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My fantasy

I was sitting on a train when the conductor came to check the tickets, I fumbled in my bag but couldn't find it, I'll come back in a few mintes he said. The two old men sitting opposite were smiling "I can't find my purse" I said my ticket is in there" I was panicking now, it just wasn't there. "You'll get a heavy fine" one said. "tell you what, show us your tits and we'll help you find it" what harm can that do I thought, so I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my tits out. "Let us have a feel" he said, they came over and sat down next to me eiher side, they started touching, tweaking and pinching my nipples. bl**dy hell I thought they must be about 75 and they're making me wet. One put his hand on one thigh the other on the other thigh and pulled my legs apart sliding a hand up to my now throbbing cunt. "Bet you're wet" he said "let me have a feel" he pulled my panties to one side and started touching me up, rubbing, flicking god I was wet. One of the men got up and set up a video camera, were they setting me up? but I was so wet and horny now I didn't care, I was up for anything, the camera rolled. They removed all my clothes, I was naked now and they were finger fucking me while each sucking a tit my legs splayed and my cunt now open to their fingers and the camera. I was made to suck one cock then the other, the dirty old fuckers were hard as rocks now. Concious the conductor wouldn't be long I was told to get on all fours, I had one cock in my mouth the other fucking my dripping cunt. Every now and again my face was turned towards the camera I was so horny I came quick, after a couple of minutes they pulled out and came over me, I had cum dripping down my tits and dripping down my belly. "Get dressed quick" one said, you could see the wet cum through my blouse as I dressed. As the conductor came back one handed me my purse "you must have dropped it" he said smiling. When the conductor left one asked "are you married?" yes I said "well I took the liberty of writing down your address, if you agree to me pimping you out to my friends I won't send him the tape"..............and there starts another fatasy!!!

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