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A morning surprise encounter

A morning surprise encounter by MaxMon

Jack felt frustrated because his girlfriend did not want to have early morning sex with him before she went to work. At thirty-five years old his sex drive was still interminable as an average teenager, if not insatiable. They had sex frequently and last night was enough for her, since at six-thirty in the morning she still felt sore. She complained he was too rough with her last night in that he fucked her too hard with his big cock and she needed more time to recover. Tracy ignored his request for a blow job, and left shortly thereafter to teach a class at the local community college.

Jack felt delighted to spend the first Monday of his vacation in bed, and planned to remain there until noon if not longer. At seven-thirty he sat back on the king-sized waterbed masturbating while watching a porno movie entitled Dirty Debutantes. He heard the shower running in the master bathroom and knew it was Tracy’s teenager daughter, Katy, so he kept the volume low knowing she had to leave for school soon, which would leave the whole house to himself.

His mind drifted to thoughts of Katy taking a shower. He had detailed fantasies about her wearing a cheerleader outfit or a short skirt, and assumed such thoughts go through the minds of many an ‘older’ man, who had to contend with a girlfriend’s beautiful daughter. He envisioned the water cascading down her long brown hair, across her firm breasts, and taught belly, dripping onto her soft thighs, how she would at that very moment lather her smooth skin with thick body soap, perhaps touching herself as she showered.

The porno film progressed to a scene where a well hung black man stood playing with himself in front of a pretty young armature woman who had her eyes covered with her hands. The director said, “It’s nothing bad, Jenny, it is just something you probably have never seen before.” He asked her to remove her hands from her eyes, and she was confronted by his large penis dangling in front of her face; as the camera filmed an authentic look of surprise and curiosity she commented upon its length and thickness.

He heard the shower turn off, so he muted the sound thinking she would soon retire to her bedroom, and then off she would go to class. He was turned on by the flick, and continued to masturbate while watching this naive actress expertly suck on Jake’s dick. Then, the phone rang and surprised the hell out of him. Before it rang another time the bathroom door slammed open and a buck naked Katy sprang into the room heading for the phone.

She noticed Jack and stopped dead in her tracks. They both were startled at each other’s presence. Katy stood there looking at Jack, dick in hand in mid-stroke. He looked so vulnerable, exposed and surprised. Katy glanced at the porno movie on the television, instinctively covered her genital area with both hands and stood like that for a moment, just staring at Jack’s erect member.

She said, while retreating back into the bathroom, “Fuck, Jack, I thought you went to work!” The phone rang again. She said, “Can you get that? I’m expecting a call from Shawna, who is supposed to pick me up for school.” Jack didn’t say anything, but he pulled a sheet across his midsection, leaned over and answered the phone.

He said, “Hang on Shawna. She will be with you in just a moment,” and put the phone on the night table.

Katy came back into the bedroom, her body covered by a large beach towel wrapped around her chest. Her hair was dripping wet, and Jack noticed that the towel barely covered her tight ass, since he could see her thighs were still dripping wet, as well. She carried a smaller towel, and while she walked to the phone she wrapped the towel around her hair like a turban.

This all happened so fast Jack forgot about the movie. He said, “Shit,” and fumbled about looking for the remote control.

Katy could see what he was doing- trying to find the remote so he could turn off the porno film- and said as she picked up the phone, “Leave it on, Jack… it looks interesting.” On the television the young teen lay on her back while Jake inserted his dick into her wet pussy, and the expression on the girls face was that of shock mixed with pleasure.

Katy said, “Shawna thanks for calling.”

Jack could hear the muffled response from Shawna, and then Katy ate replied, “I just walked in on my mom’s boyfriend naked and jerking off, not knowing he was home,” followed by another reply Jack could not discern. She said, “Yeah, he caught me nude while making a b-line for the phone.”

Jack barely made out Shawna’s reply,” Did he like seeing your body naked?”

Katy said to Jack inquisitively, “She wants to know if you though my body was hot?”

Jack looked up at her, standing off his right shoulder holding the phone. “I really didn’t get a good look… since we both were startled and all.”

Katy laughed and told Shawna, “He said he wanted to get a better look at me, but I saw him, too, and he was jerking off like a champ!”

Jack felt concerned Katy would say such a thing to her friend while he lay there, waiting for her to get off the phone and leave. He could hear what sounded like laughter, and another garbled question from Shawna.

Katy replied enthusiastically, “Frigging huge, Shawna… you would not believe how big it is, my god… biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

Jack again glanced up and saw Katy smiling, staring at his bulge through the sheet. He felt even more naked now because he couldn’t cover up any further, other than putting a pillow over his dick, so he looked down to see what she could see. Although his hard-on lay flat across his belly the sheet outlined it pretty well.

Jack said, “Come on, Katy ; don’t talk to your friend like that… I feel embarrassed.”

Katy placed her hand over the receiver and said to Jack quietly, “With a cock like that you have nothing to be embarrassed about.” She removed her hand and said to Shawna, “Anyway, how was your date with Rob last night?” They fell into small talk as teens often do.

