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An evening with my Master (i wish) Part I

I enter the house and the silence engulf's me. I know i am late, but it
couldn't be helped. I tried to get away earlier, but something came up.
As i close the door behind me i quickly get undressed, get on my knees
and crawl to the sitting room. I don't dare walk, you could appear at
any time.
I kneel in the door way and can see you sitting in the chair, with a
bottle of beer in hand. I lower my head immediately, eyes resting on
the floor in front of me. I can feel your gaze on me, i take deep
breaths and can feel tears in my eyes as i know i have disappointed

"come here" you bark at me.

I quickly crawl over to you and kneel at your feet, you still have your
boots on.

"fuckpig, you are late, i am not impressed"

"no Sir, i am sorry Sir"

You come closer to me, grab my hair and make me look you in the eyes.

"i don't want to hear sorry, you disobeyed me and it is not acceptable"

"no sir"

You then run the bottle of beer over the side of my face, it is
extremely cold, then you slap my face a few times and tears well in my
eyes again.
You let go of my hair and run the bottle over my tits and nipples. The
coldness of it makes me shiver and you laugh at me. You know it is not
just the coldness of the bottle that makes me shiver, you know what i
am thinking, you know i am apprehensive.
You then dribble some beer over my tits then tell me to suck them, lick
up all the beer on my tits.
I take my tits in my hand and start licking them.

"suck your nipples" you order.
I take a nipple in my mouth and suck it.

"i want to see you bite your nipple, hard" you say

i take a nipple between my teeth and bite,


I try to bite harder, but it is painful and i let the nipple out of my
You slap me round the face calling me a useless fuckpig.

You then grab my nipples and start to twist them and lift them up,
making me moan out in pain, i daren't beg you to stop, you look
straight into my face as you do this, i close my eyes and a tear
escapes down my face. You then drop then.

"thank you sir"

"now what will i do with you, you were late and you just disobeyed me,
what punishment would fit that i wonder" you say

I remain silent, knowing that you do not expect
a reply, and am quivering.

You then order me to lay back and open my legs wide, thankfully my
pussy is as you require it, smooth and perfectly shaven.
You throw the bottle down at me and order me to fuck myself infront of
you with it, you want to watch as i insert the bottle inside my already
wet pussy.
I hesitate, you know that this is humiliating to me. You slap my legs
several times.

"fuck yourself fuckpig, i want to see you fuck yourself"

I take the bottle and start to insert it inside my pussy, the narrow
top first, i slide it in and out a few times. I feel totally
humiliated, as you sit and watch me.

"Now take it out and suck and lick it as if it is my cock"

I do as told, i take it out and then start to suck it and lick it,
tasting my juices and the beer. I run my tongue up and down the side of
the narrow part, then suck it.

"fuck yourself again" you order.

Slowly i insert the bottle inside me again.

"push it right in fuckpig, i want to see it deep inside your fuckpig
pussy, i want to see the whole bottle up there"

I push it in, deeper and deeper, but as i get to the wider part of the
bottle it is painful, i can't push it in any futher. I try but the pain
overwhelms me. You the kneel between my legs, take the bottle and push
it inside me.

"you can take this, calm yourself and let it slide in, just relax"

you push it in further and futher, the pain is hard to take, but i take
it as it is what you want, i moan out in pain as with one hand you
stroke my leg and it is inside me, the bottle is deep inside me, you
start to thrust it in and out of my sopping wet pussy. The pain is
overtaken my pleasure and it is not long before i start to moan in
pleasure, you know i am enjoying this as you continue.

You take the bottle out and again make me lick it clean of my juices.

"get up, i think you have had a bit too much pleasure, we will have to
remedy that"

I get up and you drag me to the bedroom by my arm and throw me down on
the bed.
You tie me to the bed spreadeagled, face up.
You then blindfold me, i am helpless and i cannot see.
You run your hands over my tits and down to my wet pussy, gently you
rub my clit, fingers running up and down it, and then you thrust them
inside me.
Covered in my juices you f***e them into my mouth, i lick them eagerly.

I then hear you unzip your jeans and you get ontop of me and i can feel
your hard cock inside me, and i start to moan in total pleasure, my
master is on top of me and you are deep inside me, what more could a
sub want. As i bask in the total pleasure of being in this place, a
place i don't want to leave, you pull out and with your knees on either
side of my head f***e your cock deep into my mouth, i start to suck it
quickly and hungrily.
Deep into my throat you push your cock, making me gag, thrusting your
hard cock in and out of my slut mouth, deep throating me, and leaving
your cock there, i am gagging, but i cannot move, you have me pinned to
the bed, i cannot move my head at all. You then take your cock out and
cum all over my face and over my lips and i automatically lick me lips
to taste your hot cum.

You then get up and i hear a draw open and close.
You rub your hand between my legs, my clit is twitching, you know it
won't take much for me to cum, you also know i will never ask or beg
unless given permission.

You lay something on my belly and pussy, i am not quite sure if it is a
cane or the horse whip. You leave me to ponder this for a few minutes.
You then lift it and crack down hard on my pussy, as i cry out in pain.
Again you do this, again i cry in pain.

"What do you say fuckpig"

"thank you Sir"

"give me a number between 10 and 15 fuckpig"

ൔ Sir"

"Okay, i will double that and that will be 24 of the whip on your pussy
and after every stroke you tell me the number and say thank you sir, if
you lose your place or are wrong we start at the beginning"

I take a sharp intake of breath, i have never been whipped on my pussy

"yes Sir"

You start relatively gently, the first few are reasonably soft, but by
5 you start to whip me harder, and as the whipping goes on it gets
harder and harder until i am crying in pain, thanking you after every
painful stroke.

You finally reach 24. I can feel the burning of my pussy, i can only
imagine how red and marked it is, i glow at the thought of being marked
by you, but can feel the heat of the pain. You rub your hand over the

You then attach a clit stimulator to my pussy, and turn it on to its
lowest speed, after a few seconds i start to feel the vibration, it is
just on the edge of my clit, not enough to make me cum, but enough to
bring me close to cumming.

You lean over me and kiss me hard on the mouth.

"Good girl, you took that very well, i am pleased with you. The next
part of your punishment is just starting, you will not cum, you will
not beg to cum, if you do you will be pussy whipped again, do you
understand fuckpig"

"yes sir, i understand"

At this you leave me, marked, moaning in pleasure, wet and still have
your cum on my face, just a perfect fuckpig tied to the bed, just where
i should be and how i should look, a filthy fuckpig sub.

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