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A Primitive Hope Ch. 02

"Miss Wilson has asked for you to come with me." Said Fiona.

"You know Cindi?" I asked in dire hope. "Where is she?" I replied, knowing full well I wasn't about to go off with some behemoth stranger.

Fiona reached between her ample cleavage, bringing out a small note that she handed to me. Taking it, I opened it up to see a very familiar style of handwriting. It was Cindi's.

"My Dearest Kristen. Please trust Fiona. She will take you to me. This will all make sense soon, my love. Trust it... Love, Cindi." Read the small note.

Looking up, my eyes filled themselves with the astonishing image of this incredible woman. Her arms were so colossal that they bowed, hanging from her side. Breasts that were so inviting and full, bursting over the top of her ivory tinged dress. Small slivers of her spaghetti straps seemed to scantily grasp the dress that outlined her brawny frame. I was either going to be appalled by this creature, or thoughtfully aroused by what she could perhaps do to me.

"Okay." I uttered under my breath.

A warm smile came across her rigid face. I found myself profoundly intoxicated by her look and stature.

"Miss Wilson deeply cares for you, Miss Sanders." Said Fiona. "You have nothing to fear with me. I hope you realize that."

I tipped my head to the side, casting her a telling smile. My flirtatious side was obviously surfacing, which I hoped she could pick up on. My smile was met with a vivid look of acceptance and willingness. If there was any moment in my life where I wanted nothing more than raw untamed sex, now was that time. I had never imagined myself making love to such a woman until now. And it took my breath away.

Fiona informed me that my room was no longer needed, and promptly offered to take my bags. Watching her move inside, my gaze was rooted to her invigorating appearance. When I suggested to help, she politely refused as she easily lifted my two suitcases. I knew they were heavy since I had to have the Bellhop help me with them up to the room, but the way Fiona carried them was simply refreshing to watch. Her skillful stride was graceful, yet determined as we left the room, and made our way down the hallway. Once downstairs at the main lobby, Fiona motioned for me to join her at the front desk, where she promptly paid for my room with cash, requesting that the clerk reimburse my credit card in full. I interrupted in haste...

"You're not here to spend money. You're here to grow." She whispered as she raised her left hand, cupping my jaw with a gentle fingertip.

Her mere touch dissolved my essence in front of the entire Hotel staff... I know Fiona must have heard me sigh because she hinted yet another wooing grin... I was simply taken by this unusual, yet exceedingly radiant woman whose only goal (it seemed) was to care for me in every manner known. Her bald head... those ripe muscles... her broad and mighty chest.

Outside, Fiona had a limousine waiting for our arrival. The driver quickly took my bags from Fiona as she opened the door for me. Wow... I hadn't felt this pampered in years. This was going to be very nice. As I moved to get in, I could notice all the people around us look at Fiona, and her incredible frame. What an erotic pairing we both would make... strong powerful flesh against soft, motherly skin... Oh my...

Fiona sat across from me on the way out of the casino. She simply ordered the driver "home" as we left, driving under the dazzling lights of Las Vegas. Fiona poured me a towering glass of champagne, handing it to me with the finesse of a true lady. Accepting her drink with a coy smile, she leaned back in her seat to look at me fully.

"Miss Wilson says that you and she used to work out together." Fiona said as she poured herself a drink too.

"Yes." I said, sipping the rich champagne. "We loved it."

With a warm smile, Fiona spoke in a whisper; "So do I."

With another sip, I crossed my legs as I got comfortable. I wanted to know more about this woman... this divine figure of grace and power.

"I can tell." I replied in burgeoning fondness. "You're... so... so beautiful."

"Thank you, Miss Sanders." She replied, taking a lengthy sip from her glass.

"Oh, please call me Kristen." I said, still throwing her as many signals as I could.

God, I wanted this woman. I wanted her to ravage me with those ferocious arms. If this was to be our mating charade, I was all for it. But what on Earth was Cindi thinking by sending this sumptuous savage to my door? Was Fiona her lover? Her bodyguard? I just had to know, yet didn't want to ruin this rare opportunity to bed this divine female. For being heterosexual all of my life, I felt as if I was falling right into the lifestyle of a true lesbian... a voracious woman in need of a touch from a similar individual.

