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Sandi's world of fashion pt 9

After letting Katherine rest for a few minutes, I tried to decide which toy I wanted to use but Tammi said she wanted to try the toy the regular way. She spread her legs wide so I could put the toy in her pussy, but as soon as I turned it on, her hands were full of bedding as the toy wormed its way into her. I stopped moving it into her about halfway in and waited while the toy continued to turn inside her pussy. When I allowed it to go further, I turned the tongue on. She wasn't prepared for the constant stroking of the tongue over her tender flesh and she went off like a moon shot, twisting away from me to draw her body inward. I turned it off, but left it buried in her pussy because I wanted to see what happened when I reversed direction. I'd forgotten that the tongue was still out until I turned it on, sending her into yet another orgasm. I let her calm completely but then I watched in surprise and shock at the sheer volume of cum that poured from her pussy with every turn of the shaft as I pulled it from her battered pussy,

I took the toy in to clean it up, bringing them some damp cloths to let them clean up a bit.

"Katherine, did I make you too sensitive to do any more tonight?" I asked.

"I'm out of the action for a little while," she said.

"I think I am too," Tammi said. "I love that toy, but it does seem to leave you a little tender in spots. If they would use a softer material for the tongue it would be even better."

"It doesn't last long," I said. "About ten minutes later I was ready for more."

"I'm missing something Katherine, Tammi said.

"What's that?" Katherine asked. "Did you leave it in the other room?"

"Oh no, it's right here," she said, pushing me back on the bed. "I've often wondered how my friend here would taste and I still don't know."

"She's very sweet and yummy," Katherine said, "but you should taste for yourself, don't you think?"

"Oh I agree," she said, I may need some help though because I plan on making up for lost time and I think she's going to be hard to control."

"I think we need to warm her up a little first. Do you prefer the left breast or the right one?"

"Are her nipples nice and sensitive?"

"Try the right one," Katherine replied. "I think that's the one that's wired to her clit."

By the time they got done chewing on my nipples, I was so wet I was sure there was a puddle under me. The louder I moaned and mewled, the harder they chewed and tugged at me. I tried to get my fingers on my clit but they were having none of that.

Tammi was the first to move down between my legs, licking all my juices off without going into my slit. I was so ready, I shoved my pussy into her face but she spanked my ass and told me to hold still. Like that was going to happen in this lifetime.

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