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Sandi's world of fashion pt 8

When she calmed enough, she got off the chair and went into the bathroom.

"That is the effect of our new vibrating panty," Tammi said. "In this case, I had the remote control, but if you wish, you can carry the remote in an inconspicuous place to keep yourself in a pre-organic state for as long as you want. It's great to watch other's reactions to your obvious self pleasure."

There were so many different styles of vibrators that she chose to split them into two groups, one before the break and another after the break. She started with the miniature models such as the pocket rockets and the finger vibes, then she showed them the ones I was using. One looks like a lipstick but the one I like the most of that type looks like a bottle of nail polish. When you open it, you find the little whisker vibe that sends me into such euphoric orbits. She asked if anyone had one and my little Kelli said she had one a wonderful friend had given her. When Tammi asked if she would show everyone how effective it was, she said she would if the wonderful friend would help her.

"Just try to stop me," I said.

When she came forward, I took her in my arms to whisper something to her. She smiled and allowed me to strip her from the waist down.. She got on the platform with her feet toward the audience and spread her legs wide to show them her beautiful pussy. She put a pillow under her ass so her pussy was pushed upward. Instead of getting between her legs, I chose to straddle her body so everyone could see how the vibe was used and how her body reacted to it.

In short order, she was squirming, whimpering, and moaning. When she came, her hips were in the air and her fingers were dug into the pad. Her eyes were wide open, almost a golden color and drool streaked down her cheeks. With a final squeal, she poured her nectars out over my hand. It was so delicious I went back for seconds.

As she went to clean herself up, I told Tammi she'd better have a lot of those in stock. She just smiled and nodded.

Shortly after that, Tammi said she was going to show a toy never seen before.

"I purchased this toy through a research group that develops new toys. It may or not be available here in the near future."

The toy she displayed wasn't that intimidating once you took the time to study it. Of course, I was checking it out very closely to visualize what it was going to do to me.

It was perhaps nine or ten inches in length, with a rather unusual position for the clit stimulator, since it seemed to be further back on the toy than most, and right behind that was a cylinder that was quite a bit larger than the toy itself.

"Now," she began, "you might have noticed that there is a barrel right behind the rabbit feature, which is itself a new type. Housed in this barrel is a spring mechanism and a small motor. This can be used in two modes."

She lifted a small inflated donut, slipping it over the business end of the toy.

"When using this toy, you have three choices. You can use it as a regular dildo or you can push the toy in deep, compress the spring and the rabbit is held tight to your clit, or you can hold it there and press the control and the motor will alternately press and release, press and release. Without even pumping the toy into you, you can and will achieve an orgasm like this. Once the spring is compressed, you can still screw yourself silly because the spring will keep the rabbit tight to your body. Try doing that with your regular vibe. The head can rotate if you wish, and the area right behind the head is a bead type vibe that will shake you up. It's a wild toy and I can tell you that if you ever get one, it may be your favorite, or at least till you see the last toy of the day.

Now, ladies, one lucky winner will get to demonstrate for us. Sandi, will you choose the woman who will be your partner?"

I made of big show of mixing the numbers up and reached in for the winner.

"The lucky winner is, oh wait, I almost forgot did I tell you the one about...?"

First they laughed, and then they started yelling for me to tell them who won.

"Number six," I said.

A woman of about fifty jumped to her feet, screaming and holding up her number.

"Oh my god, oh my god, I've never won anything in my life," she said

When she got to the stage, I took her shoulders in my hands and told her to look at me.

"What is your name?"

"Ginger," she said.

"Ginger, do you know what you're going to have to do?"

"I'm not sure," she said. "I don't know what you want me to do."

"I'm not sure myself," I said, "but you have to be willing to be naked and have sex with me in front of all these women."

"I want to do it," she said.

"All right, but there's no backing out once we get started."

"I won't."

"Ok, let's see what we got ourselves into."

Tammi handed Ginger one of the toys and showed her how to utilize the spring loaded clit massager.

"Sandi, if you'll get on the platform and spread your legs real wide for us, I'll walk Ginger through the operation of the toy."

