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ICarly: The Sexy Series

"iCant Be Home Alone"

With Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) & Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy)
Written by BulletBill2
(FF, voy, mast, fetish)

I do not own the characters and name’s for which whom are used in this fictional story.

The following story composes of sexual erotic reading, viewer discretion is advised.


At the school lunch table; Carly, Sam and Freddie talk about there next web show. When an unexpected call from Carly’s phone grabs her attention.

“Oh wait, hold on guys. My phone is going off.” Reaching into her purse. “Hello. Hey, what‘s up?

“Who do think it is?” Freddie tries to talk to Sam, but gets interrupted.

“Shhhh, I can’t hear.” Sam pushing her pointer-finger onto Freddie’s lips. Shutting him up.

“Really! A job, starting today? That’s awesome! Ok, see you at home later tonight. Bye.” Carly hanging up the phone excited.

“So, who was it!?” Sam eager to find out.

“That was Spencer, he just a job down at the Groovy Smoothie! And… what are you two doing?” Carly asks in confusion.

Looking over to realize that Freddie had engulfed Sam’s her finger into his mouth. Beginning to suck on it and weave his tongue around it. Sam actually enjoyed the sudden action. But hid her true expression and pretended to hate him over his spontaneous action.

“What the hell!?” Sam pulling her finger out and slapping Freddie cross his face.

“Ahh, yeah I think I deserved that.” Freddie calmly reacting to Sam’s slap.

“You guys got a problem here?” Carly asks comically. Almost coming to a chuckle.

“No, not one so ever!” Sam quickly replies back. Slapping Freddie again, surprising him. Almost coming to a smile afterwards.

“Oww! Sam!? What was that one for? Freddie demanding a answer.

“Okay! Hush both of you!” Carly getting both of there attention.

“Listen, now with Spencer having a job. He won’t be home until eleven o-clock every night.” Carly acting disappointed.

“You mean he got a night shift?” Freddie asks to clarify.

“Yeah, and now he won’t be home until I‘m pretty much asl**p.” Carly scoffing over the idea. “I’ve never been home alone before.”

“Wait, your telling me you have never had the entire apartment to yourself before?” Sam surprised to ask.

Carly shaking her head in response. And as surprised as they can be. Sam and Freddie both couldn’t believe that she had never been home alone her entire life in her own apartment.

“So Spencer has always been home when you‘ve been home?” Freddie asks unbelievably.

“Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I have been alone before for like twenty minutes. But not for like hours at a time. What am I going to do!?” Carly beginning to almost panic.

“C’ mon, snap out of it Carl’s!” Sam grabbing Carly and slapping her across her cheek.

“Oww…” Carly looking to be stunned. “Yeah, I deserved that.” Finally coming to sense.

“Sam! Why are you slapping…“ Once more Sam cutting off Freddie with another slap. “Okay… I’ll find someone else who isn’t SLAP happy today! Freddie beaming off down the hall.

“Freddie wait!” Carly grabbing him at the last second. “Can both of you guys come over and hang out with me tonight?”

“Can’t, I have RPG club with the rest of the guys tonight.” Freddie explains.

Carly whines in dismay. Forgetting that Freddie had his club gathering of nerds that he attends to on a weekly basis. And soon after, turns her head to Sam. Thus, indicating the same question to her.

“As much fun as that sounds, see my mom has this pig and dentist… “ Sam trying to make up something to avoid coming over.

“We have a bucket of fried chicken!” Carly quickly bribing.

“When do I come over!?” Sam immediately giving in to agreement.

“Right after school, meet me out front. Okay?” Carly giving direction.

“Yeah yeah, I got it.” Sam casually answers and walks off to class.


Right after school as planned, both girls walk home and are about to approach the front door of Carly’s apartment.

“I still don’t get why you can’t go being alone for a few ‘lousy’ hours without someone being by your side.” Sam budding in on Carly’s issue.

“Look, I’ll get use to it.” Carly arguing the point. “I think?” Continuing with a softer voice while unlocking her front door.

As both girls walk in and take off there shoes, Carly goes first and heads to the counter in checking her email on the computer. Sam on the other hand dashes in right afterwards to the fridge.

“I can believe it, no messages? Well, I guess homework it is then.” Carly concludes.

