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“Just fuck me! Please

The relationship started eight years ago. My s****r Anna was 20 and I had just turned 18. We had been close all our lives and always confided in each other. Even the rest of the f****y (uncles, aunts, etc) had mentioned in the past that we were like best friends or even a couple some times.

It was late August when it all began. Every year Mum, Dad, Anna and I would go to Spain to stay with the Grandparents for two weeks as they had moved out there for their retirement. This year though Anna had work commitments and I just didn’t plain like the idea of being on my own with rest of them. So this year Anna and me were left home alone for two weeks.

For a few weeks running up to when our parents left for Spain my s****r and I had planned a small house party on the first night. She invited about ten of her work/ ex college friends and I invited a few of the guys.

Our parents left on a Friday afternoon, which was perfect. In the early evening everyone turned up and the party was great fun. Everyone got on well and the drink was flowing. Anna in particular was drinking quite heavily. By 10pm she was already d***k as hell.

One thing felt different that night for sure. All evening she had been looking to me from across the living room with a gaze I couldn’t place at the time. I put it down the booze. As she drank more she got more flirty with everyone, she was talking to my mates a lot and at one point passionately kissed one of her girlfriends for laughs. I remember being turned on by seeing two girls kissing at then suddenly disgust at myself for being turned on by my own s****r.

Not that she’s unattractive. She has a great body but only because she works out at the gym a lot and now eats healthy. As a k** she was tubby till she left school. Because of she previous extra weight she still had large breasts but now had slender legs and a flat stomach. All of which I had caught glimpses of at times (purely by accident!).

Anyway, my s****r was d***k and flirting with everyone. I didn’t pay it much mind till at nearly midnight she stumbled into the kitchen where I was alone getting a fresh beer from the refrigerator. As she came in she smiled d***kenly and said “There you are bruv! I’ve being looking for you!”

“Have you s*s? What’s up?” I replied laughing at her d***kenness.

As I said that she grinned, “I’ve kissed pretty much everyone tonight but I haven’t given one to my sweetie b*****r. Come here you!” She put her arms around my neck and hugged me.

“Aren’t you cute.” I replied and pecked her on the cheek. It felt a little strange as she hugged me tightly for a few moments and I could feel her firm breasts pressing against me. The image of she kissing her friend was still in my head.

Anna pulled her head away from my shoulder and before I could react she kissed me full on the lips. It wasn’t a problem to kiss her on the lips, but in the past it was platonic and a brief peck. But this kiss was deep and lasting a for seconds. It all happened so quickly and pulled my head back. “Errrm, cheers s*s. You okay?”

She gazed at my lips with a deep lust and murmured, “Yeah, just kiss me once more.” She then leant in and again kissed me with passion, this time she tried to slip her tongue into my mouth. At this point I had sobered up fast and pulled away from her completely.

“We shouldn’t have done that!” I said in a panic. My head was spinning with drink, lust and shame. I paused for a moment and looked at her, she was d***k but her also knew what she was doing, she wasn’t paniced or even shocked. She looked like she was ready to fuck me. Her eyes were looking me all over and she glared at me with lust.

“Why? No one would have found out.” She replied, all the while she examined my body and my lips.

“Someone could have walked in from the living room!” I didn’t know what to say, at this point I was genuinely frightened of the consequences.

“So if we were alone you wouldn’t have a problem with being with me?” she quizzed me. A slight devilish grin on her face.

“This is mad! You’re my s****r!” I tried to keep my voice down as much possible. “Why you doing this now?”

Anna just stood there and stared at me. She cold tell I was confused and panicking so she walked out the room and straight up to her room. Everyone in the party knew something bad had happened between us but they just thought we had had a big argument. I asked everyone if they could leave as the party was over. My mates asked if I was okay as they left I said I was fine even though I knew I must have looked a mess.

That night was a nightmare to sl**p through. The house was silent and I didn’t know if my d***ken s****r would try and come into my room and push the situation again. But as the night went on I started to think “if’s” and “maybe’s” about Anna. I fantasized a little about my s****r being naked. At first I didn’t even want to imagine it, but as the night went on I started getting turned on by the thought, until I finally jerked myself off to the idea of my s****r’s kiss again.

After I climaxed I expected to feel disgusted with myself, but I didn’t. In fact after I cummed things started to seem more straightforward in my head. My s****r was my best friend, my most trusted person in my life and I had always thought of her as beautiful. It did still seem strange as now I was looking at my s****r with new eyes.

I finally managed to get to sl**p, despite the new secret excitement inside me.

The next morning was a strange one. As I got up I saw that Anna had not only been awake before me but she had already gone out. In was early in the morning too, and for a Saturday this was strange for her. Plus in the kitchen she had left a note just saying “Gone out.”, this too was strange as she usually left lots of kiss on the bottom of her notes.

She was obviously upset and all day I worried that she was either regretting what she had done, that is was just the drink or that she was angry that I had turned her down.

It wasn’t till late that night that she finally came home. She looked tired and her make had clearly been running from tears. She walked into the living room and saw me, she stared at me for a few moments and uttered, “I’m sorry.” Then she burst into tears in front of me.

I leapt up from the sofa and hugged her. I felt her tears soaking through my t-shirt and I felt confused again. This time it was because I didn’t know what to ask. What she sorry because she was just d***k? Or was she sorry because she thought I didn’t feel the same and that she could have ruined our relationship? I hugged for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, as my heart was racing, I gambled everything and said, “It’s okay, I do feel the same way about you.”

Anna’s crying suddenly stopped and the silence made me realise I may have said the wrong thing. Then she lifted her head from my shoulder and said “You do?”

