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I started working in a small office in lancashire back in the 80s as an 18year old. There were only six of us then plus Vicky the secretary, a woman of 41years of age, absolutely gorgous in looks with slim tight body and small pert breasts. Vicky was married but as it turned out not very happily and she liked nothing better than to flirt with the males. In summer time she would wear very short tight low cut flimsy dresses with open light footwear, in winter short skirts white blouses, always unbottoned to the bra which gave a glimpse of her small cleavage, black high heels and nylon clad legs. I often wondered if the nylon was that of a pair of tights or that of stockings held up with suspenders. Stockings and suspenders were for me at the age of 18 a thing of pure fantisy, no girls my age ever wore them and I often fantasised what it would be like if Vicky came into my office sat on the desk with her skirt riding up to expose her legs and reveal that she was indeed wearing the sexiest garmnets made to man.

One particular morning I hade cause to go into recetion where Vicky was sat typing at her desk, I had to kneel on the floor in front of the desk to sort some papers, it was the dsigh od desk that had a top with a soild infill at each end but was open from front to back. As i worked away I could see Vicky sat at her desk, her legs about 2 feet away from me and what a sight it was.
I could almost see to the top of her legs but not quite, I was desparate for her to move slightly,to increase the width between her kness to expose her legs further and confirm my fantisy that she did indeed wear stockings and suspenders. As I carried on working glancing every second or so at Vickys nylon clad legs she said "can you see ok down there" Wow - I thought, if only you knew what my reply would love to be. She then added that the desk top computer may be blocking my light. I wasted no time in saying that it was rather dark, hoping beyond hope that this would spure her into moving position slightly. "not really" I replied. At this Vicky stood up, shit I thought thats the end of that, she then moved the desktop and sat back down. "is that better" she asked "can you see more clearly now"?. Could i see more clearly???she had sat back down with her kness just about as far apart as she could get them with her skirt high around her thighs. The view was astounding, yes she was wearing stockings, I gazed in wonderment at the naked flesh between her stocking tops and her white panties, my fantisy fullfilled, a mature woman in the office wearing stockings and suspenders. I reached out and stroked her leg carefully with my hand as if by accident "o sorry" I said waiting for her you move swiftly away, "thats ok" she replied "it was rather nice" I took this as a signal and did it again, she stayed sat there motionless, at that I moved further under the desk and began running both my hands up and down those magical stockinged legs, she slipped slowly down in her chair as i massaged my way further and further up her legs until I reached the exposed naked flesh. the next thing I knew i was licking the soft tender flesh above her stocking tops and then moving aside her white panties I moved on to her hairy pussy. I as licked away she began to moan quietly, i was in heaven, I was actually licking the pussy of a mature beatuful woman, every 18year olds dream come true. All i wanted now was to put my throbbing cock into this aged and very wet pussy. "Stop" she said not here come with me. At this she pulled her skirt down stood up took me by the hand and led me to the filling room. As we walked there my heart was thumping nearly as much as my cock, I just wanted toi have Vicky and quickly. We evenatually arrived in the room where she turned and kissed my on the lips, "you can have me here" she wispered. At that she slowly tokk off her blouse and skirt, there she stood before me a sight to behold in black bra stockings and suspenders, I then took off her bra and gently kissed her nipples, she threw her head back and moaned again quietly. I could wait no longer, I put my cock into her wet and tight love hole and began to pump away. It was like being in a dream, a beautiful woman in front of me moaning in the pleasure that i was giving her, i was somewhat inexperienced and it was not long before my load was released into her. I appologised immediately as i thought she would be disappointed. "Dont worry" she said "I havent had as much attention as that for years now" "you will last longer next time". NEXT TIME I thought - bl**dy fantastic - and so began a three year relationship with a fantastic mature woman.

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