Our journey soon had us out beyond the city, and into the darkness of the surrounding desert. I had already drank three glasses of Fiona's extravagant champagne, and was asking for another. I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings since the obscurity didn't reveal much of anything around me. All I could do was gawk at Fiona's smooth bare legs in front of me... those agile muscles begging for a suitable caress, or possibly a long glaze from my moistened tongue. And as she poured the intoxicating liquor into my glass, our eyes froze together in a serious gaze. I knew at that exact moment that my trip was fully justified in every notion. Her smooth, bald head gleamed in the faint light of the limousine's interior... my instincts yearning to cradle that sleek orb between my plentiful breasts. To feel those strong inviting arms surround my frame... It was all I could take. I lunged for her lips with my own... colliding against hers in breathless desire. I shuddered in fantastic rhapsody knowing I was kissing this irresistible woman. Yet for all of her training and obvious weight lifting, Fiona's lips held the most tactile sensuality. The delicate texture softening as our saliva coupled together in boiling charm. And her balmy fragrance permeating my nostrils... It was beyond anything that I had expected. My hands reached behind her, grasping that smooth skull I found so attractive... feeling it's sleek texture beneath my sweaty palms as our tongues merged in complete unity and eagerness. Her manly sigh only fueled my efforts as our arms cloaked each other in undisciplined fervor... My lips broke their hold, gulping down my anxiety as her fearless limbs swaddled the small of my back. I buckled, she tightened...

I didn't know it, but we had arrived at her home just as soon as the kiss started. Fiona unwillingly concluded the kiss as I tried to continue it. Shaking her head no, she lovingly grasped her hand in mine as she opened the limousine door. I understood that we had to come back down to Earth so we could unload, and go inside. And as I stood out, I saw that we were already inside a spacious garage. An entire fleet of rare and antique cars were all perfectly aligned, brilliant in their cleanliness. The driver rushed around to get my baggage as Fiona clutched my hand in hers. Not a word was spoken as we made our way to a nearby elevator... this was very odd indeed. My mind naturally questioned where we were at, yet the words Cindi wrote to me soothed any fears. 'Trust it.' So I did.

The elevator lowered us down for what seemed an eternity. Looking at the control panel, I was amazed to see over two dozen levels within this complex. If this was some sort of a seduction, then I was certainly not going to voice any concerns whatsoever. Yet I felt safe standing beside Fiona's protective posture. It just felt right to trust her. The doors hissed open as Fiona led me to a nearby bedroom, which was vast and quite impressive. The only sound that could be heard was a low humm, obviously some type of air or power unit. But inside the room, there were dozens of candles that illuminated it's cozy atmosphere. The walls were decorated in some type of ancient asian motif which I had never seen before. Setting my bags beside the huge bed, Fiona turned to face me at long last.

"I hope you find this to your liking, Ma'am." She quietly voiced.

"It's very nice. Thank you." I replied, unsure if she was going to join me.

Closing the distance between us, Fiona lifted her arms to caress my flushed face.

"Make yourself comfortable. I'll be back down later." She whispered as a kiss drifted between our deprived lips.

I knew she didn't want to leave, but sensed that she was following some other agenda that was not of her devise. Leaning in to embrace her, she reluctantly stepped away, and walked out my bedroom door. Gazing at her defined hips as she sauntered out, my heart swam in the soothing waters of luxurious exultation. God I hoped she would come back, and soon...

Unpacking my belongings, I started to become familiar with my new surroundings. With no television or phone, I began to wonder about. In an adjacent room, I found the washroom to be a spacious chamber that smelled of lovely native scents. It exuded a woodland aroma with fresh exotic flowers placed all around. The bathtub was utterly huge. It must have been the size of a small backyard pool. The pool let off a slow steam from it's surface with a bright shimmering light cast from it's depths.

"This is a nice switch." I thought to myself as I remembered my modest, cramped apartment back in Chicago.