While Shawna was talking Katy cupped the receiver again and said, “I’m sorry I interrupted you… go ahead and jerk off if you want to; I don’t mind,” and continued her conversation with Shawna. “I hated that movie, it was so boring… did Rob try to kiss you after he put his arm around you?”

Jack thought about how inconsequential Katy was acting, and wondered if he did masturbate in front of her whether she would tell Tracy. So, he placed his hands behind his back and thought about the situation. He really wanted to jerk off in front of her because the notion really turned him on, to see the expression on Katy’s face when he copped-a-nut.

Katy motioned to Jack to pull down the sheet while she was talking. She slid the phone down to her towel for a brief moment and said, “Go ahead… I won’t tell!” She asked into the phone, “So are you going to see him this weekend? Maybe you want to spend more time with him?”

Jack didn’t feel comfortable, so he took no action. He looked down and could see his hard dick throbbing against his belly.

After another minute of small talk she put her hand on the receiver and said, “I want to watch you jerk that big cock… what do I have to say to convince you I won’t say anything?” She frowned and kicked the bed. She rolled her eyes back, and motioned him to remove the sheet and go at it. With no response, Katy grasp her towel and let it drop to the floor thinking that if he could see her naked he most certainly would realize she wasn’t going to say anything to her mother. She said into the phone, “I think Bill and I are going to Tyrone’s party on Saturday- you and Rob should come with us.”

Jack could see how confident Katy was about her body. After the towel dropped away she stood there as if it were nothing. She continued to talk with Shawna as if he were not lying there with a big hard on watching a porno movie on the television; it was as if she were merely in casual conversation with her girlfriend. He turned and looked at her breasts, which were average in size, but had such pretty pink areola, and her perky nipples stood out a good half-inch. She was flushed around her neck, and her midsection was hard as a rock. She gave him eye contact as if to say, go ahead and check me out because I am proud of my hot young body.

She said into the phone, “Tina is such a slut. I hope she doesn’t go…,” she motioned to Jack to reveal himself since she stood there naked before him feeling unembarrassed. She continued, “ I think she wears way too much make-up..”

Jack lowered the sheet, and then pulled it completely off of his body. His cock lay stretched out three inches above his belly button, but he didn’t touch it. Instead, he looked at Katy’s face, as her eyes took in his naked body.

After looking at his well toned body for a while she turned her back toward him, and grabbed her ass cheek with her free hand, showing Jack her tight ass and a glimmer of her pussy. She gave herself a light spank, and then slowly turned back to catch Jack’s expression of virility, forcing himself not to reach out and grab her ass himself. She smiled gleefully, and whispered while pointing across the bed, “Lube it up and let me see you stroke it.”

Katy watched while babbling to Shawna over the phone, as Jack squirted clear lubricant onto his dick and started to massage himself with his hands.

She thought she had never seen such a beautiful cock before, with such a thick shaft and crowned by such a perfectly shaped head, as if it were made to guide deep into her pussy. She was really turned on now, and found it increasingly more difficult to follow her conversation with Shawna. She lifted the phone over her head for a moment and said, “You are even bigger than that porno stud on the TV. What a wonderful cock, Jack,” before she returned to her conversation.

Jack felt such mixed emotions, but realized his ability to reason was gone, that passion had taken precedence over judgment. He slowly stroked his cock, clasping it at the base and squeezing it so Katy could see him fully erect. It felt so strange, her watching him so intensely while he jerked off. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed she dropped her hand to her pussy and gently rubbed it. She started to play with herself while watching him jerk off.

Katy said to Shawna, “Are you going to let Rob fuck the shit out of you this weekend,” as if taking their conversation to an increased state of arousal, while she toyed with her labia and clitoris. She moaned, “God, he is so cute I’d sure like to fuck him, Shawna, if you don’t…”

Katy said to Jack without realizing that she also spoke into the phone, “Fuck, you have the most beautiful fat cock…” Shawna replied somewhat confused and she corrected herself, “…I said I bet Rob has a beautiful fat cock…” She worked her fingers into her wet pussy, and Jack turned his head so he could watch her fingers disappear into her wet, now frothing, pussy.

While still holding the mouthpiece Katy shifted the base of the phone to the side of the bed and gracefully jumped onto Jack’s abdomen. She sat there looking down at Jack, who looked back up at her, looking at her well shaped breasts which stood out between them. “No, I doubt I will bring any beer to the party. I do plan to bring a covered dish, though.”

Jack licked her nipples and felt her free hand fall behind her to stroke on his cock that sat rubbing between her ass cheeks. She rubbed his balls and stroked on his cock-head ever so lightly. Jack pressed both thumbs to the top of her vagina and slowly stroked her clit, rubbing it gently with his slick thumbs.

Katy said into the phone, “I don’t know I was thinking about…” she moaned loudly in response to Jack’s handyman work,” ...ohhhh fuck… potato salad.”

Jack could hear Shawna say, “Was that a hell of a moan; Are you playing with yourself again, Girlfriend?”

Katy quickly responded, “I am getting a little worked up thinking about the boys and covered dishes, for some reason.” She rubbed the head of Jack’s cock around her pussy lips while Jack continued to stroke her using his well placed hands. “Tell me more about how you let Rob lick on your big tits…”

She placed the head of Jack’s prick into her and grunted another loud moan, “…Holy shit. That feels so fucking good.”