While Sam brings out her hungry needs of fried chicken onto the bar counter. Carly gets out a book and sits down on one end of the couch and begins to read. And realizing Sam’s slacking habit from doing her homework, must be acquitted too.

“C’mon Sam. Lets start on our homework.” Carly urging Sam.

“I don’t wanna read… hey, can you…” Sam dragging out.

“No I will not read for you! Now get your procrastinating rear end over here and read. And bring the fried chicken. Carly demands.

As Sam walks by Carly, she hand her the bucket of fried chicken. Carly reaches in and discovers the bucket was now empty.

“Really Sam? You have already eaten all the chicken!?”

“What, I was hungry.”

“Oh just read!”

At both ends of the couch facing each other. It wasn’t minutes after that the tension was dropped and Sam began to encounter problems.

“Huh, I can’t take this anymore.” Sam getting up off the couch.

Carly tries to ignore at first. But has her eyes slowly distracted. Sam begins to unbutton her shirt. Sliding her hands out from the sleeves. She thrusts her chest forward, swing off her shirt to the floor. Revealing her strapless red bra she had presented. Surprising Carly. Sam continues and starts to unbutton her jeans.

“What are you doing?” Carly asks in confusion.

“Mama’s getting more comfortable.” Sam now unzipping her jeans. Pushing them down her legs, showing off her lacy black thong she had on her fine ass.

“By stripping down to your underwear?” Carly looking partially stunned.

“Yeah, why not. Spencer isn’t here. We can do whatever we want.” Sam points out. “Now lets see what you have underneath? Sam urging Carly to do the same.

“Oh, no no no. I don‘t think so…”

“C’mon Carl’s, how often to you have the chance to prance around in your own apartment- only in your underwear?”

“So, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“If it’s not that big of a deal, why don’t you just do it than?” Sam still pressuring back.

“Okay, fine!” Carly springing up off the couch. “I can be in my apartment only in my underwear.” Carly beginning to strip off her clothes.

Carly slips her fingers under the bottom of her t-skirt and begins to pull it up. Continuing the motion over her head. Revealing a pink bra that cups her so heavenly small breasts.

“Hell yeah, look at you. Stripping away.” Sam encouraging Carly.

“Sam, stop it. ” Carly throwing her shirt into Sam’s face.

Carly next unbuttons her pants and shakes her hips to naturally slide them down to her knees. Exposing her white Hello-Kitty panties she had possessed.

“Oh my gosh! Are you seriously wearing Hello Kitty? Sam coming to a giggle.

“It’s not funny Sam!” Carly beginning to blush. “They are actually very comfortable to wear.” Carly trying to give an explanation.

“Okay, I’m sorry. What ever you say Ms. Kitty.” Sam rubbing it in.

“Can we get back to reading now?” Carly gathering back her seriousness.

Again, both girls move to there ends of the couch and began to read.


Like the first time, Sam again gets bored within minutes of her eyes reading words.

“Can we please do something else?” Sam nearly begging.

“If you really don’t want to read, you can give me a foot massage instead while I read. I know you owe me at least one after giving you a few.” Carly giving an alternative.

“Fair enough. It beats reading.” Sam not arguing the point.

Sam moves herself closer to Carly and sits in a criss-cross applesauce position. She grabs Carly’s right foot, propping it up and begins to go to work. Pressing hard with her thumbs to the back arch, Carly begins slowly showing relief in her expression. Sam continues rubbing her hands over Carly’s white pink-star socks. Squeezing with the softest finesse, she soon puts Carly to sl**p once after switching feet. Realizing Carly was now dreaming in neverland, Sam decides to take advantage of the situation.

She lifts Carly’s foot higher and plants her sole right onto her own face and takes a deep breath.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.” Sam whispers to herself.

The smell propelled Sam’s actions. Taking many more sniffs of Carly’s socks. Throwing her into almost a pleasurable shudder after the fifth inhalation. Sam risks more, biting the end of the sock where the toes would be. And begins to slowly pull on Carly’s sock until it was fully off. Influencing Sam to suck on her toes, wiggling her tongue between them.

During the this time, Carly silently awakes and is surprised to see Sam’s actions. But yet doesn’t stop her. If anything, Carly really began to like it as it got further along. Shutting her eyes and letting Sam have her foot obsession of a moment.

