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Sandi's world of fashion pt 2

Sanderson's is one of the older stores, but very well known. I thought It was strange that I was instructed to go in through the side door and stop at the will-call desk. I asked for the name I had and one of the assistant managers led me to the back of the store, passing loaded stock carts, and boxed goods piled in what could best be described as junk stacks. We kept going and I was about ready to back out. What kind of an operation would be run from this dingy place?

"Go in there," she said, pointing to wooden door with a plaque hanging on it.

When I got closer, I could see that the plaque read, "Club Sanderson's-Model entrance only"

I tried to put on my best face and stepped inside. A tall, older woman stood and walked around me.

"Did you say that Desire' sent you?" she asked, as she ran her fingers through my light brown hair.

"Yes Ma'am," I said. "She works with me."

"Uh huh, I see," she said, standing back and looking at me. "Turn around."

I did a slow turn while she watched.

"Ok," she said, sitting on the corner of her desk. "You think you can model, but we'll have to find out."

"Yes Ma'am," I said, "but I don't think I'll have a problem learning."

"Well, let's see what we have to work with." she said. "Strip."

"What?" I asked. "I don't..."

"Look sweetie, do you want the job or not. If I'm going to pay you, I want to see what I get for the money. Now you decide. Either strip or leave. I don't have time for any nonsense."

I stripped down to my underwear.

"What are you stopping for?" she asked. "When I say strip, I mean everything."

I did as directed, standing naked with my panties around my ankles. She came over and ran her fingers over my breasts, then stepped behind me.

"Bend down," she said.

I bit my lip and did it. She ran her finger over my back, over the cheeks of my ass, and up my thighs. If she had gone any higher, her fingers would be inside me. She spread my ass cheeks and brushed over my anus and went back to sit on the corner of her desk.

"OK," she said. "You'll do. The customers have been asking for new girls and I think they'll just love you."

She pointed to a door beside her desk. "Go through that door and keep going till you see the double doors. Go inside and ask for Ginny. She'll get you started."

I bent to pick up my clothes.

"Leave them. They'll be there when you need them," she said.

"You want me to walk out there naked?" I asked.

"Get used to it sweetie. You'll be naked a lot around here. We don't have changing rooms. This isn't what you'd call high class."

I stepped through the room into a huge space. I could see the double doors at least thirty of forty feet away. Several people could be seen on one side of the room and their conversation turned to me. I wanted to run but kept my composure in spite of some trepidation.

In the next room, I quickly found Ginny, a large woman, who passed me off to a girl wearing just tiny thongs. She led me to a table, where I found various pieces of underwear, erotic negligees and very brief bikini swim suits.

"You'll wear these," she said. "That list shows what you are to wear with each cycle. Cycles are 15 minutes each unless a customer requests a private showing. If someone does that, they will pass you a card that has their number on it. As soon as you've shown the garment on the runway, you go to the end of the stage and go down the stairs. The private rooms are on the lower level. Her number will be on the room assigned to her. Remember, the more you sell, the more you earn. The happier you make the customer, the bigger the tip. Start with those red thongs. You're on in ten minutes. Put them on and get in that line over there right behind the red head in the yellow mini strings."

The music started, and the line of about ten women began to go to the stage. We were directed on the stage at ten minute intervals. I strutted out to cat calls and whistles that I hadn't expected from an all female audience. I made it all the way back to my table without getting a card, took a deep breath and stripped off the panties, stepping behind a tiny curtain to clean myself with a tissue before putting on the next garment, a filmy yellow see through teddy. I looked for panties but the girl next to me told me there were no panties with that garment.

On my third garment, a totally transparent gown so short it barely covered my ass, one of the customers, a woman that appeared to be in her early fifties, with dyed auburn hair, motioned me closer and put her hand under the garment to stroke over my ass.

"Nice fabric" she said, as she passed me her card. A chill ran over my body as I headed for the end of the stage to go to the lower level. Her number was on the third door I came to.

I went through the door and waited. A long, low chaise sat on one side and a wide chair with low arms was off to the other. Another door stood open to reveal a tiny bathroom with a washbasin and a toilet.

