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Frankie fucks in the coffee shop

Frankie’s meeting had finished early and she now had an hour and a half to waste before she was due at her next one.

She decided to go and look for a coffee shop which had wireless so she could check her emails in peace.

She picked one of the chain coffee shops feeling sure they would have wireless.

Today she was dressed in a black skirt suit, skirt knee length with her customary lace top hold ups and kitten heel shoes for comfort.

She ordered her coffee and found a corner where no on one else sitting, opened her laptop and started to check her emails.

Sat at a table a couple of tables from hers, was Bob, Bob was between jobs so had decided to treat himself to a coffee, he was sat on his own, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt reading a newspaper.

He glanced across to the corner table to see Frankie and the first thing he noticed was her black nylon encased legs crossing and uncrossing under the table.

He tried not to stare as thoughts started to go through his head wondering if they could possibly be stockings or hold ups.

Frankie totally engrossed in what she was doing hadn’t even noticed the handsome guy with Brown hair and Green eyes a couple of tables away, as she was concentrating she wasn’t even aware she was crossing and uncrossing her legs either.

But Bob noticed and couldn’t take his eyes off them as he waited eagerly to get sight of the flash of a stocking top at the very least.

Bob was now starting to feel very uncomfortable and despite his silent pleading his cock was growing by the minute, pushing at his jeans for release, he tried to avert his eyes, but knew he couldn’t until he had seen what he wanted to see.

He knew he should go soon or he would be late for his next job, but he couldn’t possibly move yet as he felt sure the size of his erection would impede his ability to walk of the coffee shop.

Just when his cock thought it couldn’t take anymore, Frankie’s phone rang as she answered it her head went back as animatedly she spoke into it, laughing with whoever was on the other end, her hands playing with her hair she chatted away, forgetting where she was she removed her shoe and lifted herself up sitting back down with one leg under her.

Bob thought he was going to explode under table when he got the vision he had been waiting for, Frankie’s skirt pulled up just enough so that he saw the lace of her hold up, he didn’t know how he stopped himself from reaching down and taking his cock out and playing with it there and then.
He could feel his breathing getting heavier as his eyes fixed on the top of her leg the lace that was moving as she jiggled about still chatting on the phone.

Bob didn’t know how much more he could take, he had to have this woman now, all reasoning left him as he thought of a way to get her attention, he was still trying to read the paper in front of him but the words now blurred in to one.

Finally Frankie put down the phone and went back to her laptop, suddenly realising she had been sat on her leg up with a skirt on, she quickly moved her leg from under her and pulled her skirt as far down as it would go.

As she looked up to see if anyone had noticed she spotted Bob for the first time, how had she not noticed him before, she thought, embarrassed she put her head back down quickly.

Frankie couldn’t concentrate now on the email she was trying to send because all she could think was had the handsome man sat two tables away seen her put her legs on the seat and more to the point seen her hold ups.

The thoughts going through her head as she imagined he had, as she sneaked another look towards his table expecting him to be gone, her eyes met his, she was the first to look away as she felt sure she had felt his eyes burning into hers.

Bob was thinking now wildly what on earth could he do to get her attention back to him, now she had seen him, he felt sure she wanted it too, but what could he do?

Frankie still looking down at her laptop, seeking frantically in her brain, hoping it would tell her what she needed to write, nearly jumped of her chair as she heard a very loud sneeze, she looked up and it was the handsome guy two tables away, ‘I am so sorry for that, I don’t know where it came from’ he apologised to her.

‘Bless you, are there any more where that come from because if so can you give me some warning next time’ she said laughing.

Bob looked at her again and with her laughing noticed her green eyes sparkling back at him, as she said ‘oh well you can sneeze to your heart’s content now I need to make a move or I will be late for my next meeting’

Bob without realising his mouth had even moved replied ‘how late can you be?’

Frankie felt her pussy twitch as she stood up, while she packed her laptop away she found herself looking back at Bob but down under the table she noticed he was shifting uncomfortably. She felt sure she could see the outline of his cock trying to burst out of his jeans.

Oh fuck! She thought, a hard cock, now what am I going to do?

She hitched her skirt up as she walked towards him, just enough nylon on show, as she got closer he pulled his jacket over his crotch, as she reached his table she leaned into him and whispered ‘it would be rude for me not to offer to deal with your problem down there, don’t you think?’ As she pulled the coat away from him, she saw she was right about the large bump in his jeans.

Frankie walked off in the direction of the toilets, still clutching his jacket knowing from the look in his eyes he would soon follow.

Her pussy was already wet with anticipation at the thought of his hard cock, she knew exactly what she was going to do with it, yes she was going to be late for the meeting in fact she might not make it at all.

As she walked to the toilets she spotted a shower room next to the disabled toilets, she stopped and turned round to see if he had followed her as he slammed into her back, she could feel his cock on her arse, so she quickly opened the shower room door, pulled him in behind her and bolted it.

Before Bob could even open his mouth, Frankie not saying a word, dropped her laptop and handbag to the floor, fell to her knees in front of him, his belt undone, his button undone, his zip down, his cock finding its way into her mouth in one swift movement.

Bob’s head jerked back with the suddenness of it as Frankie got to work on his cock, licking up and down, tasting his precum, massaging his shaft, he moaned quietly as her tongue beat out a rhythm on his tip and circled the head, cupping his balls, he pulled her onto him as slowly he started to fuck her mouth, she tasted him, sucked at his precum and worked his shaft, he could feel his cum starting to move up as without warning she pulled her mouth away, turned round in front of him, bent over and lifted her skirt up, reached behind her with her hand and guided him into her pussy.

Frankie’s pussy was soaking wet as he slipped easily into her he quickly set up his own rhythm, his hands on her hips as he pulled her back onto his cock, he thrust all the way in, pulling her backwards and forwards along the length of his cock her juices now running down his shaft as his balls slapped into her arse.

This is one fucking horny woman I have here, Bob thought as he pumped and pulled her onto his cock, Frankie could feel herself squirting with every thrust now as she moaned biting her lip in case they were heard from outside, she was drawing bl**d now trying to keep quiet as his cock fucked her rudely from behind, her g-spot on fire, his cock feeling like a white hot flame inside her, she felt herself start the climb upwards as she lost all control of her mind and soul she pushed back into him with all her might as her climax hit, she felt his cock throb against her pulsing pussy walls as he pulled her back into him one last time, he bit down on her shoulder to stifle the scream as his cum shot ride inside her.

Frankie rode back against him, holding his cock inside her as their combined cum dribbled down their legs. Frankie still moving slowly back against him the last of his cum running from her pussy.

Finally he pulled out and Frankie stood up and pulled her skirt down, ripping off the hold ups and threw them in the bin.

She picked up her bag, combed her hair, sorted her makeup out, took out baby wipes and gently wiped his cock clean and then her own pussy.

Her thong was seeping wet through so she picked it up and threw that in the bin too, but Bob had other ideas as he fished it back out ‘I will keep this if you don’t mind, that was mind blowing and this will make me remember it later on when I play’ he sniffed at her juice, ‘Mmmmmm thank you’ he purred as he pushed them into his jacket pocket.

‘Names Bob by the way’ ‘Frankie’ she replied as she opened the door, kissed him on the lips, gathered her laptop and handbag and walked away.

Bob was left thinking had it all been a wonderful dream and would they ever meet again!!!

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