I pulled my knees up so every one could watch as she pushed it into me. Tammi had her move it in and out so she could see how the spring held the massager on my clit.

"That clit rabbit isn't very comfortable," I said.

"Oh dear, I forgot to take the cover off," she said, as she reached down to slide the plastic cover off. Now, when Ginger pushed it into me I almost screamed. The massager was v shaped with my clit between the two v's .

"Turn the vibe on," Tammi said. .

"Where are the controls?" Ginger asked.

"Right here," Tammi said, showing her a remote operator. "Here, I'll show you,"

We heard a buzzing sound but I didn't feel anything.

"What's it supposed to be doing?" I asked.

Tammi fucked me with it a few strokes, then pulled it out and sucked on it.

"Umm, tasty," she said. "Oh wait, I see the problem, I didn't put the other part on."

"Oh hold on," I said. "What other part?"

"The part the plugs in right here," she said, removing a plastic cover to reveal a round hole in the side of the toy, just behind the clit rabbit. She reached under the table and pulled out a weird looking purple toy that was about ten inches long and about medium thickness. It was sort of a long J shape, with the j portion plugging into the toy..

"I think you'll feel it now," she said.

It was quickly apparent that the top of the J was going into my ass, but just as Ginger pushed it into me, Tammi stopped her once again.

"I think it would be much better if you were naked, Ginger," she said.

I studied the audience as she helped Ginger get naked and noticed that most of the women were already naked from the waist down and their tops were open with their breasts hanging free.

Once Ginger was naked, Tammi had yet another surprise.

"This toy is so much better when shared with someone else," she said, pulling an identical toy from beneath the table. "Ginger, Sandi wants to fuck you with this one but you'll have to get into a sixty nine for that to work."

The audience was getting more active now, knowing they were watching something very exciting and erotic beyond belief. She crawled over me to put her head between my legs, while straddling me with her pussy and anus front and center.

"Ok," Tammi said, "I think it's time to see what those toys are capable of. I'm going to help you out, "she said. "All you have to do is push it in and keep those rabbit ears wrapped around her clit. I'll do the rest to start with."

Just putting that toy in her pussy had me so aroused I wanted to come and I knew it wouldn't take much of that body beater to do the job. I had just barely got the clit rabbit lined up when Tammi started it going with a strong vibration that brought a scream from both of us.

"OH MY GOD, we both screamed at once.

"Oh fuck!" Ginger cried. "Oh my god, it's so fast."

"Oh shit," I cried. "Oh my god, I'm going to cum. Oh, oh, oh, ooooooh FUCK"

'Yes, yes, oh my god yes," Ginger cried. "I'm commmmmmmmingggg. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. SHIT! Oh, oh, oh."

I had to put my hand up to get Tammi to stop.

"Oh my god, that's too fast." I said.

"I cheated," Tammi said. "I turned it on high to get you off quick. Did it work?"

Oh god, that's so dangerous, "Ginger said.

"Let's see what else we have here," Tammi said, as the vibe in my pussy began to shake more violently than I'd ever known anything to shake, even stronger than my favorite bone rattler.

At the same time, it began to twist and turn as the head rotated around and around and a vibrating finger of some kind began moving up and down the inside walls of our pussies. It was just too much to take and we flew over the top so hard we couldn't breathe.

We had time to catch our breath but just as we thought we were done, the purple probe deep in my ass began to twist and vibrate. She started it on slow but didn't stay there long but it wasn't as crazy as the clit attachment was, at least not at first. We were both pushing our asses into the toy to get more when she turned it on high and my body reacted with a spine twisting, orgasm that pulled our bodies into a fetal roll as our stomach and thigh muscles began to spasm so hard it felt like menstrual cramps from my breasts to my feet. Oh god, it hurt so good. I think the whole county heard our screams.

When it was over, I just lay there with Ginger collapsed on top of me. I pulled the toy out and tried to lick her cum away but didn't have the strength to do it. Tammi took the toys from us and helped us to sit up but we weren't going any where for a while.

Everyone else was cleaning themselves up to go to break except for Katherine and Lisa who came up to help us clean up and get some cold water while we recovered.