A few minutes later, she came into the room, threw her jacket on the end of the chaise and sat down.

"You're new," she said.

"Yes Ma'am," I said.

"Come over here," she said.

I had a feeling that nothing good was going to come of this, but I moved to stand before her.

"Yes, quite nice," she said. "It highlights your breasts beautifully."

She reached up and untied the cord that held it together, then reached up to fondle my breasts.

"Very nice. Quite firm. I like that."

"Ma'am," I said, pulling away from her.

She smiled. "You'll get used to this," she said. "We pay a great deal for the pleasure of spending some time with the girls. It's our little way of getting," shall we say," up close and personal."

"Yes Ma'am," I said, "but..."

"Oh don't worry, dear. I won't bite. Not this time, anyway."

She laughed at her own joke but I wasn't laughing. I hadn't expected this at all. Then I remembered Des's comment about 'a little one-on-one and realized that I hadn't been listening.

"Now come back over here," she said.

I f***ed my body back to her and stood quietly, tolerating her exploration of my breasts. When she began twisting and tugging at my nipples, my body decided that no matter how repulsive I thought the situation was, it liked what was going on. She sucked on them one after the other, several times and I had to bite my lip to hold back the moan.

"Give me the gown," she said. "I'm buying it."

Even though I knew I'd just made my first commission, I also knew that I was soon going to find out what it was going to cost me in humiliation and loss of dignity.

"You can go back to the show now," she said. "I want to see what else you're selling."

I didn't like the way she worded that but in a way, she was right either way. I was selling myself either as a toy or as a model of intimate apparel with hands-on demonstrations.

She signed the back of her card and passed it to me as she left. I went to the bathroom to take a "bitch bath", rinsing my mouth with some mouthwash I found. before returning to slip into the second garment.

The next garment on the table was a string bikini of infinitesimal pieces of tangerine colored plastic, lined with a satiny fabric. It concealed absolutely nothing. I felt like I was a billboard for a house of ill repute as I headed for the runway, knowing what was waiting for me.

She had her card out already, anticipating my walk, since she already knew what the next item on the program was. She winked and handed me the card, and I thought for a minute, there was going to be a cat fight when a woman near her tried to hand me her card first. I took her card and went back to her room. The peignoir was already boxed and waiting for her. I wanted to see what she paid for it but was afraid of getting caught.

She was smiling as she returned. "I've been waiting for this," she said. "My neighbor will look enchanting when she tans. Let's get a closer look at you."

I moved over to stand in front of her. She reached up and removed the top, letting it fall to the floor. Without any pretense, she began sucking and biting my nipples as her hand roamed over my ass, then between my legs.

"Open your legs to me dear," she said.

Her fingers cupped my sex and one finger probed at my anus. It was getting harder and harder to fight off a need I'd never felt before at the hands of a woman. Seconds later, her thumb was rubbing over my clit while her finger probed more insistently at my anus.

"Turn around dear," she said.

I turned and she slipped a finger into the leg band to make first direct contact with my labia. I no longer had the ability to conceal the moans that came from somewhere deep inside.

"That's better dear," she said. "Now let's get these off."

With that, she untied the bottoms to let them fall. Her fingers now penetrated me, sending my body to the point that would deny any attempt I might feel to stop her. She pumped into me and I found myself leaning forward to give her more access. That's when I felt a finger pressing against my anus.

"Bend over for me, please," she said. I bent down, gripping my legs for balance.

She spread my cheeks and began licking my anus, probing into me with her tongue.

A minute later, she pushed her finger into me and returned to fucking me with the other hand. Seconds later, a second finger was f***ed into my ass and I was well on my way to my first orgasm.

When I got close, she began to drive into me harder while she bit my ass cheeks.

When I came, she spun me around and dove into me, lapping at the fluids bubbling from my pussy.

"Very tasty," she said, "very tasty indeed.

"I have to go," I said. "I still have more garments..."

"I already bought them," she said, guiding me to the chaise.

She stripped off her skirt and panties and laid down. She wasn't extremely fat or anything, but I knew I was expected to go down on her and her thighs were going to make that harder to do. She moved up to give me room and put cushions under her hips to raise her pussy higher. She smiled then and motioned for me to get between her legs.