I knelt beside the inviting waters of the bath, putting my hand in to see if it was warm enough for a bath. Indeed it was, and I was quickly back in my room to shed my clothes. It felt wonderful to be fully nude in this exotic setting. It was almost like a jungle inside the washroom... Extensive foliage that covered the walls from side to side, numerous torches that were anchored to the walls to give off enough light to see. I felt like so out of place being here, yet there was something so pleasant about this. I relaxed all of my misgivings, and slowly stepped into the warm pool. A long sigh followed as I eased below the surface. Oh, this was by far much more luxurious than any hotel room. Stretching my arms out, I sank into the pool until I was fully submerged. My long mane of styled hair lost it's form as I swam through the lagoon. Rising up for air, I bellowed out my complete euphoria as my entire frame relished the infinite sensations my body was feeling. I felt alive again... pure... whole.

"I see you found your bath." Said a familiar voice from afar.

Looking over my drenched shoulder, my eyes noticed Fiona standing there at the edge of the lagoon, now dressed in a sleek robe that hung from her powerful frame. The thin fabric held a deep blue, polished texture, accenting every bulging muscle she possessed. Her arms reached up to slide off the elegant kimono. Crippled in awe, I watched as this woman's fully nude body was tediously unveiled. Gliding beyond those annular shoulders, down further along the fertile knolls of her bosom, along that ripped abdomen I so wanted to feel against my own... The fabric fell to her ankles as she stepped into the water. I couldn't move. I stood still as I watched this mammoth creature ease into the lagoon with me. I felt as if I were a meek a****l in the wild... a creature just like her, plucked from it's habitat to mate with her in the most ferine manner known. Her arms extended outward, allowing the surface of the waters to graze her palms... Her primitive appearance enthralled me so... no eye brows, no hair at all on that unimaginable frame. Nothing but skin... soft, yet commanding flesh that was coming closer and closer. Her gaze was latched to mine as the sounds of rippling water was the only timbre that could be noticed. I turned to meet her as our bodies came within inches of one another. Her gaze held a measureless intensity to it... a simple, yet rigorous expression of need. My eyes fell to her breasts, and to her robust forelimbs. My hands extended out to place themselves upon her wrists, fluttering higher along their athletic form... I had to feel those muscles for myself... to appreciate this majestic woman whom held my every breath. I couldn't believe how fabulous those muscles felt beneath my fingertips. Her eyes fell shut as my scrutiny proceeded ever so slowly. Her languid breath fell warmed my forehead as my hands reached the colossal boulders atop her arms. There wasn't an ounce of soft flesh anywhere on her body, except for those lips that I so longed to suckle from. My arms lifted higher so my hands could roam down her rigid back... our foreheads pressed together as I inadvertently committed her physique to memory. My touch soon caressed the thickness of her backside, clutching each stiff globe of her rugged ass. She soon surrendered to the painstaking exploration I found myself basking in by taking my womanly frame in her own mighty grip. Her fingers crept along my wide hips, only to clasp them as she spryly brought me into her embrace. I let out a bellowing gasp as I felt her breasts press against my own... Thrusting my neck back, she sank her teeth into my bare neck.

"Oh my God!" I shouted as her tongue thrashed violently against my skin.

A series of low moans came from her lungs as her arms easily wrapped around my waist, hoisting me from the water. Her bald head buried itself between my dripping breasts... mouth agape as she inhaled as much breast flesh as possible into her famished mouth. I lovingly cradled her smooth head as I felt her entire frame press against me. My mind was inundated with boundless thoughts and images of our sumptuous union. How I would love to be an observer right now... to witness the erotic contrast of our bodies... a mighty b**st matched against a buxom woman.

Fiona carried me to the steps of the lagoon as she lifted me from the water. Both arms carried me as a man would his woman on their wedding night... One arm tucked beneath my thighs, while the other held my back... Yet this wasn't anything close to that uninspiring notion. We were both solely focused on one thing... My hands relaxed behind her bulky neck as my drenched mane of hair spread out along her rugged, glimmering chest. I could hear the downpour of the water falling from our bodies as Fiona effortlessly sustained my body, carrying me into my bedroom. I lifted my head to gaze into those turquoise eyes... completely vanquished in this sapphic seduction. She took notice of my stare as a loving smile ensued. I was twisted downward onto the bed as her mouth met mine in a sizzling kiss... Now on my back, Fiona came to rest atop me as her massive arms supported her weight... Our lips were anchored together as her tongue zestfully filled my mouth. The mere power this woman had over me left me helpless in her wake. Still soaked from our bath, I clutched her cumbersome shoulders as our kiss became one of the deepest, soulful kisses I have ever confronted. There was simply no turning back now. Fiona could do whatever she wanted with me, and I was going to be her willing harlot.

