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The neighbor and his sons

Lea was 32 and very good looking with a hot sexy body. She liked to lay out in her back yard and sunbathe and knew her neighbor watched her. He had three teen age boys. All were good looking. She wore very tiny bikinis when she laid out. Her red suit barely covered her nipples and left most of the tit bare. The bottom was a skimpy thong with a tiny V covering the pussy. Today she noticed the neighbor staring at her pussy a lot. She smiled and spread her legs teasing him.

That night she watched a movie and then went to bed. About two she felt a hand over her mouth and her neighbor was there in her room and told her to not make a sound. He pulled back her covers and ripped her nightie off. He told her "I have been watching you flaunting your almost naked body every day and tonight I am going to see it naked before I fuck your hot cunt." He was wearing just his boxers and he kicked them off. He then told her "You make my cock hard and now you are going to give it what it needs. It needs to fuck your cunt till you scream." As he talked to her he reached down and rubbed her pussy. He then put two fingers deep in her and finger fucked her till he heard her moan. "Yes, a slut like you loves to be fucked. You love my big cock." He then spread her legs and pushed them up and put his cock to her cunt. He pushed in her and sank every inch of his long cock. He whispered to her "Your cunt feels so good. Warm and tight and ready to be fucked. Enjoy my cock several times tonight. I am going to give it to you deep and rough."

He then began going in and out of her wet hole. He would pull all the way out the ram back in. She felt good and he needed pussy so bad. He heard her moan as he fucked her and then she screamed "Fuck me. Fuck me harder. I want that cock deep in me." With her screaming he started pounding her hot cunt. His wife had left and he hadn't had sex for a long time and she felt so good around his hard cock. All too soon he filled her with his cum. He told her "Now show me what a good slut you are and lick my cock clean. Lick down to my ass and balls too. Suck my asshole and make this cock hard so I can fuck you again. After I fuck you a few more times you can be my cocksucker and suck me and I will shove every inch of cock in your throat." She went right to work licking his cock and ass and sucking his balls and soon his cock was hard again.

"Straddle me facing me so I can see those big tits bounce as I fuck you again. You have great jugs and I am going to suck them as I shove my cock all the way into your cunt."
She mounted his cock and he began to fuck her hard watching her tits bounce up and down and then his hands grabbed a nipple and pulled as he fucked her. He shouted "Bend over and put a nipple in my mouth. I want to suck those big titties." she leaned and let him take a nipple and suck as he fucked her harder and harder. The sensation of him fucking her and sucking her nipples made her cum over and over. He filled her with cum once more before he pulled out. It was almost morning and he had to get back home. He told her "You are the best fuck I have had in a long time. I am going to fuck you every night." He then left.

The next few nights he came over and they fucked for hours. She was a great cocksucker and he loved fucking her ass. He left her each night with a smile and full of warm cum. Then one night when he showed up it was earlier and he had all three sons with him. He told her "I need to teach my boys to fuck a pussy and you have the best pussy for that." He then told the boys to remove their boxers. She noticed they had nice cocks like their father. He told Jo the first boy to go to her and she would suck his cock. She grabbed his cock and stroked it and it got hard fast. She then began to lick him from top to bottom and his cock was pulsing and so ready to cum. She said "You have a big cock like your daddy. When I suck it just let it cum in my mouth." Then when she sucked he filled her with cum fast as he had no control. She smiled and told him "Good boy. Now let daddy show you how to lick my pussy while I suck your b*****rs cock." His dad pushed his sons face to her pussy and told him to lick and suck the clit then push his tongue in her fuck hole. As Jo did this Jay now was ready for a good cocksucking.

She did the same with Jay and rubbed his cock then licked him and sucked him till he came. With Jo eating her pussy she sucked hard on Jays cock and he really filled her with cum. She did the same to Jim as Jo and Jay took turns eating her pussy. They were even getting the hang of swallowing her cum. After all three boys had gotten their cocks sucked and had licked her pussy clean the dad then said it was his turn to fuck the nice tight pussy and they could watch.

She laughed and spread her legs and told him "It is about time for my cunt to get your big cock. Now fuck me hard and show your boys how a man fucks and makes my cunt cum." The dad's cock was rock hard and he rammed it in her all the way. She yelled "Yes. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt hard with that big cock. show these boys how to fuck." The boys watched the dad fuck the neighbor and their cocks got hard again. The dad was able to fuck the wet cunt for a long time before he filled her with cum. She moaned and told him "That felt so good. I was so horny after sucking your boys cocks." He then replied "Well now you get to show the boys what a hot slut you are and fuck each one of them. They have hard cocks and need a nice cunt to put their big rods in."

The dad watched as each son fucked the sexy neighbor. Cum was running out her cunt down her ass and onto the bed. He was proud of his boys. They had loads of cum and big hard cocks. He wanted them to get lots of pussy and she was a great way to teach them. She was sexy and loved to fuck. She was a classy slut. Soon they left and told her they would be back the next night.

The next day she laid in the sun with out her suit. She told Jo to come over and she took him in the house and pulled his shorts off. She told him "You have a man size cock for a young boy. Now fuck me and learn to last as long as you can before you cum. I am going to teach you boys to fuck a long time before you blow your wad in me." she then laid down and pulled Jo to her and he pushed his cock in her. "Go slow and deep. Enjoy my warm cunt around your hard cock. Fuck me like a man." Jo pushed his cock in and out and lasted for about thirty minutes. When he came in her she kissed him and pushed her tongue in his mouth and told him "You did good. We just need to practice. Now lick your cum from my hole and you may go home till next time we fuck."

Every day she fucked the boys till they had good stamina. All night she fucked their dad and sometimes the boys would come with him but mainly she fucked the boys in the day and daddy at night. She loved the cocks on her horny neighbors. She loved to fuck. Jo could fuck for over an hour before he would blow his wad and his b*****rs were getting better but they were younger and just had to learn to control their cocks. They had man size cocks and she loved fucking them. They were young boys with big thick cocks and it was fun teaching them how to cunt fuck. Jo had already moved to ass fucking. She loved his cock in her ass as she loved his dad's. Soon she was going to fuck them both at the same time with Jo in her ass and dad in her cunt. It would be great. Now every day she stayed naked and waited for one of the boys to come over and fuck or get their cock sucked. Some days they all stayed naked all day at her house and she would suck one cock as another fucked her. She loved being the guys slut.

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