I have to admit that at first, she was somewhat repulsive with fat labia and heavy thighs but when I found her clit, it was quite large, bl**d engorged and distended to the point that it looked almost like a tiny cock. She was very sensitive there and was almost screaming every time I sucked on it. I tried to get my fingers in her anus but wasn't able to.

"Wait, wait," she yelled.

I stopped and waited as she reached down to get her bag, pulling out a long, slender dildo with a cock head on it. I pushed it into her and fucked her with deep strokes for awhile, then pushed it against her anus. She yelped when it popped through and groaned loudly when I worked it in deep. As soon as I had it all the way in, I moved it in short strokes while I went back to her clit. Minutes later, her whole body shook and she cried out as her orgasm hit. She came with a gush of creamy white that I licked at tentatively, then faster as I discovered it wasn't bad at all. In fact, it tasted pretty good.

When it was over, she pulled me up to kiss me. She cleaned herself with a moist towelette, then cleaned me as well. She wrote something on the back of her card and signed it, handing it back to me.

I turned to leave, but she called me back.

"A little thank you, dear," she said, passing me some folded up bills. I kissed her and left.

I palmed the money and went back to my table, where I found my clothes waiting for me. I dressed and wrote the style numbers on her cards, handing them to the woman that was collecting them.

"You had a good day, honey," she said.

"I know," I said, turning to walk away

I ran to my car, shaking inside. With the smell of too much sex filling the car and the taste of stale cum still in my throat, I felt like I was going to hurl but I fought back the impulse, but then all of the emotions I'd been holding in hit me at the same time and I lost it. I started crying as I pawed through my purse looking for some gum or cough drops. I needed something to get rid of that taste. It was like a shadow hanging over me to remind me of what I'd done.

There was no nice way to say it. I was paid to prostitute myself for a wealthy woman. I was officially the one person I despised. I was a hooker. A prostitute...a slut. I'd allowed a woman to fuck me and suck me. I'd sucked and fucked an overweight pervert and now I felt sick to my stomach.

The car door opened and I looked up to see Desire' looking down at me. I turned away from her and put my head on my hands.

She handed me a pack of gum which I ripped open to put it all in my mouth at once.

"Come on," she said "you need a drink."

I shook my head. "I need a shower."

"You can't wash it off, Sandi," she said. "It has to have time to fade away."

She pulled me from the car and took me in her arms while I cried.

"Why didn't you warn me?" I asked.

"I thought I did," she said. "I guess I wasn't specific enough. I'm sorry."

She led me over to her SUV and I was too weak and confused to resist.I leaned against the door, drawing my knees up, with my feet on the seat. Keeping my head down, I put my hands behind my head for whatever reason. I'm not sure how long we had been driving when we wound up in the driveway of a nice ranch house.

"My folks are in Europe," she said. "Come on in and I'll fix you a drink."

Once we were in the house, I sat on the couch while she made me a tequila sunrise. I sipped at it without saying anything. It tasted foul but it was better than before.

"Are you feeling better now," she asked.

"I'm a whore, Desire," I finally said. "How do I make that better?"

"Technically, I suppose," she said, "but a well paid whore."

"You're not helping anything," I said.

"Listen to me, Sandi. It's not like some filthy man fucked you for fifty bucks in an ally somewhere."

"It doesn't matter," I said. "I allowed a woman to fuck me for money."

"OK you allowed a woman to fuck you. The money was just her way to say thank you for being her friend."

"You make it sound so right," I said.

"You will too, later." She said. "It's the only way to cope with it."

She got me another drink and left the room. I didn't know how much I made from her purchases, but the folded bills she handed me were three one hundred dollar bills. It would make things much easier for me but that was little consolation at that time.

I heard her calling me and went to find her. She was standing in the hall. She motioned for me to join her. It was only when I got there that I knew what she'd been doing. The door to the show was open but I could hear the water running.

"Come on," she said. She stripped me and led me into the shower. I turned to close the door but she stood there, stark naked, stepping into the shower with me.

"I want you to just close your eyes and leave everything up to me," she said.