"Are you two all right?" Katherine asked.

"I just want to lay here for a week," Ginger said. "Oh my god that was so intense. I've never ever come that hard before."

"Feels like I've been to an all night orgy, I agreed. "I'm so thoroughly fucked out that I'm going to have to rest for a while or I won't be able to do anything later."

"Why don't the two of you go rest for awhile. I'll save you some lunch for later," Katherine said. "Tammi can handle it for awhile and if she needs some help, she can get some volunteers."

We didn't resist the suggestion at all as we headed for the bedroom,.

"Are you sore anywhere?" I asked.

"Not sore," she said, "just a bit sensitive. That clit rabbit is so fast and so strong. I almost came when she turned it on."

"I know," I said. "The anal probe alone could give me a bunch of orgasms but working against that crazy vibe in my pussy just kept me coming and coming."

We crawled into the bed and curled against each other before falling asl**p.

It seemed as though we had just gotten to sl**p when Katherine woke me to tell me that Tammi wanted me. I slipped out from Ginger's warm body and went to the bathroom where I peed and put on the robe I found there. After a cold water face washing, I ran a brush through my tangled hair and headed out for the party.

Lisa and another woman were waiting for me so I could see them demonstrate a new toy that Tammi had just gotten in from the Far East.

"I think we've all used, or at least seen, the usual double ended dildo. The one I'm about to show you is entirely different and is the first of its kind. First of all, you will notice that it isn't very thick as dildo's go. The cock heads are just average sized, perhaps even a bit smaller. The shafts start at an inch and a quarter right behind the head and gradually thicken to just about two inches at the middle. The length of each dildo is just a little less than ten inches. You'll also notice that rather than buttons or ridges, the shaft is shaped to simulate the effect of ben-wa balls. How many of you have figured out the main difference in this toy?"

Three hands went up so she pointed to one of the women.

"It's designed for anal play," the woman said.

"You win a toy," Tammi said. "It is designed just for anal play to maximize the feeling we get when a cock head pops through our sphincter. To maximize the benefit of this toy, I am having the two ladies wear a Zenith strap on butterfly clit vibe. The combination will give them a ride they won't soon forget. As an added bonus, there is a very strong vibe built into the heads. I challenge you to last more than fifteen minutes with this toy unless you stop and start, and you won't want to stop once you get it working it way into your bowels."

She applied a generous coat of lube to the entire dildo and put the women on all fours, with Lisa's legs inside the other woman's. This allowed their asses to come completely together with no space between them. They leaned forward enough to allow Tammi to coat their entire anal area with lube, before pushing the dildos in far enough to slip past their sphincters and into their bowels. There was a yelp from Lisa and a cry from the other woman, but then it was in their rectums.

She then pointed out the padded cushion in front of each woman where she told them to place their hands. When she told them to start, they began to slowly work the dildo in deeper and deeper. Each time one of the bulged areas popped through their sphincter, they cried out but after the toy was in about half way, they just grunted with the passage of each bulge. Several times, one of them said to stop to allow their rectums and bowels to adjust to the intrusion. Eventually, and after many groans, moans and whimpers, their bodies were butt to butt. They paused for a second, to catch their breath before beginning slow strokes against each other. It wasn't long though, before they began to drive harder until their ass cheeks were slamming into each other with a loud slap with each stroke. Eight minutes after they started, Lisa said she was going to come and the other woman just nodded. They both had their fingers dug into the padded cushions like death grips and then they both screamed as Tammi turned the butterfly vibes on high. They rammed their asses together again and again, crying out in as the orgasms hit.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck," Lisa cried, and Just as she came, she squealed over and over.

The other woman wasn't as loud as Lisa, but as her orgasm hit, she growled louder and louder until she made a final cry and dropped to the platform, the dildo still in her ass and the vibe still working against her clit. With a violent shudder, come bubbled out around the dildo to run over her pussy.

Lisa continued to shudder with each spasm until Tammi turned off the vibes. She had come so hard I expected her to squirt but like the other woman, she just oozed come with each shudder and spasm, a creamy stream running down and over the lips of her pussy.