The hunger between us was unquenchable. No words were uttered in the hours that followed... Fiona and I united together in the most impeccable way two women could. Every action she bestowed upon my ravaged body convinced me beyond any doubt that I was forever a lesbian... a woman whose destiny had been fulfilled... completed. No other man could ever hope to bring me the joy and rapture that Fiona blessed me with that night. Yet every deed she awarded me with caused me to match her intensity twice fold. For for the first time in my life, I finally tasted the essence of another woman... to see this tremendous body of muscle yield to my loving tongue made me delirious with fervor. Tasting the moist folds of her essence, only to find her clitoris crystallized my irrefutable fate... Even though this was my first real encounter with a woman, I knew just as she did what to do and where to touch. It's a language that only two women truly understand. A secret doctrine that once discovered, leads to eternal brilliance. I watched as her body teetered on the breathless cusp of orgasm... her savage behavior inspiring my tongue to suckle more. Muscular thighs pressed against my face, hands entwined together as she rocked back and forth between delirium and orgasm. The loud, raspy resonance of her bold gasps... thin layers of perspiration now made her body shine in felicity. She looked as if she were some Greek Goddess perched upon her altar of authority-- completely helpless to the dedicated tenderness of another female. It was then my inner most compulsions surfaced, and she was about to partake in this forbidden feast.

Clutching those strapping legs, I motioned her over on her stomach. Still winded, she grasped the satin sheets in her mighty grip as my hands roamed across the sculpted globes of her ass. Rigid with muscle, yet still preserving their spherical form, my palms kneaded her flesh with the finesse it so rightfully deserved. I once saw this taboo deed in a porn long ago, and had since grown tobe astonished by it's sensual significance. Looking down at each moist globe, my mouth fell upon her right cheek. Opening my mouth as wide as it could go, I splayed my tongue flat upon the flesh... hungrily lapping every inch of that ass. She could hear my frantic groans of necessity as I traced the sturdy tiers of her muscles with my flat tongue... My saliva dribbled out, lathering the ass flesh like a gaunt savage with it's first real feast. My fingernails dug into the skin, raking across her rounded contours ever so wickedly. My hot breath cascaded upon the quivering skin as Fiona violently thrust her fist into the bed. Looking up between her elevated cheeks, I saw her head swaying in the bliss of my anal assault. With my left hand, I reached up to her back and dug my long fingernails into the bronzed flesh, as if they were claws. Descending to her ass, scr****g the skin as my mouth sank deep between the delicious cleavage of her ass. My lustful moans now were muffled between her cheeks as my tongue deluged the entire length of her crevice. I could tell that no tongue had ever given her this wondrous sensation... the look on her face said it all as she turned around to look at my face completely drowned in ass flesh. Our eyes shared a telling gaze of affirmation as my tongue circled her fragile orifice... Her mouth made an O shape as did my lips, now fully sealed to her asshole... My hands calmly rested upon both cheeks as I glazed her opening with my soggy saliva... marinating it for the forthcoming puncturing of her ass. Her entire back tightened as my tongue begged for her acceptance. Short winded, Fiona eased her hesitation and felt the spicy warmth of my tongue gain it's entry... Drawing in a long wailing breath, Fiona collapsed as her head fell to the pillow as her tart warmth enveloped my tongue. If Cindi could only see me now... If my Mother only knew what I was doing at this moment...

All of the training and bodybuilding Fiona put herself through still couldn't tone up the muscles of her bowels, which was now being delicately swabbed by my frantic tongue. I was lost in the moment... focused on nothing but her, and my immersed tongue. She was so warm inside... so tantalizing. I couldn't believe that my tongue was lodged deep inside a woman's ass... and I was loving every fleeting second of it. My fingers stretched her cheeks apart for a vulgar thrust... I felt her sphincter grip my tongue, yet that didn't hinder my quest for this ultimate haven of nourishment and wonder.

Fiona cried out, I stabbed her again... she bucked, I clutched... we were learning our skills together as one. I wanted so much more of this... to be consumed by her whole... I would have put my entire body inside her ass if I could have, that's how deep our affinity was swelling. I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life making love to this creature of muscle and flesh...

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