She worked up a foamy suds on her bath sponge and proceeded to bathe me tenderly. The fragrance of vanilla citrus filled the room, calming me, while her gentle touch took the tenseness from my body. It never once occurred to me that I was being bathed by a naked friend. She bathed my breasts so gently that I didn't get aroused. When she got below my waist, she bent to wash my legs and ass, but didn't move to touch or penetrate my anus. When she was done bathing me, she handed me the sponge so I could bathe my sex. I found myself scrubbing harder than necessary; but she took my hand away.

"It won't help, Sandi." She said, pulling me from the shower. We toweled each other off and she led me to the bed. I hesitated but she reassured me.

"Just a back rub," she said. Still naked, she put me face down on the bed and straddled my waist. The fragrance of g****fruit wafted over me as she began working her fingers into my neck and shoulders. Her touch was firm, yet gentle as she worked her way down my body. When she got to my waist, she went down to my feet to work her magic on my instep, then up to my calves. I spread my legs to allow her to work on my thighs and ass. Not once did she attempt to take advantage of my situation. I slowly drifted off to sl**p.

When I woke up, I was lying on my side and she was spooned into me, still naked, her hand lying on my stomach just below my breast. For quite some time I just lay there, listening to her breathe while I contemplated what I'd done to my life.

Eventually, I managed to come to grips with the fact that I'd had sex with another woman...for money. Several things ate at me, not the least of which was the disappointment I felt in myself. I'd offered no resistance, or very little at least, and as though that weren't enough, I'd given in to a woman I would never have taken a second look at, even if I was curious. .

I'm not saying the orgasms weren't great, but I felt that I'd been tricked into it in a way. It was a lame argument. No one tricked me. I could have left, and that was another problem. Why hadn't I? Was I really so turned on by the money that my scruples were sacrificed to get it?

I felt the soft touch of her lips on my shoulder and I lifted her fingers to my lips to kiss them.

"Was it good for you?" she asked.

"Thank you," I said.

"For what?"

"For not taking advantage of me last night. I couldn't have stopped you, you know."

"I know," she said. "but what would that say about me? You were angry, you were hurt and you were confused. In a way, I caused at least part of that so what kind of woman would I be if I used that to get what I wanted from you."

I didn't reply.

"Come on, honey, we need food and I need to pee," she said.

She got up to go to the bathroom while I lay there wondering if I was disappointed that she didn't make love to me or grateful that she didn't at that point.

As we ate fruit, yogurt and granola, I began to think about where I was going from there.

"Were you there last night?" I asked.

"Yeah, I was two girls behind you though. "she said.

"I guess I made some money. She bought everything I had."

"Are you talking about clothes or otherwise.?" She asked but then she thought about the implications of her question. "I'm sorry, Sandi. That was insensitive. It's just my shoot-from-the-hip way."

"I'm a big girl," I said. "I could have left."

"Is that what's really eating at you?" she asked, "or the fact that you learned something about your sexuality that goes against everything you know?"

I wasn't sure how to answer her for a few seconds.

"A little bit of both, I suppose," I said. "I was shocked at my acceptance of a woman touching me, Desire', but the thing that's bothering me the most is that I'm disappointed in myself. I always thought I was a strong woman, so why didn't I just leave?"

"I can't answer that," she said. "I didn't leave the first time either and I wasn't lucky enough to get one of the good ones. I got Mrs. Kiley. Word of advice, if you get her, be careful. She likes it rough. She wore me out. She didn't give me much of a tip either but the boss found out and made her kick in another three hundred. I couldn't work the next day so I was glad for the money.

"Was that your first experience with a woman?" I asked.

"My first and almost my last." She said. "I didn't go back for a month. Then the car took a dump and I needed seven bills quick. It wasn't that bad the second time and each time seems to get a bit easier. Either that or I'm just numb now. I've had some great experiences and some that weren't so great."

"I don't know if I can do it again or not," I said.

"It's not a question of whether you can or not," she said. "It's a question of whether you want to or need to. I have to tell you though that having that ability to earn quick cash is addicting. You find yourself looking at things you want and remembering how easy it can be to get them, and it messes with your mind."

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