Shawna asked, “Does this qualify as phone sex? I mean, I don’t want to have phone sex with you, you know.”

Katy replied, “It’s only phone sex if you are touching yourself, too. So tell me more about Rob while I get myself off.” She slowly lowered herself onto Jack’s huge dick, taking him all the way into her in one slow stroke, and then rested there with him fully inside her. After a moment listening to Shawna, she said panting, “Fuck, I hope he will push his huge cock deep inside of you and rub your clit with his thumbs while you ride him.” She gasped in pleasure as she raised and lowered herself upon him.

Shawna said, “Man, you sure sound turned on over there. I have never heard you talk so descriptively about sex before.”

Katy put the phone down and plowed into Jack’s cock as if her life depended on it. She hopped up and down without letting him fall out once. She felt his dick stroking deeper inside and could feel him buried in her belly. She was so turned on by the sensation she was closer and closer to orgasm with each smooth stroke. She felt so good, and an evil aspect of fucking her mother’s boyfriend hit her with a tinge of guilt, yet she was aroused even further by it, remembering how she could here Jack fuck her for hours just about every night.

She heard Jack groaning quietly so as to not be heard over the phone, and realized her conversation was detraction from this great sex. Coming closer and closer to climax she grabbed the phone and said, “Shawna, pick me up in a half hour,” then she hung up the phone. She said, “Fuck, Jack, your dick feels fantastic deep inside of me. God, it such a fat dick… I love how it feels.”

Jack moaned louder now, and was amazed at how well Katy controlled her body, thrashing herself up and down, and bucking on his cock. While he rubbed her breasts and grasped her hips to support her movement, he thought how surprisingly sensual she was and how naturally good she was at sex, too. She spun around while keeping his dick inside of her, as he spread his legs so as to not impede her intention; she pounded her ass up and down in reverse-cowboy position, now feeling his balls against her clit. She took hold of the bed post so that she could push back even harder. He rocked the waterbed into motion, thrusting to meet her skilled strokes.

“Fuck me, Jack… shove that cock into me harder…harder… ohhhh…. I’m going to come…. I’m so close… Don’t come, Jack… wait…. I’m…going…to…come…,” she shouted at the peak of her passion. She thrust herself fully down to the hilt and squirmed, convulsively tightening her firm abdominal and inner thigh muscles uncontrollably.

After her orgasm Katy quickly dismounted, and spun around to suck on Jack’s cock. She looked golden, her beautiful young face softened by her orgasm, yet her eyes were filled with erotic poignancy, as if determined to see Jack come, and come quickly. She sucked the head of his dick in her mouth and flicked its backside using great pressure brought to bare by her incredibly strong tongue. At the same time she grabbed his cock with both hands and slowly stroked it. All along she looked straight in his eyes; she watched for signs that he was ready to explode.

Jack was amazed he didn’t orgasm with her, but her cries brought him back from the brink, and how he was now repaid for his self-control, by Katy’s ambitious cock sucking skills. It was like she was in some kind of a race to get him off. She jerked her head up and down so fast it felt like she was still pounding him with her tight pussy. But it was that thick tongue that did the trick, the pressure under the head of his cock drove him quickly toward an orgasm.

“My god, Katy, where the fuck did you learn how to do that? Fuck that feels so good!” He could feel his orgasm building like a freight train rolling down a slight grade, ever so slowly picking up speed, with each thrust of her sucking mouth.

While she slapped the head of his dick on the outside of her cheeks she asked, “Were do you want to come, Jack? Do you want to come in my mouth, on my face or on my tits? What is your pleasure?” She bore back down on his dick while he thought about it. She could feel him tense up, knowing he was ready to come.

“Fuck that feels so fucking good… I don’t care… I’m going to come… oh my god, I am coming…”

Katy pushed in as much as she could and felt him spurt into the back of her throat. She rubbed his balls and continued to suck hard until he stopped coming. She let his come flow out of her mouth onto his cock, then she lapped it up with her tongue. She knew how to get it all, and she sucked him dry by dribbling out his come, licking it up, and then sucking hard on him while slowly stroking his shaft.

Jack came hard, and felt thrilled to have this little tart for a treat. As he softened Katy swallowed, took a deep breath and slid his cock deep into her throat. She held it there for at least a minute before she slid it back out. She gave his cock a polite kiss, and said, “Such a beautiful cock I could suck on you all day… but I have to go to school.” She grabbed his balls in a firm grip and said with menace in her voice, “If ever you tell anyone we did this I’ll cut your balls off… you fucking hear me?”

Jack said, “Not a sole… please let go… I won’t tell anyone… what you think I’m fucking crazy?”

She jumped up from the bed and headed back toward the bathroom. She turned to make sure he was watching, and saw he was looking at her fine ass. She said, “This never happened!” and disappeared into the bathroom.

The door closed and Jack lay back, closed his eyes in preparation for a nap and said to himself, “What a hot fucking bitch- just like her Mother.”


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