draw him back inside.

A sudden crash startled me as my attention flung to the paperwork and pens that fell from the desk. His movements were getting more intense and his fury became merciless. He fucked me with such ferocity that I became almost breathless. I couldn't even utter words as I intently tried to inhale and exhale as he pounded my slit with his huge cock. His massive hands reached around to my chest and grasped both of my breasts. He held them like steering wheels that navigated this sensual feat.

"Oh baby, you're just what I needed. Do you like my cock? Do you want me to pound that little pussy of yours?"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes." Was all I could mutter.

A smile widened across his weathered face as he pulled my hips nearly off the table. I felt his balls strike my backside as he began taking long, heavy thrusts in me. I felt his cock slamming the very interior walls of my vagina. The movements were so deep and intense that I came with such aggression that I couldn't contain the words that escaped from my mouth.

"Fuck yeah. Fuck me old man. You like making a girl like me cum don't you, you fucking asshole!"

My words penetrated his being and seemed to push him to his apex. I watched as his face grew crimson red and the veins on his neck expanded. I saw every muscle in his chest and arms tighten as his grip on my hips suddenly moved to my breast.

"Fuuuuccckkkkk!" He screamed out in elation as I felt molten transparent fluid blanket the inside of my saturated vagina.

As he finally was able to recover from such a vigorous pace, I watched the oxygen traverse back into his lungs as the color in his face grew normal. The moonlight pranced across my golden skin as I saw my breasts glisten from the light. I have never been fucked so passionately since this night.

As he stepped away from the table I sat up and watched as he dressed himself. He walked back over to me and clutched both of breasts for a moment in his hands. I could see his wrists shake and tremble from the strenuous activity but also noticed a smile on his face that was irreplaceable.

Slowly he knelt down to the floor and found my satin pink thong that he had pulled off minutes earlier. He glided them up my legs and back around my waist. As he put my bra back over my breasts he whispered softly in my ear.

"Don't worry about getting completely dressed Robin, Mr. Banks will be in shortly to continue. Trust me you won't have to worry about your position with this company. Even though the economy is so impoverished, you're position here stands and will remain for quite a while. That is if you continue to let me fluctuate that position to my liking. As you know I am a man of many positions.

I smiled at the news and thought how fortunate I was to have such a prestigious position during such an era of deprivation and destitute. Most woman would never allow men to abuse their positions like Mr. Peters did. I was an independent woman with a management position in a fortune 500 company. That is as rare as rare can get these days. So what if I had to sl**p my way to the top. I was here and eager to stay.

As Mr. Peters walked out of the room, I stood to my feet and fixed my heels. Although I had been propped on top to the conference room desk for almost twenty minutes, my black stiletto heels still caused a bit of discomfort to my feet. I knelt down for a moment as I picked up my blouse when I heard Mr. Peters comment to a gentleman who had entered the room.

"Robin is waiting for you Winston. I hope I didn't leave her in too much of a muddled state."

"Oh don't be daft Peters. You won't know what disheveled is until you see what I do to her."

I heard Mr. Banks English drawl and knew I only had seconds to fix myself. I had to look somewhat decent for the CEO. As he watched me kneeling down to get my things from the floor, he commented,

"You are full of surprises Robin. How did you know I wanted you in such a position?" Before I could respond, I felt him push me against the table and unzip his pants.

He yelled across the expanse to Peters, "Close the door chap and see yourself out. I'm not trying to put a show on with this slut. If you're so eager to fuck her again, you'll have to get inline with the rest of the board outside." Peters quickly shut the door and left the old man and I alone. His last glimpse was of me bent over the table as Banks pummeled me from behind. Mr. Banks hadn't even undressed as he started fucking me me wildly.

I looked back at him wide eyed and said, "Uh, uh...Before I forget Mr. Banks, I uh, uh...need February off for a business venture I have in Europe. Its very important for our overseas accounts."

"I can arrange that for you Robin. I'm sure the staff at our European division will be elated to hear you are coming. Now why don't you shut your mouth for a bit so this old man can fuck you senseless."

"I'm terribly sorry sir."

"Well one things for sure, by the end of this night you're going to be the sorriest piece of ass in this building. On second thought, forgive my earlier comment. I may just need you to keep that mouth open for one more thing. I'll make this quick since I do have to get home to the wife and I don't have much time to dilly dally.

I smiled as I felt his cock continue to penetrate me. My eyes gazed out into the evening sky. The buildings in the distance were dwarfed by the sheer size of the executive tower suite we were in. I was on top of the world and these men were my toys. It's funny, they thought I was a pawn in their sexual conquests. Too bad they weren't able to realize they were really my subjection

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