Again this didn’t tell me if I had said the wrong thing, and I decided I needed to know. “Is that a bad thing?” I must have looked terrified to her.

“No… oh my god. I can’t believe this…” She looked as stunned as me. “For how long?”

“I realised last night, but I think deep down I’ve loved you for years. It just didn’t occur to me it was more than a b*****r/s****r love.”

Anna’s face went from tired and sad to being lit up. Her smile made me melt inside. “I’ve known for months, I just thought I was disgusting and wrong. But it’s just gotten worse lately.”

“Worse?” I stared into her.

“My lust, it’s been driving me insane. Deep down I’m a kinky girl and the idea of ‘being’ with my b*****r has pushed me over the edge. I love you bruv.” As she said those words we kissed each other for ages.

Even through her large tits I could feel her heart pounding like mine was. Finally after kissing on the sofa for so long Anna stood up and took my hand and walked me upstairs.

We both remained silent as we climbed the steps. I was so nervous I was shaking and so was she. Once we got to her bedroom door we held each others hand and I had to ask “Are you sure about this Anna?”

She smiled wit ha hint of excitement, “Yeah. I’m nervous but I know I want you.”

With that she pulled me into her room and pushed me onto the bed. I laid there and watched as she peeled off her top, showing her bra. “Now you know not to tell Mum and Dad don’t you?” she said playfully. That made my dick got even harder than it already was and Anna saw the bulge move in my jeans. “You getting turned on by the idea of FUCKING you s****r!?” She had a serious/dominant look on her face. I was stunned slightly at the thought that my s****r might be a freak in bed!

“Yeah it is a major turn on! Don’t you think?” My face must have been a picture as I watched my hot s****r strip in front of me.

“Yeah, I’ve fingered myself quite a few times at the thought of you inside me!” She described as she pulled her skirt down around her legs and to the floor. She was standing in front of me wearing only her bra and panties, I felt like my dick was going to rip through my jeans! Again Anna saw my growing package. “You know I’ve never seen your dick! I know you’ve seen my by accident a few times but I’ve never seen you hard.”

With that I began unbuttoning my jeans quickly and kicked them off my legs. Then I rapidly pulled my t-shirt off. Anna giggled slightly at my eagerness.

The new reached another point of tension. We were both in our underwear and but went silent. “This is the point of no return bruv.” Her face was serious with passion in eyes as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Then she simply let her bra fall to the ground. Her breasts were bigger than I thought, so shapely and round with small, pointy nipples. This was unreal, my gorgeous s****r was topless in front of me!

“You are gorgeous…” The words just came out.

Anna smiled, “You are sweet, but in the bedroom I like nasty talk.” She winked and pulled her panties down to the floor, showing her pussy to me in full view. “You’ll get to know that!”

Suddenly the scope of what was happening hit me, “I’ll get to learn that? You mean you want to do this more after tonight?”

Anna walked over to the bed and slumped down next to me, took my hand put it on one of her tits. She then leaned in to kiss and said quite firmly, “You’re my boyfriend and lover now.”

With that I lunged in and kissed her passionately whilst playing with her tits, twicking her nipples. This made her get more fired up, she rubbed my stomach with her hand
And finally plunged her hand into my boxers, grabbed my now rock-hard dick.

Anna gasped and stopped kissing, “Fuck me! You are a big boy!” She then pulled my boxers down to look and grinned, “Oh my god, I’m sooooo looking forward to this!”

She then began stroking my cock as a played with her tits, she was transfixed on my manhood. Finally after a few minutes of giving me a handjob I moved my hand down to her pussy and touched her clit. She came almost instantly and grabbed my hand to make me rubbed harder as she moaned.

Once she had orgasmed she kissed me briefly and moved down my body slowly, keeping eye contact with me. She got to my hard dick, held it upright with one hand and said “I’ve wanted this for so long.” Then she wrapped her hot lips around the head of my cock and moaned as she slide her mouth down my shaft.

It was so good and forbidden I almost came in her straight away! She then worked her mouth up and down my dick, slowly at first and then picked up some pace. I held her long hair back so I could see, she kept looking to me and tried to smile with my hard cock pumping her wet mouth. I had to groan so loud as she worked my dick, she occasionally choked a bit, but kept going. I was in heaven. It was one the most amazing blow jobs I had ever gotten and the bet part was it was from my own s****r!

After only a couple of minutes I felt my balls twinge, I got so close I swear I was going to burst in her mouth. But I managed to compose myself told her to stop. She came back up to me and kissed me, “You know you can come in my mouth if you want!”

I grinned at the idea but took it a step further, “But I want to cum in your pussy.”

With that comment Anna’s eyes lit up and she took me to sit up. I did as I was told and watched her turn over and get on all fours. “You better fuck me hard, I’m ready to cum again already!” She added as she got ready for me.

I kneeled behind her on the bed and aimed my dick my hand. I rubbed the head of it on her extremely wet pussy and she moaned, “Just fuck me! Please!”

I had to obey and as I gently pushed my dick inside her she thrust backward quickly and my cock disappeared inside her. It felt incredible! It was so wrong, for forbidden but it was so right for both of us.

I didn’t take long for my to get into a furious rhythm, she screamed and called out my name (which I did worry about because of the neighbours!). I was fucking her balls deep, her ass cheeks slapping against my hips and her pussy was so wet!

It only took a few minutes but I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out! My dick exploded inside her and she let out the loudest cry I’ve ever heard.

We both collapsed on the bed out of breath and hugged for a few minutes.

Finally I broke the silence and asked, “Did you mean what you said? Am I now your boyfriend and lover?”

Anna smiled back to me said, “Of course I love you, I always have.”

Nine years later we’re still together and have our own place far away from the rest of the f****y, so we can act like a normal couple.

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