It was enough to ensure that every woman in the audience came either from masturbation or at the hands of their partners.

As the show continued, I went to take a quick shower and get my own robe before returning to watch the end of the show.

When I drew the number, there was a squeal from the audience and sweet tasty Kelli ran to the stage. I could not have chosen a better partner. She was smiling when she got there and the kisses we exchanged were genuine in their passion.

Tammi lifted a toy from under the sheet and held it up for everyone to see.

"This is something brand new," she said. "In fact, it is so new that I haven't tested it yet. I'm a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to get the toy I promised Sandi but I'll let you know when it arrives. This is a rather deceptive little thing though. The ridges that spiral around it are like several others on the market, but there is a major difference. Watch what happens when I turn it on."

After a second's hesitation, the shaft began to rotate.

"This toy literally screws you," she said. "All you have to do is get it started and it screws itself into you until you either stop it from rotating or hold it while it continues to rotate but doesn't advance. Now, there is one other feature that I really, really wanted to try but we'll watch the reaction we get from Sandi and Kelli. Have you ever wished your partner could lick you all the way to your cervix? Good news, ladies, just a push of this button and a nice long tongue slides out and even if you stop the rotation, the tongue keeps licking wherever you want it to lick until you can't stand it any more."

She gave us each a toy and a remote control. We stripped and got into a sixty-nine position. She put some lube on each toy and told us to put it in just about three inches.

"Let's see what this does to us," I told Kelli.

It had to be the strangest but most awesome sensation to feel that toy crawl through our pussies and deep into our bodies. I left it on but stopped it when it touched my cervix because I didn't want to risk any damage there.

"Let's try the tongue" I suggested.

At first, I tried it with the rotation still on but then without rotation and quickly learned that it really did feel like someone was licking me in there and it drove me insane. After a minute or so of that, I suggested we slowly pull it out. Oh my god. That was an awesome tongue. I finally turned the speed up to finish off with a spectacular orgasm but when I began to pull it out, Tammi stopped me.

"Let's try something," she said. She took my remote from me and reversed the rotation to let it crawl back out and I came again. Then she stopped it and told Kelli to stop it as well.

"Ladies, you've got to see this," she said.

When the women were gathered around us, she turned it on again and I heard everyone gasp and I heard Katherine the loudest.

"Oh my god, look at that," she said. "I've never seen anything like it."

"Now that everyone's had a good look at my pussy, can someone tell me what's going on?"

"Sandi, it's pulling all the come out of you and it's just as though you were a fountain of delicious creamy come."

In fact, the women were scooping up our come and sucking it off their fingers. Tammi took some from me to give to Kelli, and then fed me some of Kelli's.

Neither of us wanted to let her have the toy back so she wrapped them in towels and gave us the boxes they came in. I fully intended to use it on both of my room mates that night.

The rest of the party was just taking care of the business end of the festivities and mingling with everyone. I could tell that Katherine was anxious to get us in her bed and to tell you the truth, I was anxious to get a piece of Tammi's ass myself.

We were the lucky ones because Tammi had all the toys in our room, including a few we hadn't seen yet. We didn't go directly for the toys at first, though. We tackled Tammi when she came into the room and before she could say a word we had her stripped and on the bed with her nipples in our teeth while our fingers had our way with her. She never had a chance between the two of us and we had her begging for an orgasm in just a few short minutes. Katherine climbed into a sixty nine with her while I chose to fuck her very tight pussy silly with my fingers. The sound of their oncoming orgasms got me so hot that I pounded into her with a new vigor until they both came. I ate her pussy until she came again, and then allowed her to recover while I went for the last toy we used.

"I want to try something, I said. I got between Katherine's legs and tried to turn the tongue on, holding it in front of her pussy, but it wouldn't work until Tammi told me I had to start the main motor first. Once I had it working, I held it in front of her pussy while Tammi reached down to spread her open. I held it against her clit for a few minutes until she had tears in her eyes from the stress. Once I stopped, Tammi went down on her and she went wild in an extreme orgasm.

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