It’s when Sam starts to kiss up Carly’s leg a few minutes later that things begin to spice up. Secretly, Carly moves her other foot and starts to rub over Sam’s underwear on her vulva . Catching Sam’s attention. Both girls were now surely aware of each others lustful actions.

Carly increases her strokes over Sam’s pussy lips. Causing Sam to pull aside her underwear and have Carly’s sock have direct contact to her snatch. When Carly teases Sam’s clit with her big toe, Sam once again began would shudder ever so slightly.

“You like that, huh? Carly asks kinkily.

At the same moment, Carly begins to grope her own breasts. Slowly pulling down her bra with the motions. Sam extends her legs and reaches for Carly’s delicate pussy with her socked feet. And begins rubbing, forcing her toes to push her panties aside, and finding real contact with her honey pot.

Beginning to lean back more, Sam lets go of Carly sockless foot and had worked it up to her chest. Pushing up her strapless bra off her breasts and into Sam’s mouth. Sam whipping her head to the side, throwing her bra off the couch. Then Carly began massaging Sam’s breasts in rotations around her nipples. Carly at the same time, began pinching her own nipples. Repeatedly pulling them up and causing them to tenderize.

“Ah, hold up my legs. Hold them up.” Carly asking Sam pleasurably.

Without a beat, Sam gladly grabs both of Carly’s legs and holds them together at the ankles. Giving Carly the chance finally to push up her panties to her knees. Which Sam was happily enough to lean forward and grab them by her mouth and slid them over Carly’s feet. Carly now shown fully nude, starts to rub her own clit upon her snatch. Still holding on to Carly’s legs, Sam spreads them out and dashes forward.

“Come here baby, Mama wants some of that pussy.” Sam plunges down onto Carly’s pristine pussy. Her tongue streaming in between her slit lips.

“Oh my god, awe yeah.” Carly coos.

Sam makes gentle sweeps up and down with her tongue. Slowly pushing deeper into Carly’s moist canal. Carly’s legs begin kicking ever so slightly in pleasure. On Sam’s last sweep up, she flickers her tongue quickly upon Carly’s clit. Causing Carly to sprawl her body around even more and make louder moans.

“Na, oh fuck! Right there. Ah, that feels so good.” Carly again blurts out.

Crawling up to her chest, Sam licks her way up Carly’s abdomen and pounces on her left breast. Suckling down her nipple. Keeping her right hand planted on Carly’s pussy, accelerating her boiling orgasm. Sam switches breasts, nibbling on her nipple to a tiny perk. Now starting to finger Carly’s pink pussy with two of her digits. Sam leans back, holding Carly’s legs apart. She speeds up her strokes and begins to stuff her clinching snatch with another digit. Carly literally on the verge of peaking, her body spasms almost out of control. Sam jams harder, sinking all her fingers deeper. Pumping her fist tightly to her wrist, stuffing Carly’s puffing pussy entirely to it‘s fullest. Delivering a exploding orgasm like no other.

“Yeah, yeahhhh, ah shitttt…” Carly screaming to the top of her lungs.

Sam relaxes her fist, and slowly pulls out. Releasing Carly’s sweet nubile juices she had squirted while peaking. Sam moves in, licking up some of her juices off her wet pussy.

“Hmm, you taste so yummy.” Sam smiling, moving up to give Carly a kiss.

Carly happily accepts with a few giggles. Tasting her own juices upon Sam lips.

“Now I wanna taste your juices.” Carly whispers.

During this moment, Carly starts to stroke Sam’s pussy once again with her foot. Drawing through her slit with her big toe. Sam drops back, bending down at the knees hovering over Carly’s feet. As Carly’s begins to tickle Sam’s silky pussy. Sam takes off Carly’s other sock and begins to take in the pleasant smell she so desperately likes.

“You like that smell of my socks?” Carly asks.

“Yeah, more than anything.” Sam answers in a daze.

“I can make it even smell stronger for you? Throw it here.” Carly demands.

