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An evening with my Master (i wish) Part II

You leave me lying on the bed, i have no idea if you are still in the room of not, but all i can hear is the slight hum of the clit stimulator, initially it starts as a total pleasur, to feel this against my pussy is bliss, i can feel the excitement and pleasure building. I moan in pleasure, i start to bite my lips as it hits the spot, however, it is not long before this pleasure turns to desire, to unadulterated wanton pleasure, it is building, but it is not enough to bring me to orgasm.
I lay on the bed, unable to move my hands with my hips starting to roll, i try and move to a position where i would get what i and desparate for, the intensity of it is building. I start to beg

"please, please let me cum, please Sir"

all i hear in return is a laugh, you are not in the same room as me, i don't know where you are but you are not far away, you can hear me moaning and begging and pleading.

It is building and building, bringing me to the edge of orgasm but not enough to push me over.

"oh god, please sir, please let me cum"

"if you don't keep quite i will have to gag you fuckpig, now you don't want that do you?"
you whisper in my ear, as your hand runs down my my tit to my nipple and you first gently squeeze it then you squeeze harder and harder until i am moaning in pain. You know that squeezing my nipples heightens my pleasure and in doing so torturing me.

"please sir, please let me cum"

"oh dear, i will have to gag you, pity, i was enjoying your moaning"

I hear you open a draw and then you put something in my mouth and tie it to the back of my head, a ball gag.
You rise and i assume leave the bedroom, but i can't be sure.
The intensity of the pleasure is too much, i am writhing, i want so much to cum.

You leave me like this for i don't know how long, could be hours, could only be minutes, i have no idea.

Eventually you come back and sit by my side, again you run you hand over my voluptousness, all the way down to my puss. You stop the stimulator and take it off and put your fingers between my legs, i am soaking wet, the sheet under me is wet, you rub your fingers along my clit and then rub it,slowly as i start to moan again and hope that you will allow me to cum, but you don't.
No sooner have you started you stop.

"not yet, my fuckpig, not yet"

You remove the ball gag and with your finger you start to scoop up your cum that is still on my face and with the juices of my pussy already on your fingers mixed with your cum you f***e my mouth open for me to suck and lick them, lick them clear of the juices.
Once done you lean over and kiss me hard on the mouth, searching for my tongue, as i kiss you back, i love your kisses, i love your taste, i want your tongue also.
You then release me from my binding and then take off my blindfold.

Once standing, you take my hands behind my back and tie them tight and tell me to kneel.

"i want your fat ass in the air and head on the floor, now"

I immediately fall to the floor and put myself in the required position.
My legs apart, i feel your hand run over my arse, and you slap it several times.
One booted foot right by my face, i hear you unbuckle your belt and know immediately what you are going to do.
You start to slap my arse with your belt, soft, slowly you run the belt over my arse and back, then you slap me again, and again, and you start to whip me with your belt, at this point your boot is on my neck ensuring i can't move.
I love to be here, under your boot, you know that, it is my place, my rightful place. I am in a position where i can offer my holes to you, yet you can whip me also. The perfect position for a sub.

As you beat me with your belt, i cry in pain, yet try to say thank you through it all.
I can feel the burning sensation build. I can imagine the markings you will leave me with.
Tears in my eyes i thank you after every painful stroke.
You play with me, you play with my mind, as you swish your belt through the air and not touch me and you know i quiver at this, you laugh at me.

With a glowing red arse, you remove your boot from me and unzip your jeans.
I can see how hard you are, i can see that you require satisfaction and i know exactly how you will do this.
You get behind me and finger my arse hole, then you insert your hard cock inside me, temptingly first then you thrust your cock hard inside me, i moan in both pleasure and pain, i love to feel your hard cock in my ass, but there is no lubrication, not playing first to get me used to anal.
You thrust in and out of my ass hole, until you can't anymore and explode inside me.

You then sit on the edge of the bed and order me to get up.
I kneel at your feet,head bowed. You stroke the side of my face and lift my chin.

"you can be a good girl when you want to be, and you please me so very much"

"thank you Sir, i want to please you, i want you to take whatever you want from me for your own pleasure"

You bend down and kiss me again.

"clean me up"

I lean in and take your cock in my mouth as i clean you up, a filthy fuckpig on her knees at her masters feet cleaning his cock which has just been in a fuckpigs ass, just where i belong. As i am cleaning your cock you untie my hands.
Once i have licked you clean you order me to lick your boots and then take them off.
I kneel down and lick them, saviouring every minute of being here with you.
I then proceed to take your boots off and bow my head again and put my hands behind my back.
You grab my nipples and squeeze them hard.

"i am hungry, make me something to eat"

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