As she kept working on Sam’s dewy cunt. Sam’s slightly wads up the sock, and throws it to Carly’s chest. What Carly was about to do, blew Sam’s mind away. She grabs the sock, rubs it at first across her creamy breasts, leading down her perfect abdomen and stops at her pussy. Carly stretches out the sock, and begins to slowly finger push it into her drenched pussy. Turing on Sam harder than ever.

“You are crazy and that’s so incredibly hot!” Sam can‘t believe.

Sam starts to buckle her hips so ever slightly. Groping her left breast with one hand and the other stabilizing her position. Beginning to thoroughly enjoy Carly’s foot tingling her aching snatch. With Carly continuing to probe in her own sock. Carly’s foot begins to settle within Sam’s loosen pussy. Her toes boring past her pinking lips. Sam making pleasurable noises as she tries to start her own humping motion.

“Oh shit, oh shit, awe…” Sam cooing from a silence.

Before you knew it, Sam was fully mounting Carly’s foot deep inside her. Submerging down to almost Carly’s ankle. Stroking harder and faster. About to reach her breaking point for cuming.

At this time, Carly has engorged almost her entire sock into her hairless pussy. With Sam just about to start peaking, Carly grabs what was left of her sock hanging out, and begins to slowly pull the rest out of her steamy cunt. Throwing her dewy sock into Sam’s face. Sam instantly catches her sock, and spreads it upon her face. Sniffing her way to heaven.

“Ah, aw, oh, oh yeahhhhh!” Sam firing off all her sex pistons.

Sam gushes out a waterfall of juices, soaking every inch of Carly’s foot. Paralyzing her body and leaving it totally exhausted. Both girls lay drenched with sweat and fatigue.


After nearly a minute, Sam gathers enough strength to grab Carly’s soaked foot. And begins sucking and licking her own fluids off Carly’s toes. Spreading the shinning juices across her face.

“Hey, you better share some of that with me bitch!” Carly sternly commands, followed by a few giggles.

“Mama’s getting there… Ms. Kitty.” Sam playfully replies.

Moving her legs, Sam adventures forward onto Carly. Rubbing each other’s bodies as they meet face to face. Sam giving Carly an exclusive kiss. Smearing her juices upon Carly’s lips. Both continue making out for another a few moments, before Sam wonders off and starts kissing up Carly’s neck. Sitting upon her abdomen, Sam slowly moves closer up to Carly face with her vulva.

“Do you like it? You like the taste of my sweet pussy?” Sam asks pleasurably.

“Hmm, yeah I like it.” Carly licking up her lips.

“You want more? I said do want more you sassy bitch!? Sam escalating her tone.

“Yes I want more.” Carly relies.

“Tell me you need my pussy!” Sam yells at Carly.

“I need your fucking pussy! I need it now! Carly screams back.

Instantly Sam lunges forward, sitting her dripping cunt right over Carly‘s mouth. Carly goes straight to work, licking between her slit pussy lips. One hand sqeezing Sam’s ass and the other massaging her own clit. Sam hovers over Carly face, starting to shake her body with the strokes of Carly’s tongue.

“Fuck yeah, lick that pussy!” Sam splurges out.

Carly accelerates her strokes on her pussy. Beginning to push her buttons of orgasming. Sam vice grips her hands to end of the couch. Carly takes her spare hand and adds a digit into Sam’s cunt while eating away at her clit. Causing Sam to spasm uncontrollably.

Both girls begin to moan and vigorously move in synchronization to each other. Sam first starts to cum when Carly slips in a second digit into her pussy. Carly soon follows with a tense hand of violent rubbing across her clit. Pushing the girls to there roaring climax’s.

“Na, ha, fuck yeahhh!” Sam rages out.

“Oh shit, awe oh shitttt.” Carly burning off.

Sam again squirts out more juices over Carly’s face. And falls back onto Carly’s chest. Carly licks the perimeter of her mouth clean and wipes away some of the juices from her eyes. Both girls again drained to there fullest. Hugging each other closely in the nude, and coming to a complete state of motionlessness.


As both girls slowly begin to drift off to sl**p, Sam asks one more question to Carly.

“So, do you really like wearing Hello Kitty underwear?”

“Okay Sam, it‘s not none of your business.”

“I’m just saying…”

“Ba ba ba!” Carly cutting off Sam.

“Okay, I‘ll stop… Ms. Kitty.”

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